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“…How dare you do this to me, Conrad? How dare you sleep with my sister right next to my bedroom?” I scream at the top of my voice. My voice breaks in two halves. My hands won't stop shaking. My forehead is beaded with sweat. "Ashanti, please I can explain!" Conrad begs as he tries to step down from the bed, but he can't because he's stark under the comforter. "Ashanti, what the are you doing in my bedroom?" Rhea screams at the top of her voice and I drag my eyes from Conrad and plaster them on her face. She doesn't look scared or guilty like Conrad. "And what the are you doing in bed with my boyfriend?" I ask, raising my voice as well. "I just him. What are you going to do about that" …. After red handedly catching her boyfriend in bed with her step-sister, Ashanti thought things couldn’t get any worse for her until the Lycan Beta showed up at her father’s pack and picked her together with her step-sister as for the Lycan Harem who will stand the chance to be chosen as a mate for the ruthless Lycan King. On the same day she arrives at the Harem, she finds her mate… Read to find out the identity of her mate and how things pan out for her in that Harem.

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Oana-Elena Dorohoi
4 chapters repeating…I finally found one that keeps me interested.....
2024-01-02 06:05:35
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Great Story Love It Highly Recommend
2023-11-24 21:47:09
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Katlyn Graciale
of course one of those books that doesn't get updated
2023-11-14 18:07:13
121 Chapters
CHAPTER ONE.ASHANTI'S POV."Hello, you've reached Conrad's cell phone, please leave a message." A loud beep follows the voice and I instantly end the call, sighing heavily."Come on Conrad!" I cry in frustration as I pick up my purse and rush out of my bedroom.I've been trying to reach my boyfriend for hours and it's frustrating the hell out of me. He hasn’t called or texted to check on me either since this morning, which is unusual of him. This has never happened before.I need to go over to Conrad's apartment and check on him to make sure everything is alright. We are supposed to go on a date today and he said he would come here to pick me up. As I descend the staircase, I try to call him one more time and it goes straight to voicemail again. I almost shoot my phone against the wall."Ashanti!" A familiar voice calls my name as I'm about to exit the living room.I signed inwardly and turn to look at her."Yes, mum." Everytime I address this woman as mum, I almost swallow my tong
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CHAPTER TWO.ASHANTI'S POV.Eerie, pin-dropping silence has been the state of this office ever since Rhea, Conrad and I walked in and greeted the Beta of the Lunar Crescent Pack.Everyone is well-behaved, including my stepmom who never knows when to shut up. Even my father doesn't have the right to say a word unless permitted by the Lycan Beta. Everyone acts respectfully in the presence of him and the other Lycan soldiers he came along with.The tension in this room is suffocating."Alpha Anderson." The Beta's thunderous voice sounds throughout the room and everyone looks at him. My heart starts beating fast."Yes, Beta Ronald." Father bows to him and I cringe.It feels weird to see my father acting like a subordinate and not a leader to a Beta."Is everyone who's supposed to be part of this meeting, present?" His voice is calm, but carries so much power and authority.If the Lycan Beta makes me tremble as such,I'm surely going to faint the day I'll meet face to face with their Alpha.
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CHAPTER THREE.ASHANTI'S POV.If looks have lethal power, I'd be dead and buried by now because of the deadly glares I'm getting from my stepmother and stepsister."Can someone explain to me what is going on here?" Beta Ronald asks with searching eyes.. The look on his face is no longer funny. "How can you be mated to one sister, but dating another?" I shrug my shoulders and crease my brows as I try to solve the puzzle myself."Uh… Beta, Ronald." Conrad calls respectfully with a light bow. "It is true that I have been dating Ashanti, but I become confused after having to see her sister, Rhea, very often. However, right now, I am sure that Rhea is my mate." His perfectly crafted lie slaps my face like a hundred hands at once. I have never been so shocked before.And the look on his face is completely neutral. There's not a single trace of fear or nervousness."Yes, Beta Ronald." Rhea confirms his words. "I am well aware of this. The truth is, Conrad and I have been worried about the s
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CHAPTER FOUR.ASHANTI'S POV.“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask in annoyance the moment I walk into the living room and see Conrad sitting on one of the Sofas. I have been miserable and heartbroken, but the Conrad I'm looking at right now doesn't look the least affected by everything that just happened.I roll my eyes when he rises from the Sofa and inches closer to me. He even has the nerve to smile at me.“Don't bother, I'm not here to beg you to take me back.”“Not that I wanted you to do that.”“Good, because this is all your fault in the first place.”“What?” I asked harshly.“Yeah” He answers with creased brows. “You know what, Ashanti? You were never ready for us to get intimate. Always talking about waiting for the right time. I got tired of waiting. Two years and all I ever got from you was a kiss. It became boring. I needed more so I went to someone who was ready to give it to me.” Pain stabs my heart like a thousand daggers as I listen to him talk.He slept with my
