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*WARNING MATURE CONTENT* "How would that even work?" She asked looking at him. "I belong to you both and you both belong me," Jason replied his eyes not being able to leave hers, I smiled knowing the feeling. "Like a three way relationship?" She asked and he nodded. "But wouldn't that bring about jealously?" She asked and he shook his head, she bit her lip before kissing him, a moan leaving her and he pulled her closer. The scene turning me on, my nipples hardening under my clothes begging for attention. It was amazing the confidence and dominance she obtained whenever she was aroused, she became a completely different person. He groaned and I squeezed my thighs together, the sound having a greater effect than it should. "Are you feeling jealous?" She asked pulling away to look at me. "No,"

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I loved it. Hope Us will be as good...
2023-01-27 07:23:59
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Very hot story with very endearing characters. The chemistry & unconditional, unconventional love between these 3 is very appealing and quite ideal. It really feels like something to aspire to because of the genuine love between these 3 very loving, loyal generous people for each other. 🤗❤💞🔥🔥🔥
2021-06-23 01:43:12
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I loved this so much.
2021-05-11 21:43:32
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Great story
2020-09-11 04:31:33
33 Chapters
Starr's POVI made my out of the elevator, walking down the hall to see a few people sitting outside of my office. I looked over to the reception desk to find it empty as I made my way to my office wondering if she was here.I opened my door, stepping in spotting her near the file cabinet as I closed the door.
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Two months laterStarr's POVIt had been two months since I confessed my feelings for Cassidy and things were less weird than I expected since we were always 'close' for just friends.
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Jason's POVI walked down the hall immediately moving over to desk of who assumed to be his personal assistant."Excuse me" I told her and she turned rolling her eyes, allowing me to see her."Di
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Starr's POV"He has a business proposal for us at first he wanted to meet for dinner but I changed it to the bar, since that is his main interest business wise, " I told Cassi I watched as she nodded and I sighed putting up the partition."Are you going to be quiet all night?" I asked and she turned sending a smile.
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One week laterStarr's POVI sat in my office going to the clubs security system, watching the film I had seen a dozen times since this morning. It was the main reason I called the meeting today.Weirdly I wasn't as angry as I wanted to be and that pissed me off, I leaned back pausing the camera footage, sighing.
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Starr's POVI continued grinding against her, both our clits rubbing against one another her back arched slightly as she met my movements her moans mixing with mine, I kept going, stopping the moment she was close to cumming."Starr what-"
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Jason's POVI finished watching the dishes laughing at the story Cassidy was telling me about Starr."Cassi I swear I will break up with you if you don't shut up," Starr threatened and Cassidy bit her lip turning to face her, the action making Starr smile.
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Jason's POVI stepped out of the elevator walking towards her desk, she looked up her eyes meeting mine flashing me a smile."Roses," she said softly as I handed them to her."And food," I whispe
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Starr's POVI heard him groan and I pulled away from the kiss, looking at his closed eyes, I moved to my knees not missing Cassi's smile. Cassi removed her hand allowing me to replace it with my mouth, he groaned his hand moving to hair. Cassi moved beside me silently telling me what she wanted and I pulled away from his member kissing her."You won't until he does," I whispered into the kiss and she moaned pulling off my shirt
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Three weeks laterCassidy's POVI pushed opened her front door locking it behind me putting my key in my purse."Cassi," she called out.
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