The Alpha King Call Boy

The Alpha King Call Boy

By:  Jane Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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Fiona, a perfect Luna, is left heartbroken when she discovers her fiancé has cheated on her. In an impulsive act of revenge, she orders a call boy for a night of wild passion. As the sun rises the next morning, she leaves cash behind and slips away, believing she's had her sweet revenge.Little does Fiona know, her life is about to take a jaw-dropping turn when she finds herself pregnant after the passionate night with the call boy. Amid the turmoil and crisis of her unplanned pregnancy, she accidentally crosses paths with the man from that fateful night. However, the man who stands before her isn't just any call boy, but the future Alpha King—her fiancé's boss.Her heart races as she gazes at the powerful figure towering before her. The Alpha King smirks, cornering her with an air of dominance and desire. Raising an eyebrow, he taunts Fiona with a question that sends shivers down her spine: "A call boy, huh?"

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April M Bear
love this book, wish the chapters were longer tho
2024-02-06 15:51:52
user avatar
is this a standalone book or part of a series? if part of a series, what are the other books and the reading order please?
2024-01-05 17:41:54
default avatar
Absolutely love “the alpha king call boy” totally recommend
2023-10-03 21:34:06
user avatar
Love this novel so much
2023-09-09 23:23:46
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Dirt Monkey Excavation LLC
Such a good read will keep tou coming back for more hope to get more chapters soon!! Completely worth the binge read
2023-09-05 12:08:06
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Black Pearl
woah...... I love it. Good job.
2023-08-23 15:32:58
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Ellen Marrero-Zadory
Interesting twists with some unexpected turns.
2023-06-12 12:07:07
default avatar
I’m enjoying the story but the chapters are short and very little progress between each…
2023-05-31 17:52:23
default avatar
55 chapters as if 5/18/23
2023-05-19 00:47:39
user avatar
Derena Marie
I actually really enjoy this book and have started a few others by this author. Many are ongoing, so slow updates but definitely a unique twist
2023-05-02 08:22:27
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Delinda Schumacher
46 chapters 5-1-23
2023-05-01 21:41:19
user avatar
How long before the next update.
2023-03-30 12:44:01
user avatar
Bianca Maasdorp
liking the story so far
2023-03-28 19:11:16
default avatar
Why hasn’t been updated yet? I’ve been waiting for a few days now.
2023-03-28 05:42:30
user avatar
Christina Dyer
So far, this story is very good. I'm looking forward to reading more.
2023-03-26 12:11:01
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454 Chapters
Chapter 0001
FionaI hurried down the corridor toward Baron’s hotel room, dragging my wedding dress's heavy layers. Irritation rolls off my skin like a thick fog. Who disappeared before their wedding rehearsal? Especially with all the guests the wedding had attracted. It wasn’t every day the daughter of the Alpha from the Red Moon pack married the son of the Alpha from the Blue Moon pack.I reached Baron’s hotel room, and a female voice rose to my sensitive ears."Oh honey, you're awesome. I'm going to be pregnant with your cubs!"I blinked hard with confusion. Was I at the wrong room? I tugged my dress up and pulled my phone out from the silk garter on my thigh, and checked the email with all the hotel rooms and who they were assigned to. I looked at the gold plate with thick black numbers reading 505 on the door. It was Baron’s room. I put my phone back and pushed the handle down, and to my surprise, the door opened without a key card. I peered in, and there on the sofa was my fiancé exercising h
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Chapter 0002
Fiona The door clicked closed behind me. The rigid plate of muscle under my fingertips flexed, and my wrists were firmly clamped by large hands and pulled away from the beautiful body I wanted to lick. A deep rich voice caused my blood to hum with delight. “Hold on there. Who are you?” The Call Boy held my arms out wide, and his warm honey gaze slowly and seductively glided downward, lingering at my breast and then hips. A whistle sounded smoothly into the air, and I shivered. “You’re something to look at, aren’t you. But I think you are in the wrong room.” I twisted against his hold instinctively, sidestepped him, and shoved him back over my leg. Surprised, he stumbled to the floor and peered up at me. A handsome smile broke across the sharp plains of his face making him look young and playful. I gasped and covered my mouth. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” The words came out in a slur hiccup, and I blinked. Wow. I’m drunk. I giggled to myself and then snorted. I shook my
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Chapter 0003
Fiona Having changed into smart-looking black slacks and a pale blue blouse, I sat down to read all my texts. Many spoke of the shame I brought the Red Moon pack. Anger twisted in my chest. I hadn’t called off the wedding Baron had. I had been ready and willing to fulfill the wedding contract my fa
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Chapter 0004
Fiona I spent my days leading to the eve of my wedding clearing up grievances among the pack or in combat training with Nina. Desperate to work off my frustration about being forced to marry a man that didn’t respect my Luna status. I shot in low at Nina’s hips, lifting her off the ground and onto
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Chapter 0005
Fiona My breath caught when the door opened. There was a round little man in a hotel staff uniform. “How can I help you?” I couldn’t speak. Nina pushed me aside. “I’m looking for my friend. He was staying in this room about two weeks ago?” “This is a residential suite. We don’t rent it out. You
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Chapter 0006
Fiona I stared into Alpha Alexander’s honey-gold eyes in disbelief. He was the man I slept with, but I would have never guessed he was the son of the Alpha King. After all, few people had ever seen Alpha Alexander's true face. He had been fighting vampires on the front line for six years, and the
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Chapter 0007
“I have not forgotten how you helped turn my father against me when I was young. You’re lucky I don’t kill you on the spot.” I had yet to learn what Alpha Alexander spoke of to my father. All the color drained from his face, and he didn’t make a sound. Alexander reached out a hand and took mine. I
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Chapter 0008
Fiona The black car pulled up to the curb of the best nursing home in all of King Pack. There were several gardens, hot springs, a gym, and on-staff doctors. I smiled, thinking about how my grandfather would love seeing me in my wedding dress. Even though I wasn’t married. I had wanted him to be a
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Chapter 0009
Grandfather patted my hand, pleased to hear that. “I’m glad. You are too smart, beautiful, and strong to be with a mean-spirited man. You deserve a husband that will treat you as an equal. All great Alpha and Luna matches have been built on respect and love.” Alexander raised an eyebrow, looking at
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Chapter 0010
Third-person "No." Alexander denied the accusation by Kayden that he could be fond of Fiona. There had been a moment when he had dreamt of her in that blue dress stretched out like a cat waiting for him in his bed. That perhaps he would pursue her as a mate. However, when he learned of her fathe
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