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We're sorry ma'am!, we called to inform you that we have some problem with the Insemination process"  "What! " " Please we plead for this Information to be kept in confidentiality.                   Amelia Wright was tired of being taken for a ride in all her previous relationship. She needed someone to fill in the empty void her dead parents left in her heart. Since she was not getting the love she deserved. She made plan to  have child of her own. An Insemination  would give her just what she wants with the right sperm that matches her's. She wanted a child , to share her joy, make her worry when he cries and pamper with her care and love. When her selected sperm got swapped, it arose a new problem.  Could she survive her new charming breathtaking baby daddy and the conditions of being his wife.       Prince Louis was already struggling with a million problems of  his own.  He suffered major loss when his fiancee was found dead, a week before their wedding after her bridal shower party.  His father threatened to make a decree that could ruin his chances of becoming the crowned Prince. With his stepbrother eager to rake over his position, Louis must fight to claim his place. When he hired a woman to become his surrogate,it got swapped he ended up with not only a child but a beautiful bride. A package deal, he can't resist!!.

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24 Chapters
Pilot      A year ago {Amelia POV} " I just can't still believe he did this to me! ".I leaned back and grabbed my hand over my kneeI wept so hard that I could hardly hear my own voice. I can't believe this was the six time I fell for a loser like Adrian. My best friend Layla stood next to me at the edge of the chair trying to console me but the shit ain't working. " baby girl! its not the end of the world, good men will come, better ones" she said I haven't told her the main reason why am crying so badly, he didn't just cheat on me, he stole from me and fled town. After I caught him for the second time with that slut, we had a big argument and I quickly decided to end thing.If only I had not walked out of our apartment after our fight, only to return to find my apartment cleared out, every single thing I own, taken away, he left me with an
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Chapter 1:
*Readers be guided.. Every character, location and events are made out of the fictional mind of this crazy writer*Amelia [POV]      "Can't we start already." A female colleague of mine complained as she couldn't take it anymore.  We sat patiently in the Seminar room for almost an hour waiting for our senior superiors to arrive for the meeting. Having worked for two year straight as a junior accountant in one of the biggest bank in New York. This afternoon we were summoned for an unplanned meeting.Everyone was anxious to know what was going on.Our branch supervisor, Mr Paul walked inside the boardroom, we all stood to acknowledge his presence. After some moment of pleasantries, the meeting drag on and on about needs to improve our banking capability and standards.    "I wonder why he decided to invite us today, when we all know as Junior staffs, Our suggestion are not taking into c
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Chapter 2:
Louis[POV]I arrive at the Vaduz Castle, A place I was sent away from when I just turned six, My step mother saw me as a threat to her precious son's future. I had a strong feeling that my father is planning something worse than the last time. I briefly recalled the last time I was here, I had just lost my fiancee. It felt like my entire plan had just crumbled before my very eyes. Now my father had summoned me to his chamber. I had prepared myself for his usual scolding. The death of Nora,his goddaughter has driven two great family in Liechtenstein apart. My father had lost his faith in me and my ability to rule after him. Like he ever wanted that to happen.... I scowled as I walked into his Chambers, I found my step brother, Damian already seated next to father. I'm not surprised. He had a nasty smirk plastered on his face as I walked in." Face licker! "I mumbled"Louis, you arrived late as usual"My father started with his accustomed boring tone."You should learn to be punct
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Chapter 3:
 Louis [POV]I arrived at my abode in Spain, a couple of hours after I left Liechtenstein. While my step brother, Damian and his wife Irene celebrated their small victory. Rightfully, as the eldest son, it was an obligation to be present at such event to be by my brother's side but I don't merry with my enemies. Most guest who were attendees are all his supporters.I just received a message from an insider that Nora's father, Lord Elliott had attended the party. He hasn't said a word to me after his daughter's death. I wonder if he has joined forces with my brother.My private jet landed in my Mansion, here I could clear my head and make plans for my next move.The spring sun shined bright, I had to cover my eyes with my sunshade as I stepped down. Originally this was my foster parents home before they passed away. I walked through those doors at the age of six as a weakling when my step mother had fully convin
