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Take Me

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"One more step and I will make you regret" He hissed with his burning gaze on me. My body stiffened and I remained still at the same place. His threatening words choked me. I pitied myself for how helpless I'd become. But my intrusive thoughts said otherwise, what if I didn't listen to him and ran further away from him? I felt a pair of hands rise to my shoulder. My breath became unstable feeling his skin on me. "Good girl" he hushed in my ear letting out a silent gasp due the surprise act of his. I think I have just let my mind win over the fear I had for him. ~~~~~~~~~ Aster Di Fazio gets tangled into an arranged marriage with the heir of one the wealthiest families, Adagio Amato-the most feared and filthy rich. He never goes against his parents and hates the idea of commitment. As for Aster, she was a simple girl with a loving heart. She has always been under her parent's shield and was showered with love and comfort-a heart of generosity and happiness. They're opposite to each other in every way possible, but they carry the same last name. This marriage didn't look promising and every member of their family knew that. It is no more than a contract after which all of it will be burned and blown away with wind. Well, that's what everyone thought.

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it's gooddddd I really enjoy it ......
2024-06-27 23:54:50
9 Chapters
Aster~The sunlight glistened on my face. I heaved a sigh as today was my wedding. Who would have thought I would be getting married at the age of 20? Definitely not me. I wanted to proceed with my higher studies but it all came crashing down on the day I was informed of my marriage.They basically signed me off to a wealthy man, Adagio Amato. I have known him since I was eleven years old. I would only see him occasionally. I hardly speak to him because he is too intimidating for someone like me. His brothers on the other hand are just pure gold. Adagio has a very quiet character, his cold intimidating gaze could make anyone piss their pants. He gives the driest replies to whatever question it may be. People would give up trying to speak to him. Adagio and his family are engaged in a huge business which makes them filthy rich. Whatever they owned screamed money and power. The amount of respect and power that family alone holds is ridiculous. It made me wonder why they would marry
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We took pictures with our family and left for our reception. I had to change into another dress. It was one hell of a reception. The place was packed with people. People congratulated us.I pretty much stood in the same place that night. Adagio was busy with the guests and so was my family. My college friends came in and gave me company until they had to leave. I did tell them about the contract though I shouldn't. I trust them. They consoled me and told me it would be fine. Of course, it will be... When we get a divorce. I can't get my head around the fact that this has something to do with more than just money. Or maybe just money but it seems to have a bigger story behind it. How do I know it? My guts tell me so.Just the look in my parents' eyes tells me there is something deeper than just this contract marriage. "Hello, Aster!" A voice chirped joyfully breaking me out of my thoughts. It was an unfamiliar face that awfully looked just like mine. A silent gasp left my mouth in s
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As soon as we got to his mansion, I immediately went to bed. It is rather large. The mansion, with its ornate chandeliers and antique pieces. The flooring made of marble exuded opulence. It included a television and large couches.And he had a dog!Micha was his name, and he is a sweetheart. He's actually lying next to me at the moment. I could sleep for three more hours, but it was eight in the morning.Adagio hasn't spoken anything since we arrived. Although we were meant to share a room, I was too afraid that something might go wrong. What if he made me lie down with him?I'm craving food. I'd best head over to eat. I just pulled my hair back into a bun, gave myself a facial wash, and brushed my teeth before going downstairs. Micha came up on my heels.A few maids greeted me, and I politely answered. It appears that breakfast has been prepared. They made pancakes.I ate silently until I heard a blonde girl come down the stairs. I was slightly perplexed until I realized it was one o
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Butterflies Already?
