The Abused Luna

The Abused Luna

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"I know alpha that you do not wish to have me as your mate so you can go ahead and reject me" I cut him off feeling brave I once felt before my life became a nightmare. His eyes were big as saucers as he stared at me in amazement and there was a flick of anger clearly visible in his eyes oh no I'm so dead but this ends ones and for all. "I Avy Grace daughter of Jacob Grace hereby reject you, Zander Black alpha of crescent moon pack as my mate" "You will hear me out first" I nodded my head as he commanded using his alpha tone "I will not accept your rejection and I'm definitely not rejecting you understood Avy Grace" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avy Grace was just a third in commands daughter. A respectable wolf in her pack. But things started to change after a mysterious rouge attack which took her parents away and turned her life into a nightmare. Zander Black a soon to be Alpha of Crescent moon pack. Ever since he was young he despised the wolves who seemed like a threat to his pack. Avy is not an exception either as he torments her to no limits as a revenge of his mother's death. What would happen when The Moon Goddess decides to mate hem together? Read to find out.

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Rhonda S Lane Dugan
Any sort of timeline on an update?
2022-08-25 09:50:21
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Rose an DB forever
good work on this
2022-04-13 09:48:50
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Barbara Davis Willard
awesome boik
2022-03-18 01:14:39
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It’s good but the rating on book are getting shorter and shorter
2021-12-31 05:06:58
20 Chapters
It was the time of night. Darkness engulfed the world despite the presence of millions of twinkling diamonds in the empty sky. it seemed like the stars were trying to gain attention of those who lived beyond them. Indeed the night sky was beyond imagination.  In the mean time a single soul sat painfully in the dark room. the darkness was beyond comparison to what the nature had given outside. With a click, the bulb flickered before it could illuminate the small room. A girl huffed when the light finally flicked on as she walked slowly, painfully towards an old, small mattress.  A whine of pain left her mouth as she sat down. Her skin was pale with black, blues and red marks decorating her already fragile body. She reached out to a small photo frame and held it as her eyes reflected pain, sorrow and remorse.  Lone tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she tried to feel the people in the small frame. She let her emotions out at that moment befor
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Chapter 1
Zander's POV "Alpha we will be reaching the pack house in 20" my driver informed. I have been away from my pack for four years now after the night I have shifted into my wolf form. I thought I would find my mate on that day but alas I have to wait for her. She must be a alpha' s daughter or a beta' s if not than a pack warrior she will be a great Luna and be my better half. During my time spent in Alpha camp, I have realised many wrong doings of my past actions needless to say I am ashamed of my existences for all the mistakes my father and I had made. A pack looks up to their leaders who they see as protectors yet what I did was wrong. Our judgements were wrong and our way of treating the low rank wolf were absolute hideous. 
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Chapter 2
"I'm not accepting your rejection and I'm definitely not rejecting you understand Avy Grace" he said in a serious tone. Wait what?? So what is he going to do. Is he going to torment me further my accepting me as his mate. He can also do-  "I accept you as my mate" he simply stated as he gave me a sincere smile. A part of me said it was real but another said it might be well practiced to make me fall in the trap. He walked towards me as I stepped back trying to create some distance when my back hit the wall as I panicked. Zander smiled as he calmly and gently wrapped his arms around me making me feel his rock hard muscles all over my body. I will not deny that I enjoyed our close proximity it somehow calmed and soothed my pain.  "I Zander Black, future Alpha of Crescent moon pack accept Avy Grace as my mate and Luna" he whispered gently in my ear as his hot breath fanned over my skin making me blush crazily. His lips gently brushed the side o
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Chapter 3
Avy's POV Beep Beep Beep Beep BeepI woke up to an annoying beeping sound. My eyes opened slowly on its accordance but, I ended up shutting them right away because of the light. "She is waking up" I heard a woman's voice in a distance "doctor, nurse she is up" some else shouted whom I assume is a male. My ears picked up the sound of the door being opened as the male shouted authoritatively and urgently for a doctor. Strangely, I thought it would be Zander but the males voice was different not like him. Why am I bothered?  Soon after the sounds of footsteps was heard and I tried opening my eyes and adjusting to bright white lights. The walls were white and so was the floor then realisation hit me like a bus that I was in th
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Chapter 4
