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“Fuck!” I groaned loudly as Alice’s mouth played with my balls while her hand jerked my cock religiously. After a while, her head tilted up, and a wicked smile flashed on her face while I panted from the pleasure she was giving me.

I let out a low growl and pulled her up roughly from the bed. Her legs automatically wrapped around my waist while I positioned my hard dick into her leaking entrance.

She arched her body while my hands gripped her waist tightly as I pummeled my cock into her.

I had no idea how many rounds we had already had or how many orgasms she had released. My body was about to give up, but my libido was still high. And so did Alice. Her movement, her expression, and her moans were telling me she was not tired at all.

I’d always heard about heat, especially the first time after the female was marked, but I had no idea this was this intense. Or maybe this was just Alice. She was unstoppable, and everything she was doing kept setting my cock on fire.

Cassandra M

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Ginger Guevara
Ooooooo heck yes, gotta love brothers🫶🏽🫶🏽
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Elisa Diy
you deserve all of this
goodnovel comment avatar
I really like this story!! One of my favs from you!! Alice was always portrayed as a mean girl but to see she has more to her,! I love that and then Joshua with his playboy ways just committing to her !! Awe makes my heart throb !!

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