The Alpha's Mate (Book 1: Finding His Luna)

The Alpha's Mate (Book 1: Finding His Luna)

By:  Nikora Clegg  Completed
Language: English
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Kristof is the Alpha of White Claw Pack and heir to the Kingdom of the Grey Moon. He finds his true mate one night in a werewolf owned nightclub, a human named Aláine. She is everything he would want in a mate and future Luna, but he has to take the relationship slowly, so he doesn't scare her away. Aláine will have to deal with becoming a werewolf and abduction by an evil and crazed werewolf before finally taking her place as Luna. She will need to look within herself and find that inner strength to overcome all of this and more. Background: In this world, werewolf law states that only humans who are fated mates may be turned into werewolves and only with consent. There are three Kingdoms in the world and are ruled by those who are direct descendants of King Leto. Only these direct descendants have white fur tinged with a golden colour. There are some pure wolf-born packs who refuse to mate with humans for they feel it will dilute the pureness of that line. If they find that their fated mate is a human, they will either reject or kill that human, and choose another mate. Werewolves have three aspects: They appear human, but still have wolf-like powers. They are usually taller and stronger than most humans. They have a Lycan aspect and a wolf aspect. Both of these aspects are large creatures.

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Angi Splawn
This is NOT FINISHED and just ends without completing the storyline. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT after spending $$!!!!
2023-11-12 13:38:20
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Elizabeth Jenks
it's not finished. I read it all, loved it all and it's not finished
2022-11-03 05:10:42
user avatar
This book is well written. It flows and the main character is relatable. There are some interesting character jumps. All in all a good read.
2022-09-03 09:12:02
108 Chapters
Prophecy In the beginning, there was nothing, just chaos. From chaos came the primordial beings. The first primordial being to spring forth from the void of chaos was Gaea, the Earth Mother. Through a virgin birth, her son and eventual husband was born. He was Ouranos, the Sky Father, and their love was such that it would last until the last universe exploded into nothing. Together, they sired the Titans, the Hekatonkheires known as the Hundred-Handed Ones and the Elder Cyclops. Two of the Titans were Hyperion and Theia, who gave birth to Selene, the Moon Goddess and a favourite grandchild of Gaia. Selene created the werewolves who worshipped her and loved her. She gave them three aspects: a human phase to hide in society, a wolf phase so they could hide in nature, and finally, a Lycan phase that was half-man and half-beast, that would be imbued with power and strength. Werewolves were also blessed with long lives and youth that spanned many centuries. Selene blessed each werewolf
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Ch. 1 - Getting Ready Pt. 1
Aláine's Point of View "Come on, Aláine," Zara fumed, "the Uber is here already." "I can't wear this!" I gasped, "It is too revealing." "Oh yes, you can," beamed Zara. "You look terrific. Let's celebrate the end of exams." While dancing around the room, she started singing, "Another year bites the dust. And another year down, another year down. Another year bites the dust! Hey!" Laughing, I picked up my purse, patted my dog Axel, and took one last look in the mirror. I couldn't help frowning as I took note of my cleavage and upper thighs showing. I felt like my dress was nothing more than a jacket. Actually, it was Zara's dress that looked like a jacket; too high, showing far too much leg and too low in the neckline showing far too much of my chest. My long strawberry blonde hair was in a plaited ponytail. I purposely placed it over my cleavage, hoping that it would hide some of it. Zara was my best friend and flatmate. She was so beautiful, tall with long legs and a classic Af
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Ch. 2 - Getting Ready Pt. 2
Zara's Point of View We were sitting in the Uber now heading off to the nightclub. It had been ages since Aláine and I had gone out together. She didn't often come out with me because she was such a study nerd, but I had finally managed to persuade her tonight. I shouldn't really have called her a study nerd. She spoke seven languages, after all. I just had a fine arts degree and had no idea if it would be useful for anything worthwhile. At least the study part of our lives was over, and this was a chance for us to let loose. Aláine looked great in one of my dresses, and I hoped she would let her hair down for a change. Maybe even pick up a hunky male. I was also taking Aláine to this particular nightclub for the first time. I was hoping that I would get a chance to see Noah. If I introduced him to Aláine, I could see what she thought of him. He was amazingly good-looking, but my brain turned to candy floss every time I looked at him. Conversation was not something we spent a lot
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Ch. 3 - The Nightclub Pt. 1
Aláine's Point of View We arrived at the club and there was already quite a queue waiting outside. Lots of young girls in skirts even shorter than mine. I could hear the music from inside. It was typical dance music, and I had to admit that I liked dancing. Zara waved out to the bouncer at the door when we got there, and we were let in—no having to wait in line with her. "Is there anyone you don't know?" I asked. Zara just laughed and continued to lead me into the nightclub. As we got into the central part of the club, I looked around and immediately, an incredibly handsome man drew my eyes. He looked slightly older than me and tall with dark curly hair. I couldn't help but stare. My heart was beating so fast just from looking at him. I was surprised by my reaction, as I was usually too busy studying or working to worry about men. He turned around as if he knew I was looking at him and we both stared at each other. The music seemed to be turned down, and it felt like it had been
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Ch. 4 - The Nightclub Pt. 2
