The All Boys Private School

The All Boys Private School

By:  Morgan Giglio  Ongoing
Language: English
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DISCONTINUED INDEFINITELY ********************************** WARNING CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT ********************************** Ashlee is a trouble maker who has been expelled so many times that she drove her parents to the edge of insanity. They had run out of ideas on how to get her to straighten up so they decided to send her to an all boys private school where her roommate and all of her classmates are, you guessed it, boys! Once she gets used to the nonstop flirting and staring she makes friends with a number of the guys and quickly realizes that half of them have crushes on her. Will being put here be a punishment or a hidden blessing, only time and her unique experience will tell in the end. ********************************** "You're a girl." He stated coldly glaring at me "You're a boy." I countered raising one eyebrow ********************************** "Ugh stop staring." I stated before adding "Where can I take a shower?" "Um well the showers here are down the hall but they're not private at all." Matt stated "We could guard the door for you so no guys go in." Max added "Awwwww thanks guys, should I strip in front of the whole school now or when you let them in the showers while I'm naked?" I replied sarcastically "Awe Ashlee we wouldn't do that." Matt said "But I wouldn't mind a Private showing." Max added with a wink

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23 Chapters
1: New School
I have blonde hair and blue eyes which makes most people think I'm just some dumb blonde. I'm really fit from sports and I'm very independent and self reliant. My parents want me to end up "successful like them" but really is sitting behind a desk for countless hours to get a pay check worth it? I have always been a trouble maker in and outside of school which drove my parents to the edge of insanity, so here I am countless detentions, 15 fights, 10 suspensions, and expelled from 5 schools later. What I ask you did my parents decide to do? No they didn't ground me or take my phone like normal parents, they sent me to an all boys private school half way across the country. Wanna know the best part? I'm a fucking girl. They said they'd sue if the school if they wouldn't let me attend, so here I am standing in front of my new school with my back pack, two suitcases, my phone, and a credit card with a limit. To make matte
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2: New Friends
"Can I have some Cheetos and a bottle of water?" I asked calmlyHe turned around grabbing a bag of Cheetos and then opened the cooler getting a water before placing both on the counter."That will be five oh seven." he said smiling at me with his two rows of perfectly white teeth I took a minute examining his brown hair that was styled up, hazel eyes, his perfect jaw line and muscles, oh my god his muscles."Take a picture it'll last longer." he said smirking before adding "Are you gonna pay or not?" I pulled out six dollars handing them to him. He searched through the cash register for the change keeping the smirk on his face. He handed me my change looking at me with interest."What's a girl doing here anyway?" He asked as I put away the change"Attending school." I r
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3: Old Friends
Matt went over to his dressor pulling out boxers and shorts and then looked at me. "Um I'll go change in the bathroom." he said leaving the room with his clothes I pulled out gym shorts and a grey graphic tee (with 3 miles my favorite boy band on it) and changed into them. I put my dirty clothes into my pop up hamper and then sat down on my bed. I pulled out my phone playing a few games of Mabricks until Matt came back in the room after awhile and threw his clothes into his hamper. I put my phone away sitting on my bed criss cross and he did the same on his bed facing me so I turned so I was facing him and smirked at him."Wanna play a game?" he asked"Is it a drinking game?" I replied"I wish, but no it's this thing called truth or dare.
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4: Stop with the Stares
When I awoke the light streamed in through the window and I rubbed my eyes and stretched while yawning. I looked over and saw Matts bed was empty. I sat up and grabbed my phone checking my texts. I had one from Chase that said "hey wanna hang out today?" I texted him back "Depends." before standing up. I pulled out a pink sports bra, underwear and black running shorts with black nike socks and my blue nikes.I started changing as the door opened. I pulled my shirt back down before yelling "Im changing!" The door slammed closed and I ran over locking it before continuing to change. Once I was done I unlocked the door and opened it revealing Matt and Max standing there talking. "Are you still changing or some
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5: Never Ending Boys
The guys followed me out the door and we followed Matt to the locker room. "I'll go check if there's anyone in there." Matt said before disappearing into the locker room "Are you busy tonight?" Max asked lowlyI turned around and looked at Max giving me a somewhat uneasy look. "Why?" I replied "Tonight's the school bonfire, I was gonna ask if you'd like to go with me." He replied before adding "The public school in towns invited too so it's a big deal since its a boy and girl event." "Why didn't you ask one of the girls from the public school." I replied curiously "All clear."
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6: Exes at the Pizza Place
"So what should we do now?" Max asked landing on his stomach on my bed "Hey that's my bed!" I yelled "Feel free to join me." he replied looking up at me wiggling his eye brows Matt hit him in the head before sitting on his own bed."Im hungry." I said blandly "Food!" Max yelled jumping up looking at me "Lets go get food." "I have to type my lab." Matt said "If you want we could go and bring you back something." Max said smiling "I am not getting food alone with you." I stated&n
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7: Basketball Blues
After we'd all finished our pizza we sat around the room, me on my phone, Max tossing a basketball in the air, and Matt doing his work. I looked over watching Max toss the ball up catching it when it came back down before launching it back in the air in a rhythmic motion almost like breathing."Screw this, let's go do something." Matt stated suddenly spinning around in the chair to face us "Thank you Matthew." Max stated sitting up showing us his ball "Lets go play."Max had a cute toothy grin that made me smile along with him."Know how to play Ash?" Matt asked smirking at me "Yes of course I do." I replied catching the ball when Max chest passed it to meI held it up with one hand smirking "The question is do you?" "Mor
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8: Too Close
I crawled away from him on my hands and knees trying to find something I could use to defend myself. I looked to my right, nothing. Suddenly I was lifted from the floor by the collar of my shirt. I closed my eyes looking away from him in terror. "Nice to see you again princess." Kane said in a soft husky voice kissing my neck once making me cringe Then I had an idea that made me smile slightly getting his full attention. "Finally you'll show you enjoy it?" He asked with a sly smirk I kissed down his neck and I heard him let out a soft sigh. Once I knew he was fully distracted I brought my knee up between his legs hard. He yelled out in pain dropping to the floor. I jumped over him running out of the room and straight out of
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9: The Past
I dribbled the ball on my lap watching its rise and fall before holding it closing my eyes.1 year ago I wrap my arms around his waist brings our chests together so I can feel his heart beat against mine closing my eyes. He's so warm and comfy. I felt his hand slide down my stomach and I bit my lip. He slid his hand along the waist band of my shorts making me want to scream. "Stephan please stop." I said looking into his hazel eyes that appeared dark and distant. He slid his fingers under the waist band of my shorts and I jumped off the couch falling to the floor. I stood up taking a few steps away from the couch. "C'mon Ashlee seriously." he yelled standing up 
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10: Fashion Tips
"So what did you guys do to Kane?" I asked for the fifth time only to receive silence "Guys cmon please tell me."Max and Matt quickly looked at each other before sighing in frustration."Ashlee we promise he won't bother you anymore, can we please leave it at that?" Matt said pleading with his eyes "Once you tell me what you did to him we can." I stated glaring at him"We beat him up a bit, told him to stay away from you and then told him to get lost." Max stated looking at me over his eyelashes "What if he tells on you?" I asked feeling my chest tighten at the thought"Then we'll rat on him attacking you, twice." Matt said his lips forming a tight line "And I'm sure he doesn't want us to tell his dad, aka the head maste
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