The billionaire’s surprise baby

The billionaire’s surprise baby

By:  Paige Turner   Completed
Language: English
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"Congratulations Miss smith," the doctor called to Emma who sat taken back by her doctors claim. "What?!" She quipped like she hadn’t heard what he said. "You’re pregnant!" Emma hoped it was a nightmare, that this was a clear joke! But it wasn’t!, how did she end up in this situation? how did she end up pregnant with a strangers child?! ***** Emma Smith's is a struggling college student, her mother suddenly falls ill and is diagnosed with a tumor, the sudden diagnosis calls for Emma to pay almost half a million dollars which has Emma working job to job, she had to desperately look for a way to pay her bills. After having a single one night of passion with a handsome stranger at a club to earn money for her mother’s expensive medication, she ends up in a situation that would change her life forever. Emma finds out that she was pregnant for a stranger, she quickly finds out his identity and that she slept with a handsome yet arrogant billionaire extraordinaire, Rowan king. Her life turns to chaos when she meets him again, and she is forced to keep the child, with the promise that her mother’s surgery bill will be taken care of if she keeps the child and stays with the cold billionaire, Rowan. Will Emma find out his secret and see what his family is so adamant in keeping this child? And Can this unexpected destiny lead to anything more? Will Rowan begin to trust her and see her as more than just a one night of passion?