Kristof's Point of View I noticed her the moment she entered the club. The subtle scent of blossoms was remarkably different from the rest of the room. The fragrance was driving me wild and overpowered all other smells in the room. She was stunningly beautiful in an elegant way but seemed out of place here. I caught her staring at me. I wondered if she felt as drawn to me as I was to her. I smiled seductively at her, and she blushed and looked away. It seemed so innocent. I could certainly hope. "My mate!" I growled softly to Noah, "and human." Noah looked in the same direction as I was looking. "Surely not the dark-skinned one in the red dress?" he said. "I hope not because we have hooked up a couple of times." That could be awkward since I was his Alpha, but I assured him I meant the strawberry blonde in the black dress next to her. "Not her." "Her friend?" Noah confirmed. "Well, that is fortuitous." I started to go up to claim my mate, even though I knew she was human. I wa
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Ch. 5 - The Nightclub Pt. 3
Noah's Point of View When Kristof and I arrived at the nightclub, we immediately found Lucas, the unmated Alpha of the Midnight Pack. His pack were situated in the city and ran the nightclub, among other businesses. I had heard that he was pretty hands-on with the nightclub. "Welcome, Alpha Kristof, Beta Noah," said Lucas bowing. "Are you here for personal, pack or kingdom business?" "Personal, Alpha Lucas," Kristof replied. "I was directed to your city to find my mate." "May you find our next Queen soon and easily," he replied. "Enjoy your time in my club." With that, he went off to attend to business. As usual, we were surrounded by many unmated female wolves hoping to attract an Alpha or Beta. There were even some human females staring at us with desire. Neither Kristof nor myself were interested unless they were destined to be our true mates. I had already found mine, but she was human, and I wasn't entirely sure whether it would be an issue or not. It was one thing for m
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Ch. 6 - Disclosure Pt. 1
Aláine's Point of View Fuck! Right this moment, my world was on shaky ground. It was all too much and I wanted to get out of the nightclub, and not necessarily with anyone else. I was determined not to be weak. I was not a crier. Not now or ever, and I would stick to that come hell or high water. "Damn! I am losing it," I sternly told myself. "Come on, damn it! Focus and get control!" Apart from being upset by Tyra's comments and confused by this man, I didn't like the feeling of not being in control. I also didn't like the oversexed, gorgeous hunk of a male who smelt like grass after the rain, whose light touch on my waist was sending a frisson down my body. Oh, who was I kidding? I needed to amend that thought. I just hated the feeling of not being in control. That oversexed, gorgeous hunk of a male who smelt like grass after the rain is exactly what I liked and really, really wanted. "I'm not going anywhere with you until you explain yourself," I threatened, trying to sound br
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Ch. 7 - Disclosure Pt. 2
Aláine's Point of View I wished he wasn't so close to me; it was truly hard to focus. When he brought his face close to mine, I could feel his breath lightly on my face. I must have been blushing by now. I certainly felt like my face was as red as a beetroot. Shaking my head, I said, "That's no indication. Every woman in the club is probably attracted to you. You are a walking candy store of attraction." It was Kristof's turn to chuckle now, which was unnerving because he was so damn sexy. I ought to make a mental note that he certainly was a walking candy store, and I had a sugar craving. Again, I tried to shake my head to try and dispel the effect he was having on me. It wasn't working very well. Taking a deep breath and with a slightly audible quiver in my voice, I said to Kristof, "I am not going with you tonight. I have a life. Well... I have a part-time job and a pet, and that's my life. If you want me, take me on a date. We need to get to know each other first." Kristof
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Ch. 8 - Disclosure Pt. 3
Cassandra's Point of View Tyra and I went clubbing as usual. This was our little nightclub where we met for the first time. We were sitting at a table close to the dance floor, hanging out with some friends. The nightclub had the added bonus of being owned by the Midnight Werewolf Pack. Not the same as my brother's pack, but one of the packs swearing allegiance to the Kingdom of the Grey Moon. "Speak of the Devil," I said under my breath. I could just make out my brother Noah and Alpha Kristof. I was proud that Noah was Alpha Kristof's Beta. They had just finished talking to Alpha Lucas, who owned the club and ran the city-based pack. "What was that?" responded Tyra. "I was just thinking of Noah, and who should I see?" I answered. Tyra smiled at me. "Oh shit! What is she doing here?" she exclaimed. "What's up, my love?" I asked. "I've just seen my cousin Aláine," answered Tyra. "She's here with Zara." "Is that the Zara who has been hooking up with Noah?" I asked, smiling.
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Ch. 9 - The Next Morning
Aláine's Point of View It was morning time all too soon, as I slowly opened my eyes and stretched. I was drained, bordering on exhausted, when I sat in the kitchen holding my first cup of coffee for the day. Every last detail I could remember from last night has been running through my mind, not to mention some highly erotic moments involving Kristof. They hadn't actually happened, but I wished they had. Damn, he was sexy, and there was no doubt that I was attracted to him. Who wouldn't be? So what did happen last night? Everything seemed surreal. This incredibly sexy, attractive specimen of manhood had walked into my life and said we were destined to be mated forever. To top it off, this was all determined by some obscure Moon Goddess. I was not a religious person whatsoever. Typically, my warning bells would be going off majorly, but for some strange reason, they weren't. Still sitting at the kitchen table, now nursing a lukewarm cup of coffee, I found my mind focusing back on
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