The Devil Tree House

The Devil Tree House

By:  Aya Lyka C.  Ongoing
Language: English
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There is an old school built near in the forest several decades ago and there is a tree house at the back of the school. It has been neglected and almost abandoned by time, so many spirits have lived here. Many wonders have also happened in the area that have frightened people who know the story about the tree house. Until the wealthy couple renovated the old school for student to use again. They have two children. Their eldest son is studying abroad with his grandfather and one of their daughter's named Samantha will be there to study. One day the student was suddenly possessed by an demonic spirit. What happened to the girl was so horrible that the teachers and some students could not bear with the strength of the girl. They called a witch doctor and a priest to expel the spirit that was in the girl's body but they failed to defeat the demonic spirit. Until they thought of seeking help from a paranormal investigator. When he arrived he began the prayer o ritual to cast out the dreaded spirit. The girl healed but she sustained many wounds on her body. After the possession the priest blessed the school and even the tree house. The priest did not try to climb the tree house because of the omnimous presence of spirits. The school has been quite since it was blessed. Just a few months later, there were students playing chase until they no longer realized they had reached the tree house. Suddenly the two children climbed up and entered inside the hut. They stayed a few minutes and panicked. One shouted out while the other one was left inside. What happened to a student who was left inside the hut? Why it called the devil tree house?

