Taming the Arrogant Witch

Taming the Arrogant Witch

By:  Harry  Ongoing
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He lowered his head and angrily placed a kiss on my lips, I had felt the passion, love and compassion in his previous kisses but right now he was venting out all his anger. He bit my lower lip hard until it was completely swollen and began to bleed, I wanted to cry in pain but he didn't give me a chance and his tongue pried my mouth open and with the help of it he pulled my tongue into his mouth and then bit my tongue. At this moment he was completely consumed by anger and out of his senses, I wanted to use my magic to get rid of him but I could not do that too as he had one of my wrists twisted which was now turning numb with pain and the other was pinned above my head against the wall. Soon his fangs pierced my tongue and this time finally a sharp painful shout left my throat and hit his lips. My lips were now trembling and I just wanted to push him away but as much as I tried that, he kept pushing his body against mine making me loose my mind completely. My painful voice brought him back to his senses and his lips and teeth finally left my mouth, tears flowed through my eyes due to the pain and I looked at him angrily that was when he finally spoke "I told you to be careful but you do every possible thing to rile me up. Your scent is completely different from every person on this earth, it is so appealing and inviting that anyone can find you and that means that no matter how hard you try, you can't escape from me."

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Rowena Lixie
Hey the story is amazing why aren't you updating it?
2023-09-17 03:16:45
38 Chapters
One Strange Trip
 It all seems strange when I think about the day we met and the way we spent our days. Before that how my life had totally changed one day, in a really strange and fantastic way. I was just 15, became a perfectionist at 22. Before I tell you about my life I would like to tell you how we met.It was a really pleasant day. Everything was set and everyone was ready. It was the perfect day to give my wild thoughts a chance to come alive. I checked my car thrice so that it should not break down in the way. My excitement did not let me sleep all night; it seemed as if the time had stopped. In some corner of my heart I was scared to face my thoughts but made a firm decision to do so. I spend the night thinking of what to do. At 4:00, I was finally up and got ready, packed the left over stuff. It was seven; I still had 2 hrs to go so I preferred to listen to music. I was asleep within few minutes waiting for my friends.“Isabel, you are yet sleeping!” Jessica said waking me
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Return of the Past
Someone was there by the window and as I looked in the direction of the window, the person jumped out. I got up to see but nothing was there but my heart kept racing as I was sure that happened but then I thought if this place was driving me insane so I closed the window and with some difficulty went off to sleep again. I suddenly heard some noise which woke me up and felt like someone moving out of the room but that was way too fast so I decided to ignore that taking it as a part of my weird dream. To clear my doubts I looked around the room once more before falling asleep again.Everyone was so excited about the trip that they were almost ready by the time I woke up.“We were waiting for you to get up. We thought you needed some rest.” Selena said helping me get up.“Now get ready fast” Ashlie was so excited.I gave them a strange look and they knew what it was for, the girls who were scared to go for mountain climbing by yesterd
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Continuing the Trip
I almost lost my senses and didn’t realise when I was in James’s arms, hugged tightly, without asking me anything James only said “Don’t be scared I am there with you, just go to sleep.” As he hugged me the rest of the night I had the most peaceful sleep since Ethan’s death.Next morning I woke up in James's arms but he was already awake and staring at her, I felt my cheeks blush as I was lying so close to him. I lowered my head and my cheek turned even more red as I spoke "Sorry for bothering you last night and thank you for taking care of me."He smiled and came closer to me covering almost all the distance between us and pulled my head up gently by my chin "Did you sleep well."Inodded as my heart thumped into her chest before James could continue talking Selina entered the camp in which we were sleeping and seeing us so close she turned around and talked nervously "I am sorry to interrupt you but you should get ready everyone is waiting for you." saying this sh
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The Devil's Den
I pushed him back and he balanced himself from falling down "I am not that weak Isabel who was tortured by you and who told you I am your wife."He laughed and moved closer to me again "Let's go inside darling and it is better if you behave because Jessica is still with me and you know what I can do for love."I had no other choice but to go in with him and my purpose right now was to save Jessica.As I calmly followed him inside he led me to his bedroom, it had not changed in so many years but I could not see Jessica anywhere and I knew what tricks he was pulling but I could not say anything so I kept moving quietly then he stopped and asked me to sit threatening about Jessica. I sat on the edge of the bed, he leaned in closer and placed both his hands on either side of me on the bed, my heart raced, he moved closer to my neck and took a deep breath "I have missed this beautiful scent of yours." then he looked at my face leaning in closer planting one of his ha