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Chapter 4:
Amelia [POV]        After work, I got called to  complete the paperwork's  for my new Condo.I love the fact that its has a chic and classic look that reminds me of Paris. The last place I traveled with my parents,  so calm and peaceful. I'm a freak when it comes to home makeover. For a few days, I refurnished it into a rustic living room, it has so much space. I colored the living room wall, white splashed with bright pink paint. That gave it a mixture of rustic and contemporary design. I feel so warm in my new apartment. This is a new beginning for me, luckily I will feel free in my own place without worry about coming between my bestie and her boyfriend. I took out time to go Furniture shopping. I walked into Home paradise  furniture shop where I bought kitchen cabinets, a tall dresser, a tufted  bed, side chairs with my favorite bright pink color to complement my light pink bedroom wall. A pink s
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Chapter 5
Amelia {POV}     With everything moving forward for me, I felt happier. I had got a new place, my job was moving towards a positive direction. I just needed to push pass my past. I miss Layla so badly but she messed up big time. I really felt like I was  part of the problem, if I had not ignored the arising signals,  we won't have ended our friendship this way.I needed  someone to give my love to since no one could give me the love I crave for.I had been thinking about an adoption but I would love to go through a stage of motherhood to have a child that I would shower with love. A child to keep my parents name alive and remembered. I'm the only surviving  descendent of my late father. Throughout the day,  I  spent my time thinking about my baby decision. I had a problem, once I got something stuck in my mind, I become so stubborn, I can't tak
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Chapter 6;
The dripping sound of water droplets running down the underground pipe made noises  that could be heard from a mile away. Smells of body sweat, heightened as fright surrounds the atmosphere. A huge figure seems  aggravated by his captive's continued screams  for help. His body inflamed with anger as the captive kept shaking like a bird about to be killed for thanksgiving dinner.      The blindfold was unveiled from the trembling man's face, as bright light shone right into his eyes this prevented him from seeing  his kidnappers faces. Small beads of sweats circled around his forehead as his body kept on shaking in terror.  The thought of what might befall him tonight caused the chains tied around him to rattle the more. Even when his kidnappers tried holding him down he kept on struggling  then they had to hit him hard on his le
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Chapter 7:
Louis[POV]       While in my office, I was extremely occupied reading  paper works from unfinished projects and contracts I had signed with major top business companies around the business world. Meanwhile I had my men on alert for any updated event. My enemies may seem to have grown  silent  but they're still on the lookout for any possible flaw to attack again. My past had sharpened  me into becoming who I am today. I spent most of my years learning how to defend myself from them. I had grown  in power and had authority to control people making them fall in line to my every command and play by my rules.        About a month ago, Penelope started acting up
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Chapter 8:
Amelia[POV]         I woke up a bit tired and happy, I love the new feeling of becoming  a mother with my little pumpkin  growing inside me. I knew he could feel my love from inside.  I had grown the habit of watching myself in the mirror to examine if my belle was really growing  before I showered every morning.Today I made plans to see my father's lawyer to sign the will  he had left for me. It was  time to make plans  for our future. Like the doctor said I needed  to surround myself with some positive energy  so I joined  a Yoga class across the street.       After I finished sh
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Chapter 9
Amelia [POV]         I heard knocks on my front door when I opened it. I was surprised to find a six feet tall blonde shiny looking Prince  dressed all powerful and intimidating in a blue designer suit with a frown plastered on his face. When I realized who it was, I wanted to slam my door right away but a flash of warning from his glazing glassy eyes dared me to disobey and face the consequences. Behind him stood two hefty bodyguards ready to take down my door at any given second. Reluctantly, I opened my door slowly eyeing him as he walked in with his pride and his guards. Psycho! I paid him no attention, just folded my hands and
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