One Cocky Mistake

One Cocky Mistake

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
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It’s all started with a flirt. It wasn’t a surprise to me that he’s a playboy—it’s all written all over his pretty face. He’s a kind of guy your mom warned you about, but your body craves. It might be hard to accept, but I’ve been in a dry spell for a long time. So maybe he’s the answer, but the charming, cocky, and brutally honest playboy made me feel like no men ever did. And pretty soon, I was in too deep. *** It wasn’t a part of my plan. In fact, I never have imagined my life to be with someone more than just to warm my bed, let alone a woman with a kid, but just a single look at her gorgeous blue eyes, I’m already confused—I’ve never been drawn to any women the way I was drawn to her.

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45 Chapters
Ho-ing Around
XANDRY“Tell me again why should I come with you?” I asked my cousin, Pyke one more time as he pulled his car to a halt at the private airport and directly onto the tarmac. If he didn’t barge into my apartment and pick me up by himself I didn’t have a plan on going with them because I was still far from ready to face Camila again. Besides, I sent him a message that I couldn’t make it, but Pyke is Pyke—he didn’t buy my excuse.“Have you not apologized?” he asked back, grabbing my dark brown leather duffel bag from the backseat of his car while I ambled defeated at his back.“I did, but—”He stood up, closed the door a little bit with force, sighed, and gave me a sympathetic looked. “Xandry, she forgave you, and don’t beat yourself up. Camila has the kindest heart on the planet, and whether you like it or not you’re still coming with me. End of discussion.” Pyke hastened to the jet waiting for us.“I know, but they’r
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Who's Xandry?
BLAINEBen started munching the protein chocolate bar after I’d done buckling him at the back seat, then I started the ignition of my car. I pulled out from the driveway of our two-story small country house— my parents’ gift on my twenty-second birthday last month.I gave birth to Ben when I was only seventeen and his father was not in the picture anymore. Ignoring people calling me a bitch was difficult on my part, but I stood up for my own decision the moment I confirmed I was pregnant.I was so overwhelmed with joy and for being a newly single mom-- it made me burst into tears. It was the best feeling in the world when I first cuddled my son after eighteen hours of labor.“Why do we stay at Nana and Dada, Mommy?” Ben gabbled.I looked at him through the rearview mirror. “What I said about talking when your mouth is full, Ben?”“Mommy.”“Yes, baby?”“I’m already a big guy.”“You’ll always
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What Are Those Holding Hands All About, Anyway?
XANDRYThis place was surprisingly incredible. I didn’t even know that a barn and horse stable would ever get my interest, not until tonight.Bob and his family bred, trained, and sell horses. They hired workers and experts to maintain their horses’ health, including diet, grooming, and performance.The damn horse stable was bigger than my apartment. From the bottom of each stall hinged door was made of wood with bars attached in elegantly U-shaped allowing the head of the horse to move freely. It had windows and fans for ventilation and didn’t even smell disgusting at all. There were saddles, stirrups, headgear, halters, and bridles hung on its corner.“That’s Applejack, Bianca’s horse.” Bob pointed to the horse with a tall and slim figure. He said it was a thoroughbred and one of the most expensive horses that originated from England.Then he went to the next stall with a little darker than Applejack’s chestnut,
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Oh, My God! He’s Not My Guy
BLAINEMy eyes nearly pop-out from each socket the moment I had the first glimpse of Xandry. I’ve seen handsome guys, my ex was considered handsome, but he was an asshole.Xandry was extremely gorgeous, cocky, charming, and exuded the playboy-aura. And I had a thing with those qualities that led me to early pregnancy, so that was a no-no.Most handsome guys were assholes and women made them what they were. And I’ve learned not to stroke their ego.This man was tall--damn tall that I had to crane my neck with my five foot four just to look up at him. His cerulean blue eyes were checking out on me. My face heated in embarrassment when I remembered what I was wearing. Nothing fancy.It was not that I was going to jump into him if I wore a pretty dress because he was gorgeous, but I happened to know how to appreciate a good looking guy. Kyland was good looking and so as Pyke, but their handshakes never ma
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No One Gets Jealous