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I was tired so I fell asleep after some time and I knew he did not do anything else except hugged me tightly to sleep. Jessica was perfectly fine the next morning and was ready to go back she hugged me "Thank you for saving me."I smiled at her and hugged her again "I am happy that you are fine." then I hugged all my other friends goodbye.The black family bid their farewells and everyone started their journey down which could be completed in one day. James put a hand on my shoulder and said "They will wait for us home, we will leave tomorrow because if we leave with them some other of your friends will be injured."I nodded as tears welled up in my eyes. It was a beautiful morning, I sat down on a rock nearby and James sat besides me, holding my hand he looked into my eyes "Promise me you won't hate me after this."I put my other hand on the one that was holding mine "I can never hate you even if I want to."He smiled and started with telling his
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He sat there quietly as tears rolled down my eyes after a lot of suppression thinking about the past. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder which was the most magical thing and I was calm in a few minutes, taking a deep breath, I wiped my eyes and he came in front of me holding me by my waist "Past is gone don't cry over it and don't talk about it or even think about it until you can do that without crying."I nodded and as I was going to push him away he kissed me, making it deep with every moment, the flashes of Ethan kissing me began to cross my mind and as he forced his tongue into my mouth, I pushed him away and ran into the camp and tears flowed more vigorously through my eyes. I sat there quietly and he was too scared to come in.At last when I was finally able to calm myself down, I went outside to have a look but he was nowhere to be found. I felt like I scared him away so I walked towards the rock where we sat earlier and started enjoying the view. The more I
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Clearing memories
I nodded and then we begin our journey down the mountain.It was the same place we had climbed earlier and while we were going down my mind was just preoccupied by the thought that what could it be he would show me and it would be different from what I had already seen and as if he had read my thoughts he grabbed my waist and looked me into the eyes once we were standing on a steady place, his voice was so sexy and dreamy that I just wanted to melt into it "Are you ready for what I am about to show you."My lips curved up as I looked at him and nodded and he effortlessly picked me up by my waist and then what I saw was the most beautiful view anyone could ever see, we were on top of the highest tree and James held me carefully in his arms making sure that I don't fall down. It was still so early and what I saw was the sun rising just behind the mountains and it was such a spectacular view from where we were seeing and third was when I finally realized that this could n
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My eyes widened, I knew whose voice this was but that could not be true, I erased his memory, I jumped up and turned around. I lost my voice as my eyes landed on James but I gathered myself to speak "What are you doing here? How did you find my place and how do you still remember me?"He smirked, he was standing behind the couch and with a swift jump he was in front of it and moving towards me, a natural instinct could have made anyone step back but I stood there because I needed to know why my magic didn't work on him.He just came closer and placed a hand on my waist pulling me closer to his body as it touched his, his grip was firm as if he didn't ever want me to escape but instead of answering my question he said "Let's first continue what you started
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I took the bath and came out in my bathrobe as I usually did. I didn't have any energy left to change my clothes and I was exhausted mentally so I decided to lock my room and go to sleep and that is what I did without bothering to find out what James was doing. I switched off my bedside light but before I could actually go to sleep James knocked my door. I didn't answer at first pretending to sleep so that he would go away but he knocked again saying "Bel, where am I gonna sleep."My heart raced when he called me 'Bel',  it sounded so sweet from his lips but I could not accept that so I calmed myself down before replying in an uninterested tone "You barged in here so find your own place."He said "Okay" but before he left I had to tell him to never call me 'Bel' again, I could not stand the feeling it send to my heart when he said that. Although I was not ready to accept then but the truth was that the gates that I had closed shut tightly preventing anyo
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As it was expected from him he replied "Through the door."I looked angrily at him "I am aware of that but I remember locking it."He didn't say anything about that instead his reply was sarcastic "Well I didn't get the way you thanked me but you are welcome.""You didn't do anything." I shouted but he simply smiled as he said "I woke you up from the nightmare."I realized it was useless arguing with him so I took in a deep breath and said "Get out"He looked at me as if I was speaking some foreign language but then he collected his expression and soon a smile crept on his lips which by far I knew was not a good thing at least for me. He didn't say anything but silently got into the bed with me. I looked at him shocked "What do you think you are doing?"His smile was still intact on his lips which had now started irritating me and he simply replied "You said that I should find a place to sleep on my own and by far this is the most comfortable plac
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