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The feeling of not being whole... A boy, Sasuke who only had his mother, loses her but not before she revealed the bitter truth to him. A girl, Sakiko who had everything one could want but still she felt something was missing. Meeting by fate, the lost twins reunited and a love not meant to be, became. But was all they knew really the truth? Or was it one they were lead to believe?

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Ellen Impoy
nice story but im looking forward to read its ending
2021-05-07 07:49:49
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Oladoyin Majekodunmi
Nice 🥰😍🤩🥰😍🌻
2021-04-16 17:54:14
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Ellen Impoy
its an interesting story v3ry touchy
2021-04-12 10:14:10
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Oladoyin Majekodunmi
l love it really nice
2021-04-10 15:14:26
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The story is intriguing. I can sense a lot of plot twists. I know this will be a good read so I will recommend this to all the readers. I love the start.... It hooked me to read more and turned the pages. Keep it up dear author.
2020-09-30 18:23:09
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Author here! I am rating my bok and giving it five stars as I believe it is worthy. It has a spice of love, hurt, twisted truth and lots more. FYI, this book does not contain incest content. Please come and read this book and I promise to make it worthwhile.
2020-09-15 14:07:38
83 Chapters
The Revelation
In a hospital room, a lady is seen on a bed with drips connected to her body and a boy, more of a teenager,  sits on a chair close to her bed. "Mum please don't go, don't leave me here. You're all I've got" the young boy begged his mother. "You are not alone son, the Reverend Father would look after you when I'm gone," the lady said with a frail voice. "No,  no,  no mum. I want you. I have always felt incomplete even while you were with me, but you always tried your best to make me feel complete no matter what. Now if you are gone, I would not be able to feel complete again" he said as tears flowed freely from his eyes. "No my son, that is not true. I know there would surely be someone who can make you feel complete whenever you are around her," she said as she lifts her free hand to wipe his tears away with the back of her palm. "Huh?... What do you mean by that m
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The Revelation 2
Her gaze landed on a picture, she stares at it for a while, then another one and another... and then called for her mother. "Mum... Mum" She called. "What is it honey?" she said rushing out from the kitchen. "Mum, who is this boy in the picture sitting close to me?" She asked her mother not taking her eyes off the picture. "Where did you get that from?" She asked her, trying to snatched it away from her but Sakiko quickly dropped her hands down making her lose her grip and chance to get the album. "Who is he mother?" "Give me that album, you are not to be looking at those" her mother replied as she trued snatching the album from her daughter's hand. "Why? Mum who is he?" She asked her again. "No one for you to concern yourself about". "Then why don't you want me seeing it?" She moves away from her
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The Revelation 3
In the hospital, Sasuke and his mum are talking when the Reverend Father entered. "Good afternoon Father". "Good afternoon son. Good afternoon Touka chan. How is your health?" He asked concerned about her. She was his relative and he knew she had suffered some emotional issues in the past and how Sasuke meant the world to her. "Good afternoon Father, not much better than before. Please can I talk to Sasuke for some minutes? There are some things I need to talk to him about first." "No worries, call me if you need me, I'll be right outside" with that he turned and left the room. "Mum, please continue. I'm listening." "Well, Sasuke your life with me started with this letter" she brings out the letter from under the covers and handed it to him. "What's in it mum?". "One day I was driving out and saw
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Transfer Student
In school, the next two days,  the Reverend Father who was in charge of the school arrived in his car with a teenage boy sitting in the front, at the passenger's seat with him. From a class window, a girl sees the boy in the Reverend Father's car and screamed, some girls rush over to her and look out the window and saw the boy. "Look at that boy, he is handsome" the first girl spoke. "Beautiful ". "A boy isn't beautiful Kimura Mari. Well, he seems shy not to come out" she giggles as she looks at the boy. "I have noticed you've been all too happy today Sakiko chan," Mari said to her trying to figure out why. "That's true Sakiko, tell us, what's going on?" Noriko Harada asked pressuring her. "Stop pestering her, she'll tell you later Harada". "Thanks, Reina," she said turning to face the girl who spoke last.