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Yochy Boo
interesting book.
2024-05-28 15:45:46
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Delinda Schumacher
I'm going to start it soon! thank you for uploading the whole book!
2024-05-18 05:09:21
user avatar
Paige Turner
I uploaded the whole book at once so you can enjoy it without having to wait, so enjoy guys!
2024-04-18 00:04:48
user avatar
Paige Turner
Hello everyone, how are yall enjoying my new book?
2024-04-06 09:56:39
102 Chapters
Bad news
•EMMA•.…“ shit!” I hissed at my keys that fell to the ground after a second attempt to open the door,“ damn door” I muttered with frustration, cleaning my eyes were blurry with tears as I struggled to open the door to the apartment, Today was a very shitty day and I couldn’t think of anything that could top my share of bad luck, I finally got the door opened, I picked up my bag and trudged into the apartment and I only hoped my mom wouldn’t notice how miserable I looked, my mom knew everything at a glance and how I was feeling and didn’t want her to see me like this.I walked fast to the small fridge beside the small sink of our little kitchen, taking a glass cup of chill water to drink and cool my head, I then washed my face with water from the sink, pushing away my long brunette hair from my face, so it won’t stick, I looked at the small mirror In the living room, scanning my face to see the small red blotches under my green eyes from crying, I only hoped that my mom wouldn't n
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No other option.
EMMA•I stayed with my mom after she was moved to a room, Amy had gone to our house to get me some clothes knowing I would stay the night, I couldn’t sleep, and neither could I let go of my mother’s hands through the whole night as the silence that swallowed us whole was the loud beeping of the monitor that checked her vitals while she slept, she looked peaceful.“ Mom, don’t worry”, I whispered to her, my hands moved to push away her hair from her face soft pale face “ I will do what I can to get the money” that’s was a promised.After three days I returned to my house, the doctors had put her in a medically induced coma, and they said it would slow down the growth of the tumor, I just hoped I could pay up before then.I trudged into the apartment slumping down on the small old couch, it was quiet, too quiet, it made me feel hollow, how was I going to come up with the money? I brought out my phone to check my account balance, I had seven thousand dollars saved, it was supposed to
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One night of passion or lust?.
ROWAN•.“Another day another headache that I cope with it”, I huffed out as I got out of the shower, I was stressed enough as it was and this painful ache in my head won’t go away Or it might be the fact that I ran into my ex who was terrorizing a waitress in a restaurant, even though she was a beautiful woman, she had an awful attitude when pissed off. I looked at the sunrise soaking into my penthouse glass windows, I turned on the TV to see the stock claims on the King’s enterprises going up, That is right, I was the CEO of a billion-dollar company, King’s Enterprise, Rowan king, I walked to be empty kitchen to start myself a hot needed black coffee on the coffee machine to start my day, I needed to get rid of the knot I was feeling lately, Maybe it was the stress?My thoughts dwindled when I heard my phone buzz on the counter, I picked it up immediately as it was my little sister, “ Hello, Raya? Good Morning.” I called to her as I took a sip, my eye moved to the clock to see
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One night stranger.
EMMA•…“ don’t be nervous” Amy whispered as she entered the private dressing room at the back of the club, and in her hands were very revealing clothes, that I was supposed to wear.These were worn to serve drinks and were so scantily designed I had to hold a gasp from slipping out when I took a good glance at the dress, I couldn’t wonder what the sex workers would wear if servers were things like this!Amy had helped me out after my answer to her that would work there, and she got a spot for me the very next day, I left immediately after my shift in the restaurant, took shower, and headed to ‘Magenta Club’The lingerie and tight dress fit snugly on my body, the dress barely covered by girly bits, that was how scandalous it was, I had to admit, it hugged my curved I was always covered with clothes, and she was superb in makeup. I let her play around with my looks and curl my long hair for it to rest softly on my back.She let out a contented smile when she looked at my face“ you are
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EMMA•…I woke up the next morning feeling cold, I shuffled around the bed to look for a blanket to cover my body even as my eyes were closed, Wait, I paused, this didn’t even feel like my bed. I opened my eyes instantly and sat up so fast I almost had a whiplash, to see I was in an unfamiliar room, I looked at my body to see that I was naked, and my lingerie was scattered across the bed and floor“ Oh my God, what have I done?!” I whispered in a panic, the memories of last night all came crashing back, and I felt hot shame cover me like a hot blanket,I slept with a stranger! “ You’re so stupid, Emma!” I called to myself as I hit my head several times with my palm, I felt so sore as I stood up from the bed,I peered in the mirror to see my body Littered with love bites, I was appalled, What made me behave that way with a stranger? Oh my God!I looked to the side to see a note and a small envelope, it read“ for your work”, what the hell? This person was very rude, or he didn’t eve
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“ What?”Emma whispered, her eyes moving to her belly and back to the doctor, she also looked at Mr. Jonathan who took that as a signal to leave the room“ Doctor! I can’t be pregnant, how?”“ The baby is already three weeks old Miss smith, we checked your pulse and did some blood work on you, and it came out positive for pregnancy, you must be overwhelmed with the news,” the doctor told her before he left But Emma wasn’t listening,“ no, No! This is not happening to me!” she couldn’t believe it, she was pregnant with a stranger she knew absolutely nothing about, not even his name! Thoughts of him came to her mind from time to time, only when she passed his gray jacket she had hanged up in her houseBut this was something else beyond her power, the door opened again and this time it was Amy who rushed into the room,Her eyes met with Emma, she saw her w distraught Emma looked and ran to her, pulling her into a tight hug“ What happened?”“ How are you here, Amy?”“ Your boss called me
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~~~ • Amy reached emmas apartment very quickly after Emma told her she wanted to meet the father of her child, barging straight for Emma’s door the moment she got to the house. “ Are you crazy?!?” Amy shouted the moment she unlocked the door of emmas home, walking in to see Emma pacing about in the living room, “I feel like it’s the best thing to do for the child, I’m going to contact him” she says quietly. “How are you even going to find him do you even know his name Emma,” Amy asked her frantically “I don’t know, but I will meet him, he can’t just vanish into thin air” “ But now Emma, why did you think of him, did something happen?” “..I got fired at work by Mr. Jonathan, he knows I’m pregnant and he does not see a pregnant woman as an asset to his business, saying u would slow him I got laid off” “ How can he do that?! After you worked so hard! Oh my God he is an awful human being and will regret letting you go, I can’t believe him , he is such a bastard” Amy mutt
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EMMA••I don’t know what to feel after that just happened, I never knew Rowan would be such a jerk, he tore through my dignity like it was nothing, making me look like a liarI should have expected this, but that didn’t make it hurt less, he made me feel like a gold digger which I wasn’tI just wanted to meet him, selfish part of me wanted to know who I gave myself to, I wanted to see the person I had sex with, and now I did, I walked out of the company in low spirits, calling a cab and heading straight to the hospital, even though my mom wasn’t awake, she was still my rock and I wanted to talk to her But as I went to the hospital I saw doctors rushing and out of the room with machines and injections, My heart started beating fast, “ excuse me what’s happening?” I shouted to a nurse that passed her, “ the patient had an attack, we’re doing everything we can miss, so you have to wait”I could only stand helpless as doctors tried to revive my mom, even the hundred thousand dollars I
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ROWAN*From the moment I opened my eyes I knew that I was fucked, I saw myself laying on an unfamiliar bed with a woman at my side, she was asleep and last night’s memories all came back rushing to me, as I sat up from the bed.“fucking hell”, I uttered as I leaned on the headboard, my eye moved back to the woman’s small frame, her back was turned away from me, so I couldn’t get a good glimpse of her face, but I saw the bite marks and hickeys I left on her skin that made me appalled by what I did, I couldn’t believe I drank so much I fucked I woman who I hallucinated and thought was my fucking ex, I stood up took my things, drew a check from my jacket, and wrote check with a hefty sum of a hundred thousand dollars, hoping that she would see it as good compensation from last night, I was still hungover everything still felt disorientedI had work to do, but I didn’t waste time and left the private room of club magenta quickly, I made a quick note to myself not to listen to Keith so o
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•“What is the meaning of this?” Rowan raged as he looked between his mom and Emma, his mother had a calm exterior, as her hands reached out elegantly to take a sip out of her pristine white teacup, she seemed the least affected by her son’s rageHis eyes reached to the contract laid on the table and back to his mother “what is she doing here?” he fumed, pointing an accusatory hand toward Emma who looked like she was hoping for the ground to swallow her up, His mom let out a big sigh before she faces him, she had a feeling he would react like this, “she is carrying your child Rowan, and I wanted to talk with her” his mother urged Rowan who did not want to hear about it, he didn’t care, he was angry his mom reached out to Emma without him, he knew she was lying from the document that was laid on the table, “you do not know her mom, she is a mere stranger, she may be lying”“And what if she isn’t?” she asked that made him keep quiet, he glared coldly at Emma who looked like she would
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