THE STAINED LUNA: An Affair With My Mate's Father

THE STAINED LUNA: An Affair With My Mate's Father

By:  M.M Chinny  Updated just now
Language: English
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BLURB "If you weren’t my son’s mate, then I wouldn’t waste a second to brand you, to own you, to keep you by my side forever…" he whispers, hugging me from behind. "But I’m your son’s mate, so what we have can't be forever." "What if I tell you that I’m considering taking you from him forever? What if I tell you that I just may ruin him because I am obsessed with you? What would you say?" "I'd say you’re a greedy monster." He chuckles darkly. "Greedy? Just with you. A monster? Sure. If that’s what I should be to keep you by my side for-fucking-ever." I turn to look at him. He isn’t kidding. No hint of amusement on his taut but handsome face. This whole thing just got scarier. It all started as a one-night mess. My mate had cheated on me with my best friend and I fucked his father in revenge. I was drunk, so you can blame it on the booze. But I think I started what I can’t finish. Because now, I just may never get away from my mate’s father who has an uncanny obsession with me.

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73 Chapters
"…I promise to give my all to this Pack and make it the best in the country, the goddess be my witness. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming and do have a lovely night." Damon, my mate and the Alpha of our pack ends his heartfelt speech and bows to the audience.The revving claps and cheers go on for minutes after he gets off the podium and returns to my side. He has the warmest smile while he waves and shakes the people around our table. But when he takes his seat next to me, I feel that terrifying, chilly aura around him. It makes my blood curdle.He leans in casually, placing a kiss on my lips. Then he rubs a finger over the spot that supposedly smudged. His eyes go from warm to vicious, and then he discreetly stomps on my toe under the table.I swallow my gasp, as his cold eyes still have me in chains. "Try not to look so sickly pale, honey. This isn’t a goddamn funeral." His voice is icy, and then he coats it with a facetious smile.A huge lump cloaks my throat
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An Affair
The voices and the disgusting skin slaps get louder with each ticking second. I’m yet to wrap my head around the heart-shattering reality glaring at me at the moment. I glance at the door, really considering going in, not because I wanna confront Damon, but because I wanna see for myself that it isn’t my best friend, Penelope in there with him. The voice may sound like hers but I wanna believe it’s not. It shouldn’t be. It can't be. She’s not capable of hurting me like this."I can't believe Anastasia used to have such a sweet dick all to herself. She’s such a greedy bore," the female voice moans out again, and it’s not helping that she’s sounding more and more like Penelope in every word she says.Like to give me the confirmation I need, Damon grunts. "I can’t believe such a hottie like you is her best friend either. Like, how do you put up with her boring ass?"It is Penelope. With that realization comes a painful wreck of my heart. I break down into heavy sobs, crashing against t
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His father
I am taken aback by his words. He’s back to drinking his whisky but I’m still frozen. Tears are falling again. I stand, ready to run off but he grabs my hand with a strong grip."Let me take you home."I tug at my hand but his big hand has it securely trapped. He steps closer, forcing his scent on me, assaulting me with it. I'm beginning to think he does that intentionally like he knows the effect he has on me and he's feeding off it."I came in my car," I reply, hoping that’ll convince him to let me go. He’s silent for seconds and it makes me wonder what he’s thinking. I can't look at him though, not with these tears in my eyes."Leave the car here. I'll have someone come pick it up tomorrow. Besides, you're kinda tipsy. It’s not safe driving in such a state."I hate that he’s right. I hate even more that I’m considering his offer. But then again. I don’t wanna be close to him. Not tonight. Not in my broken state. I fear the outcome of it."Let's go." He holds my shoulders, ignoring
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Let me love you
Two weeks have passed in a blur, and my life is back to being sad, boring, and miserable. Damon is barely around, as he seems to be spending most of his time with Penelope. I see her texting him endlessly about their upcoming vacations, dinner dates, shopping sprees, and the amazing sex they commemorate their days with.As much as it yanks my heart into shreds, I still can't bring myself to confront Damon about it. Having a one-night stand with his father rid me of the right to confront him because I feel just as guilty. I can't confront Penelope either. I love that girl to bits and I fear I may just break down to tears if I do go to meet her. Because no matter how badly she’s hurt me, I still have a massive soft spot for her. It’s stupid of me but it’s there, just for her.So yeah, I’m bottling up the guilt, pain, heartbreak, and agony. I try not to spend much time alone as it always makes me backpedal into conjuring the images of the night I spent with Victor. I end up touching myse