The following day, Micha was curled up next to me in my room as I read a romance novel. Adagio and I have not seen each other since this morning.I was content and at ease even though I had to do something I did not want to. I never had depression or obsessive worry about things. I let it go and accept it, whether I like it or not. What else can we do? Waste our happy lives? That's a no-no.A knock on the door startled me. Micha was also startled by the sudden noise and let out a bark. "Come in," I said, closing my book. One of the maids entered the room, holding a box.My curiosity piqued, and I asked her, "What's that, Mary?" Mary let out a soft laugh.I approached her and she handed me the box, saying, "Master asked me to give it to you."Unknowingly, a smile appeared on my face. "Thank you, Mary," I said with a smile. "Master said he'll be home at 1 p.m. to pick you up," she said, as my head snapped back into place. I had completely forgotten about it. My gaze was drawn to th
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I dashed down the stairs, tying my hair into a bun. I rushed over to greet my in-laws. I was not made aware of their visits. I walked into the living room to hear laughter.I wore a red top and a knee-length skirt. It's decent enough to make me seem like I've showered. "Hello everyone," I smiled as I waved to everyone. Adagio's brothers, as well as Adagio and his parents, were all present."Oh, Aster, come here," Mrs. Amato said, patting the empty seat beside her.I awkwardly approached her. I have known them since I could remember but they all suddenly appear to be strangers. They all seem to be different. Everything appeared to be new to me. I looked around at everyone and considered why I was feeling this way.Is it because they have something to do with my family that they had to force me into this marriage and not feel bad about it? What is the true reason for our marriage? It's because of the contract, but what exactly is in it?One thought led to another, filling my mind with
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I'm currently on a private jet and have no idea what to do. I've already finished watching two or three movies. We are apparently going on a honeymoon to Bora Bora, which is miles away and takes about 28 hours to get there from Paris.This is tiring, man. Adagio is sitting beside me, but this wall separates us for privacy reasons. This is already exhausting; who wants to deal with that man?He has been focused on his work for hours and does not appear to be taking a break. So how do I know? I could hear the clicking of his laptop and it went on for hours. I'm done worrying about the contract, the heir, the lies, and everything. As I said before, I cannot worry about things excessively or for an extended period of time. Maybe I will later when I have to face it again, but for now, I am as bubbly as ever before.I'm bored and feeling talkative, so I might as well gather my courage and talk this guy. To be honest, I get nervous every time I stand in front of a man, with the exception of
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Mixed feels
The sun shone on my face, and I groaned because it disturbed my sleep. I want to sleep some more; this bed is so comfortable that I don't want to get up. I opened my eyes to see a blurry image of...Adagio?I snapped my head up to see my hands and legs on him, as well as his hands around my waist. Adagio had his eyes on me, watching as I became panicked and confused."What are you doing in my bed?" I inquired as I got away from his grip. "The question is, what are you doing in my bed?" he asked in his morning voice.My eyes widened as I looked around to find myself on his bed. I gasped and stood up.Then I realized I had walked into his bed last night because I couldn't sleep on that rock-hard bed. "Sorry," I mumbled, turning red, and ran into the bathroom before he could respond.So that's how my day began. We had breakfast together, and nothing happened except that we stuffed ourselves with delicious food. We went shopping more because I wanted to. He didn't like the plan and threa
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Adagio~I have not been in my right mind since the marriage. I've been out of control, unstable, and insane. However, I can't let my weaknesses spread all over the place.I get ahold of it and deal with shit like I have for years, and now there's Aster. Her problematic a** never shuts down, and dealing with her is becoming increasingly annoying.Although I do not like her, there is something about her that strangely rules me, which I despise.Getting the work done isn't easy. Mother and father have been urging me to do it with Aster, but overcoming her stubborn nature is too difficult. Not that I can't control or handle her, but given her lack of experience, I'm taking it slowly.There is no way out for either her or me; we are stuck. All of this is totally ridiculous to me; Father and his desires are out of reach. It's unfortunate that I have no choice but to give in.These days, all I think about is my father, Aster, and the contract; I live to work, and having barriers over which I
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Oh dear
Aster~I was preparing to head downstairs, tying my hair in a ponytail. I became pretty hungry. I've been camping in my room since the morning, and I've only had coffee and chips.Suddenly, my gaze was pulled to the shattered glass outside Adagio's room. My curiosity began to grow, but I was hesitant to investigate because I was never permitted into his office or room.After pondering whether or not to enter, I decided to have a quick peek at it. As I got closer to his room, my heart rate changed. I was eager, but there was also some anxiety. I was hit with a strong alcohol smell, making my nose scrunch bitterly. I pushed the slightly opened door, letting the lights pass through into the dark room. My eyes widened, and I clasped my mouth to cover my gasp. I pushed the door wide open to see everything wrecked and shattered on the floor. The room was messy, which was very unlike him. I carefully stepped in, moved around, and turned on the lights. I let out a quiet gasp when I saw Adag
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