Vladimir’s POV

I tried calling Mom and Dad but they didn't answer their phone. Van is patrolling the town together with Stan and the other vampires from our house. Via and Vanna are in the living room, talking about her visions. I told her about the shooting star today and the meteor shower next month but she told me that that wasn’t connected to half-bloods.

There is something that will happen to the world but they still haven’t figured it out.

What they have actually figured out is the war between half-bloods. They already know the hide-outs of the other half-bloods but they are still figuring out where their king’s hide-out is.

It will happen in two days, so we started warning the people in the way they would believe.

The Ruin already controlled the media, the police and even the palace because hide-outs of half-bloods were scattered all over the country.


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