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His order sends my brain into overdrive. “What is wrong with you?” I frantically dry off my tears. “I'm not going to do that just because you asked me to. What If Damon sees us” He gives me a blank stare. “I'm sorry do I look like I give two fucks” I give his expression a once over. “No, you don't.” “Are you taking it off or should I do you the honors?” He closes the space between us and gently rubs his thumbs on my cheeks, drawing circles that make me have sinful thoughts. He moves his thumb to my lips, as if trying to wipe my lipstick off. I slowly close my eyes and lean into his touch, enjoying the peace and feelings the simple action gives me. I open my eyes when I feel his breath on my face. I wait for it. The kiss. But of course he takes his time, torturing me when I decide to give in. “Enjoy the party” Like a lightening, Damon's voice from outside the kitchen breaks the tension and feelings in the air. The embarrassment and fear hits harder, I can almost hear myself lose
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Cold shower
As I approached Damon, a sense of apprehension gnawed at my insides, my steps hesitant and cautious. His usually composed and aloof demeanor is now twisted into a mask of fury and rage, his eyes blazing with an intensity that sends shivers down my spine. Before I can even utter a word, his hand collides with my cheek in a stinging slap, the force of the blow sending shockwaves of pain radiating through my skull. I stumble backward, my vision swimming with tears as I struggled to comprehend the sudden onslaught of violence. But Damon isn't finished yet. With a strong grip on the collar of my dress, he yanks me towards him, his face so close to mine that I could smell his breath, it reeks of alcohol and bitterness. It is then that I realize he's drunk, his senses clouded all the alcohol he took. As he glares down at me with a mixture of what seems like contempt and disdain, a very sickening realization dawns upon me. Penelope, of course it has to be Penelope. That scheming biatch.
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I groggily wake up the next morning to a disturbing noise. I open my eyes, blinking away the remnants of sleep as Damon's noisy dress-up routine fills the room. He paces back and forth, muttering to himself as he rummage through drawers and closets in search of who knows what. With a sigh, I dragged myself out of bed and approached him, hoping to offer assistance or at least inquire about the cause of his unsettled morning. “What's the matter, Damon?” I asked, my voice lace with concern that I hate. But he merely brushed past me without a word, his attention consumed by whatever task lay before him. It was a familiar scene, his disregard for my presence, a constant reminder of the growing differences between us. I make my way to the bathroom, and soak myself under the warm water from the shower. It is a better choice. The shower I mean. If I choose to use the tub today, I might not make it out in a good piece. Not after what happened last night. Oh! don't be surprised you don't expe
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Your lips on mine
The rest of the day passes by in a blur with me attending to a few women, pushing our new clothing brand further and having dinner alone because Damon gave me one look and decided that I was repulsive and he'd rather eat out with a bunch of his friends. With possibly Penelope inclusive.It's nine pm and I'm dressed In a backless cami dress with a thigh high split. Black as Victor wants. The faux suede chunky heeled sandals with ankle strap is cream colored. I also have a faux fur coat. I reach for my bag on the bed and that moment my phone rings. It's Vincent, but it just has ‘V’ displaying on the screen. I pick the call at third ring to not come off desperate.“Hey” His deep attention seeking voice comes from the other end. “You still coming?”His voice keeps doing foreign things to me, so I take a moment to compose myself before replying. “Hmm” I take a sharp breath. “Yeah, will be there soon”“I will be waiting” He response is soft.I hummed a bye before ending the call. I grab th
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Your lips on mine 2
My breath hitches and Victor notices, his pale lips stretch into his signature grin, one that I can never get tired of.“Hey, princess” he gently takes the mitten off and motions the guard to go, and he does.“What are you cooking?” I ask, dropping my back on the cellar counter. Anything to reduce the tension in the air.He chuckles instead and disappears Into the kitchen, and appears after a few seconds.This time the apron's off, only rock hard abs, and the bulge in his pants.I gulp nothing and hurriedly take my eyes away from him. Mr. Temptation.Instead I try to take in my surroundings, the classy-vintage theme. “Like it?” He asks, I can hear him slowly walk to me. He stands behind me. My senses heightened, obvious of his every tiny money, even his breath.“Yes–Yeah” I take a deep breath but it does absolutely nothing to calm my accelerating heartbeat. “It's cozy” I rub my palms together.His hands gently holds my waist and I steel for a moment. Deep breath Anna.Deep breath.He
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Victor arrives a few minutes later, carrying two empty ceramic dishes adorned with sunflower patterns. He sets them down on the pristine white dining table before disappearing back into the kitchen. Moments later, he reappears, this time holding a ceramic soup pot in one hand and a tantalizing apple pie in the other. My mouth waters at the sight of the delicious spread before me.After placing the dishes on the table, He excuses himself to go freshen up, explaining that he's soaked in sweat, which I don't mind. Picture him shirtless, his skin glistening with sweat, and and tell me you don't feel what I feel.As he heads upstairs to change, he encourages me to take a look around while he's gone. I nod absentmindedly, my gaze already wandering around the room as I eagerly await his return.I step into what looks like a cozy resting room, furnished with oversized sofas, a bean bag, a flat-screen TV, and even a fireplace, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. As I take in the room, I n
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