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Class 1B
She gets back to class and sits, then their Homeroom teacher entered again. "I have a new student with me, he transfered from another school here. Please come in" she said ushering him in. He walked into the class and greeted them, "Good morning everyone, I am Sasuke"."Good morning, what are your hobbies?" Mari shouted out. He simply smiled, while the teacher hushed her, "I didn't do anything wrong if you ask me". Just then, the Reverend Father entered the class,  everyone gasps including Mari. "He is not your classmate yet" as if getting their selves back, they all stood up to greet the Reverend Father. "Please sit everyone" they did and he continues addressing them. "Today he would choose from the two classes, A or B which he would want to stay in, so till then children. Take care and study well. That would be all Mrs Hasegawa" he said and left the classroom".
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"Nothing Sakiko" he walks past her and goes to sit down, he puts his head on his desk and cries, the talks to himself, "mum, I'm sorry, I found her, I couldn't bring her to see you. If I did on time perhaps perhaps... " he stops and looks up when he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Sasuke, what are you saying?" She asked feeling concerned. "Nothing, just talking to myself". "I'm here if you want to talk you know". He smiled weakly at her but didn't tell her, "Its okay Sakiko I'm fine". She nods her head but not believing him. During sports activities, they Sasuke and Sakiko move around the school.  "Hey Sasuke, why were you crying in the class a while ago?". "Nothing Sakiko had something in my eyes," he said looking away from her. "You are a terrible liar you know right? Don't tell me nothing, Sasuke, I knew
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When they closed, Sasuke and Sakiko waits close to the Reverend Father's car. "Mari chan, Ayumi-chan, Reina, Sachi, Noriko, everyone, thank you so much and goodbye. See you on Monday" Sakiko waved her classmates bye with a smile on her face. "Bye, do take care and be fine" they chorused as they left. "You're loved, especially your classmates. It's nice". "We love ourselves honey. Hey Father Tanaka is coming". He press the button on his car key and the car unlocks, they open the doors and got in. "Where is your house located at?". She tells him, "Wow, I never knew. I used to visit that place to see a friend. Who knew you were down the street". "Really?  How come I never saw you?". "I don't know" he looks ahead, "Rest on my laps". "No, and why?" Father Tanaka smiles, "Why?"
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Friend or Boyfriend 1
As soon as she enters, she sees her siblings quickly sitting on the sofa."I'm home. Good afternoon Itachi, Itsumi"."Afternoon" they both replied her while laughing."... " She looks at them and knew something was obviously fishy. "What's wrong with you guys?". "Who was that Sakiko? The guy that dropped you off just now" her elder sister asked her with a smile. "Oh him? That's my friend". "Friend or boyfriend?" Her elder brother asked her. "Friend Itachi, what's wrong in having a friend as a boy. Or a boy for a friend?" She asked her brother back. "The one you embrace frequently! " "Oh come on Itachi". "Well nothing is wrong, but be careful my dear little sister". "I'm not little Itsumi. Gosh you guys, well he is a transfer student and he is lovely, he ma
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Friend or Boyfriend 2
"You've got him everywhere with you, not giving the rest of us a chance". Sakiko just stares at her with a blank expression that soon turned to a glare... "A chance to do what?" She asked Mari with a cold tone. "To be with him. Give him a choice". "I am not forcing anyone to walk with me, it's their choice and it's his choice if he wants to or not. So since you are too concerned about his choice, why not ask him, here and now". "Fine, I will". "Good, better do" Sakiko said back and they both turned to look at Sasuke. "Well, what are you waiting for?" Mari hesitated for some seconds before speaking up. "Sasuke, who do you want to be with amongst all of us?" She asked feeling a bit shy. "Speak up for yourself Mari, don't lump me in with you" Reina shouted at her. "Sakiko or I? C
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Fainted Again
During the long break, Sasuke and Sakiko went to the library to read. Everywhere was silent and after some time, Sasuke raised his head and touched her hand that was on the table lightly. "Should we read here every break?" Sasuke asked Sakiko as his eyes roamed about the library. "No, I suggest after closure, an hour or thirty minutes, then the short break later, we come and revise what we read the previous day or whichever you choose". "Okay I go with you. After closing an hour, then the next day during the thirty minutes short break. Good idea, let's go and buy something to eat" he suggested. "Okay" they pack the books and got up to leave. "Ladies first" he said, gesturing for her to leave first and they both burst into a round of  laughter and quickly left as they were disturbing others. "Sasuke, do me a favour"."What is it Sakiko?"."T
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