XANDRYSo fucking awful!My head was pounding, my muscles were aching, my limbs-- and holy fuck my back. How did I get into this goddamn awful couch? Who made this kind of thing? It was made of fucking rock.I bolted upright, making my head to throb when the realization hit me. I had to squeeze my eyes shut as my vision started to blur and spin. My lips were dry as a desert.After rubbing my temples a few times, I opened my eyes slowly and looked down. I’m wearing the same clothes yesterday, my shoes were taken off and perfectly aligned atop the chocolate and cream shaggy rug. What the fuck did I do last night? I was sure as hell what I had right now was a hangover.I looked around in the small living room. It still looked brand new with wood wall paneling, but I wasn’t sure what kind of wood it was. It looked so cozy and homie. A set of colorful sofa with drapes and square cushions to complete the country
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Wetness Protection
BLAINEJesus, why did he have to be so damn sexy in the morning? His sexy hair looked in need of a haircut, but it did work on him, in fact, my fingers itched to run through it and wipe away from his forehead. I’d never known that even my soap smelled good on him that it never did on me.Crap! What in the ever-loving heck happened to me? I’m a single mom for god’s sake. I needed to focus on my son and not to some hot— jerk. A huge jerk who wanted to bury his manhood to anyone had a hole.I was taken aback by what he said before he left me alone. My room was my little sanctuary, but I couldn’t just push him out even the tension already thickened in the room that made my heartbeat quickened in my chest. Blame it on my dry spell.Jeez, calm down!His bright and warm cerulean blue eyes never missed meeting mine. He was playing catch with Ben. Why
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I’m Leaving Tomorrow
XANDRYBlaine was frowning when I met her gaze. I wondered why her friends were laughing while she was displeased. Excusing myself from Finley and Riley who were busy grilling the marinated ribeyes, I wiped the sweat off of my face.Speaking of the gorgeous woman who fogged my brain with lust and made me hard too painful to bear was ogling at my abs. Most girls loved abs than a man’s brain, and I loved their mouth all over me.Nice.“Hey, girls.” I waved, and they were already smiling back. The brunette girl from Blaine’s left was also beautiful and the strawberry blonde as well, but Blaine was very attractive with her huge eyes. “Mind if I join?”“Aren’t you—”“Of course, take a seat, Xandry.” The brunette quickly butted in, making my brow cock.“Thanks, you know my name. Got a name beautiful?” I smiled genuinely, and the last thing I wanted was for
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Just Flirt Back
BLAINEThat was the most humiliating thing I ever did in my life, but one of the audacious moves I’ve made. What the heck came into me knocking on his door? Was it taking my best friends’ advice or was it because that was what I wanted to do?After running for thirty minutes around my parents’ property, I quickly hit the shower, then tiptoed to the kitchen, and planned to prepare breakfast for our guests since I woke up earlier than my usual routine.I thought everyone was asleep, but to my surprise, someone was already up. I jolted to stop when I saw a familiar figure sitting on the stool with a steaming mug on his grip.I glued to my own feet even though my mind screamed of running back. My body had a brain on its own and was gaily humming for him again. Tingles spread fast on my skin when I met his mesmerizing cerulean blue eyes, widened in surprise. Instantly, I was on fir
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She’s A Package Deal
XANDRYThese were the shitty fifth days of my life since I got back to work. I kept on scribbling something on the white sheet but nothing came right. The trash bin was already half full of crumpled papers.My mind always went to the sweetest lips I’ve ever tasted every time I had something in mind. I gave my number despite her protest, but I guessed she intended not to call me since I promised not to call her first. I was still hoping and impatiently waiting for two days to see her again at her sister’s wedding.I always wondered what she was doing every day. I even imagined her riding Queen. Did Ben give her a hard time? I talked to Finley over the phone but I chickened out every time I wanted to ask him about Blaine. And since when I can’t pull my shit together?I tapped the pen on the new empty sheet. Hopelessly, I put the pen down and leaned my back on my ch
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They’re Just Friends
BLAINECamila hired a team to make the bride-to-be looked stunning. It led by Antoine who was humming in the enormous bridal suite to Bianca’s favorite song. The entire room smelled roses—her favorite flower plus there were roses everywhere in different colors and sizes— I could see Cam pampered her so much.She raised the Champagne flute in her reflection through the mirror with the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen from her, then gushed, “I’m getting married, sissy!”Normally, when talking about marriage it made my stomach twist and shoot a searing pain in my heart, but today it was my sister’s day and I couldn’t be any happier for her than anyone in this world.Unlike me, it was like bringing disgrace to my family for having a kid out of wedlock, but my family was supportive, accepted Ben, and loved him unconditionally.I took the Champagne flute from her hand, smiling back. “You’re getting married, future Mrs
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