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22 Chapters
Chapter 1: Midnight
Midnight, in the dark part of the school."Ahhhhhhh .." cried a girl named samantha as she saw the souls approaching her.She was inside an old school building. It's scary and terrifying when the night catches up with you in that place."Help ....! Help me ....! Help ....!"She shouts run so as not to be overtaken by the spirits following her. More and more souls suddenly appeared everywhere she looked.She was already in tears in fear of those moments. In great fear, she did not realize that she was already bathed in sweat and tears dripping from her eyes.The souls were getting closer and closer to her as if they wanted to take her. Her knees were also weakening from running and she was chasing her breath. After a while she saw the gate of the school and she hurried to the gate to get out of the scary school but Sam suddenly fell."Ahhhhhh ...... mommy ..! Lola ....., ahhhhhh!" Sam shouted as the scary souls were already in front of her.She
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Chapter 2: Ghost of the house
When they enter the new house."Sam why? Do you see anything?" Asked her grandmother.Sam looked out the window. Sam pointed to the part where she was looking."Grandma, look ... the one in the curtain looks like there's ..." She stopped."What is it Sam?" The old woman approached the curtain it referred to.She tore it off with her hand. Sam stared wide -eyed at that part where her grandmother was."I didn't see anything." Her grandmother said."There is it grandma, when you left, she suddenly disappeared.""Leave it to Sam and maybe it's just wind."Her grandma approached her again and held her in her right hand."Wait, why do you look cold?" Her grandmother asked her."I don't know either grandma. Maybe it's because of the cold air." The grandmother held her forehead."You're hot Sam. You have a fever." Her grandmother carried her to one of the chairs in the living room."Sit here first and I'll ge
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Chapter 3: By nightfall
Four o'clock in the afternoon. Sam was left at home with her grandmother."Grandma, I'm just in the living room." Sam said."All right granddaughter."Sam went to the living room.She picked up the tv remote and turned it on. Her grandmother passed in front of her."Grandma, where are you going?""Only here outside Sam, will air.""Can i come with you grandma?" Sam asked.The old woman did not go out already."All right, but before we go out I'll get us a snack first if you come along." The old woman said to Sam with a smile."Okay grandma, let's go now.." Sam said with smiled.Sam grabbed her grandmother’s arm and happily pulled her into the kitchen to prepare their snack. When they finished getting their snacks, they went outside and spent time there. The grandmother talked happily while eating their prepared snack."Lola, you look young now." Mischievouse  Sam said." Don't philosophized
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Chapter 4: Tree house
  It was only in the morning that the whole house was blessed. "Ah..Father, thank you so much for taking the time to bless this house." Sam's mother was grateful to the priest. "It's Nothing ... the important thing is that the whole house is clean and nothing will disturb you in this house." The priest answered while looking at every corner of the house. They were going down the stairs at that time. The priest was with her parents. Her grandmother prepared food for the priest. "Father ...!" The old man shouted. The priest approached and Sam's parents were behind her. Sam just sat quietly and watched television in the living room. "Please eat first as a thank you." invitation of the old woman. "Thank you  you're still bothering." The priest said and smiled. " It's okay father, it's just gratitude." Old woman said to the priest. " So, let's go father." Her mom said looking to the priest.
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Chapter 5: Possession
First day of school."Sam baby .... you're awake and you're busy now." His mother's voice.Her mother opened the window to light Sam's room. Sam woke up to her mother's voice, she still couldn't open her eyes very well."Is it now?" Sam asked." Yes, my love.""I thought I'd come in next week." She said to her mother."Because your school schedule has changed." The mother approached her."But mom ....., I really don't want to go in there ... that creepy school might still make it.""Enough, sweety, get up and get ready. I've packed your luggage and your daddy is waiting for us."She had nothing more to say to her mother so she just obeyed. Sam got dressed and put on her clothes."Wait for me outside ok." Her mother said and get out of her room.Sam didn't speak anymore. Her mother came out. When she was done she followed her to the car. Sam first grabbed a sandwich in the kitchen before heading to their car
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Chapter 6: Possession 2
It's three o'clock in the afternoon. The evil spirit grew stronger inside the child's body. "Hahahaha .....! There's nothing you can do,.hahahah ....!" The girl laughed. The priest and fellow teachers looked at what the girl had said. Even the man who had just arrived looked at the child. "Father..., There's a black liquid coming out of her mouth." Shocked says a teacher. "That's the devil's work." Said the man standing in front of them. "Who are you? Are you the paranormal expert?" The priest asked the man. "Let's talk about that later." The man answered seriously. The man tightened her grip on the cross and approached the child. The girl smiled as the man approached her. " What's your name?" The man asked the girl who possessed. "Why should I tell you .... who are you?" Every utterance of the child's words was terrifying. Still shaking its head. "Why did you possessed her?" The man asked again.
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Chapter 7: Phenomenon
Tuesday morning Sam was taken by her parents to school. Many students also came. "Bye sweety ...." Sam's mother said goodbye. "Bye mom ... be careful." Sam said. Before Sam could go away she approached her mother again. She kissed her on the cheek and ran away. One student approached her. "Hi ... I'm Claire." Introduce a student who walked with her. "I'm Samantha." Introducing her. "Aren't you the daughter of the rich couple who fixed this school?" The girl asked her. "Yes, they are my parents." Sam replied. " Can we be friends?" The girl student asked again. "Yeah, sure." Sam said with smiled. They went to their classroom together. They didn't expect that they would be in the same class and only now did they notice each other. "Here's your room Sam?" Claire asked her. "Yeah .." Sam replied. "You'd think we'd be in the same class." Claire laughed a little and Sam smiled ba
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Chapter 8: Presence of devil
Friday, this is the day that most people dread especially in an area where there is a phenomenon happening. "Hi Sam, how are you? Did you sleep last night?" Her friend Claire asked. ""I'm fine and I slept well last night. You, are you sleeping well?" Sam replied and asked. "Hmm.. it's not ok because I remember the ghost of the student in our picture." Claire said. They were sitting in the Canteen because it was breaktime at that time. Sam was facing the part where the tree house was so she stared at it. Claire noticed her. "Sam ..! Sam..!" Claire calls Sam. Idiot Sam staring at the tree house. "Oh, I'm sorry." Sam apologized because she didn't immediately notice that Claire was calling her . "What's wrong with you and you're an idiot there?" Sam couldn't speak right away. She drank the water in front of her before speaking. "Ah, nothing." Sam replied to the friend. "Are you sure you're okay, huh,
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Chapter 9: The girl's soul
At three o'clock in the afternoon, Sam and her father were in their car. They were on their way home at that time from the school that Sam was attending. “How is your day today Sam?” Her dad asked. "Not good daddy." Sam replied. "Why, did something bad happen?" Her dad asked again looking in the mirror while driving. "Because they blessed the whole school with the priest, then the priest lost consciousness. I was also dizzy and besides, dad, the voices I heard were scary. There was that also dad, they found dead black birds." Narration by Sam. "Is that so, it's good that nothing bad happened to you." Her dad said. Sam didn't speak and just looked out the window. Then she speak again to her dad. "That's why I don't want to study of that school, dad. It's scary and the place is really scary, especially the tree house." Sam said seriously. "What's in the tree house?" Her dad asked. "They said it was the abode of so
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Chapter 10: Black shadow
Seven o 'clock in the morning. Sam sat in a chair in their classroom as she waited for her friend Claire to arrive. Almost all of her classmates were already in her seat. Their teacher hadn't arrived at that time. "What could have happened to Claire, why can't she have it yet." Sam asked herself. She looked at Claire's chair and she was sad that her friend was gone. She preferred to keep quiet to one side while watching her classmates talk. She felt the cold of those times even though it was sunny and there was no wind blowing too much. Later, her classmates approached her. A group of men approached her. "Hi Sam, it looks like your friend isn't coming in." Said a man with a mischievous smile. Samantha couldn't look at them so she just bowed. "How about Claire get in? The tricycle they were riding had an accident yesterday. They talked about falling into the ravine." Narration of another. Sam was shocked to hear so she stood up.
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