8. Chosen For Once


Alpha Malachi holds his head proudly as we enter the dining room and of course, every head turns to face us. Gods, I’m sure the rumours about last night have spread heavily across the city.

The Alpha’s illegitimate daughter is the supposed mate of the Alpha Kings.

I swallow hard when we arrive at a private table and Alpha Malachi pulls a chair out for me. “Alpha Malachi, if I may—”

“You don’t need to address me so formally, Reyna dear. My first name is fine,” he says, leaning his face close to mine. “I am sure Cassian will say the same thing since you using our titles feels so…wrong.”

“For the first time in your entire existence you’re correct about me, Malachi,” Cassian says as she sits down in the chair next to me. “Just my name without the title, little mate.”

I shake my head and scoff. “Weren’t you two just at each other’s throats last night? What happened in the time I fainted?”

Malachi chuckles lightly. “A near-death encounter which could have been prevented if Cassian an
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Joyce Elling
so far, an interesting story.
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Bella Jersey
That was fun can we do it again?
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Love it!!!

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