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CHAPTER FIVE.ASHANTI'S POV.The Lycan soldiers lead the way out of the living room to the castle premises where we get into the car they came with and they drive off.With my wolf’s ability, I can hear my stepmother screaming in agony as the car drives out of the compound and I know Rhea can hear her too, because she bursts into tears in the car.I don't feel sorry for them.As the car drives on, I can't help but think about how my life is going to be over there. I hope when I get there, there'll be a possibility form me to leave the pack and come back home again, but I know if I do that, I'll be regarded as a shame to our pack and we all might be in danger.Rhea hasn't say anything to me and I neither.I look forward to seeing how she will survive not being able to live like a Princess. I can't even begin to imagine how tough life will be for her over there. Anyway, that's her problem. I have mine to deal with. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to live in the Harem of t
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CHAPTER SIX.ASHANTI'S POV."Mate, mate, mate!" Lena keeps screaming in my head and prancing about as my eyes stay glued to the man's. A gasp escapes my lips, drawing the attention of the girl who has his dick buried in her throat. The gorgeous man looking at me still hasn't bulged or looked away, but the girl who was pleasing him, turns around and when she spots me, her gaze darkens in fury."Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?" She scolds at the top of her voice, rising to her feet. The man, still glancing at me, zips up his trousers while the girl saunters over to me, fuming. I try to move, but it's like I've been planted on the spot.Glued.My heart starts racing uncontrollably because I know I'm in trouble!' not wander around…'This is what I get for disobeying the elderly servant's instructions."Who are you?" Asks, the girl, still fuming. I open my mouth to reply, but the words are sewed to my tongue and I can't find my voice. I close my mouth and keep lookin
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CHAPTER SEVEN.ASHANTI'S POV.When Lissa told me I'd clean the Harem bathroom, I thought I'd be cleaning about ten different little bathrooms which would be easy but I was wrong. I was led into a hall, not a bathroom. It was humongous!I almost screamed when I stepped into the luxurious bathroom that had every bathing equipment you can think of. Bathtubs, showers, dressing areas, jacuzzis.Everything about the bathroom screamed wealth.Damn this pack and their money!I scrubbed and cleaned and washed for hours! I lost count of the time.By the time I'm done cleaning and Lissa approves after doing the final inspection, it's already late at night and I am famished!"You can go to bed now.""To bed?" I ask weakly. Breathing hard. My hands are white from touching too much water and soap. My clothes are wet and I'm freezing in them. "Ma'am Lissa. I'm very hungry. I've had nothing to eat all day." I cry to her and she scoffs in derision."And who's fault is that? Nobody asked you to be diso
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CHAPTER EIGHT.ASHANTI'S POV."WOW!" I exclaim in awe as I walk into the enormous hall that looks nothing short of a banquet hall. The rest of the girls are filing in and the entire atmosphere is filled with sounds of chatters and chairs screeching on the floor as the girls pull out seats to sit on.All the Harem girls were instructed to come into the hall so that the Lycan King, Alpha Reagan could address them.I don't know how I feel about seeing him for the second time especially since the mate issue keeps ringing in my mind."That's the girl who walked in on Alina and the Lycan King yesterday." I hear a girl whisper to her group of friends. I turn to look and the scornful glares they're giving me set my body on fire.I'm not even surprised to see Rhea among them. Her usual wicked smile is plastered on her face."Ashanti is her name." Another girl adds."I hear she's the daughter of Alpha Anderson of the Mystic Diamond Pack." The girl looks at Rhea. "She's your sister, isn't she?"
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CHAPTER NINE.ASHANTI'S POV.Alpha Reagan finally broke the intense eye contact and walked on, but I still couldn't breathe because, throughout his speech, I had girls shooting daggers at me with their glares, probably wondering why the Lycan King stopped in front of me in the first place.I do not know why either…Wait…Could it be because of what Lena says in my head whenever I see him?Is it true that we are mates?No. I don't think so because if that was the case, he would have said something when he looked at me a while ago, but he didn't. He just stared at me like I was something new…"Oh my God!" I gasp in horror as I cover my mouth with my hands. Tessa gives me a concerned look."What's wrong?" She asks calmly."I think I figured out why Alpha Reagan stopped to look at me?""Why did he stop?" She gives me her undivided attention."It's because of what I did yesterday. I walked in on him having a good time with Alina. He recognized me. Oh my God, I'm going to get punished again
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CHAPTER TEN.REAGAN'S POV.It's nine pm and I've not stopped thinking about Ashanti. I have been thinking about her all day long. Her long, curly black hair. The bluest eyes I have ever seen. Her beautiful heart-shaped face and her long legs look like giant noodles.She's perfect.She is everything I could've asked for, but I'm not happy that I've found her. It was so fast and unexpected and also, she's an ordinary werewolf. If I accept her, then I have to protect her which will be more difficult because she is not a Lycan. I'll always be scared to let her leave my side.I am not ready for all that responsibility. I am not ready to love another woman with all my heart. I am not ready to have a weak point. Accepting Ashanti. Taking her in, and loving her will mean putting everything at stake and I am not ready for all that drama yet. That’s why I'm going to stay quiet.She didn't say anything about the mate bond either and that's getting me more confused.Can she not feel it? Does she
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