Soft, gentle breeze brushed through my skin as I watched smooth, soft and relaxing flow of the water. It made a little noise each time it hit the stones. The sound crated was amazing but it felt as if it was wailing each time. Maybe the was how I heard, maybe this passing second seemed like my heart as been captured in a waterfall of wolfsbane which burns each time it passes through skin. I had been waiting for Tucker by the stream. We made an agreement that I would stay here and wait till he returns as I did not want to risk meeting my mate. Wait what? Since when did I started with this my mate theory. Urrg! Stupid mate bond. For once I wish I wasn't a wolf instead a human so I could choose my mate and if he is not good then I can change just as Brittney told me. "Admit it. Don't push mate away. Mate needs us" Izzy hummed at the back of my head. "Look who fi
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Chapter 5
Avy's POV "Ok so let me get this straight that person down there is your mate who for some reason bullied you and is now asking for a chance which you gave and kinda kissed as well" Brittany yelled  thankfully not so loud. I only shrugged in reply. Only Tucker amd Aunt Maria knew about it and now Brittany knows it too. She is my bestie and I feel guilty for not telling earlier. Actually I was not even sure but anyways I will give him a chance. A chance and he will regrett it. A smile found it's way up my lips. "Yo" Brittany said as if getting a hiff of my plan. "I'm joining you" she stated as a matter of fact. "There
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Chapter 6
"Macy is a bitch" Brittany said looking furious. Her face heated up. Apparently it seemed that the queen B was not only hitting on the alpha but the beta as well causing Brittany to claw her. "Well she will pay for it" trying to calm her down was like telling a child why sky is blue. I swear if anyone wants to learn how to be patient they would have to meet Brittany. She was still fuming when a familiar bunch of boys approached us. "Look whose back" what do they need now? "What do you want Tyler?" I spat. Brittany who was in her world of chaos, instantly stood in defence mode behind me ready to pounce. Tyler looked panicked as well as Mason and Steven. I don't blame them. They chose the worst time. "Look we only want to apologise, okay" his said with sincerity despite his heart beatimg furiously with no ounce of weak expression in his face. Taylor was one of the wolf who can mask up his emotion. I stared at him like he grew another hea
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Chapter 7
Zander's POV "Yes dad....have fun" with that I ended the call. My dad is still worried about the pack after handing me the tittle and going for a holiday. He is such a loyal alpha. As I was deep in my work a knock sounded on my doors and I smiled already knowing who it is. "Come in" I said as I laid back on my chair. The door opened to reveal my beautiful mate as she entered she took in the view of my office which she once cleaned. I inwardly cringe at the thought and once again promised myself to never hurt her or let anyone hurt my mate. She smiled towards me. I left my chair to go to her and engulfed her in my arms, taking in her heavenly scent. "I missed you" she chuckled "you just saw me a few hours ago." Then she broke off and gave me a serious look. "We need to talk" I tensed did someone did something to her again.  Before I could speak a word she beat me to it. "I have a proposal" she announced taking a seat and w
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Chapter 8
Avy's POV"Well it really does seem fishy, I mean why would that pathetic excuse of an alpha would do that" Brittany fumed. Walking back and forth in my room. I almost laughed but stopped myself before I have the 'mom talk' with her of not cracking up during serious matters."And to top it all up why punish a girl who just saw him" she halted looking at me for a reply."I was also thinking of the same thing and it only comes to one conclusion" I stated looking her in the eye "he was taking a extra precautionary measure making one thing clear that this rouge business isn't beneficial."We have been linking for a while since I don't feel safe speaking our minds out loud. Brittany looked lost in thoughts as she nodded in response. Before any of us
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Chapter 9
"Why is this thing not working and what is her damn password lipstick,boys,or what?" Brittany complained. She had been plugging the poor USB in and out of Eric's laptop. "I still can't believe that you are after that poor thing" she glared at return. "You also know that this really gives me a challenge and I will know what is in this god forsaken thing" her eyes lit a fire, before I could say anything there was a knock on the door. Who could it be knocking on the betas door."Come in" I yelled as Brittany hide the USB stick. The door opened to reveal a nervous Isabella. "Yes?" I said softly as I relaxed. She looked up, her hands behind her as her heart beat increased. "I j-just came up here to-to thank you" she whispered."Thank me" I questioned because I don't remember doing anything. Yet. "yes, because of you I don't get bullied anymore" Isabelle added. Seems like Zander really did accept my proposal so fast. "If there
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