Book 2 Chapter 34

Caleb’s Point of View

I had hoped that Daphne and I could spend a few minuets alone, just holding each other, but as soon as I walked in the door, she said that she needed to talk. From the look of her furrowed brow, I could tell that she felt that it was important, but I still inwardly sigh because I was hoping after the meeting that I would get a small break. Unfortunately, it seems like I will have no such luck today. I do however pull her into my chest, I just need a moment of feeling her next to me even if the relief is temporary.

“Alright my little one what is going on?” I finally ask her. She then proceeds to tell me about the visit that she had with Anita, and Carolyn and the cryptic message left by her nasty mother. “So, the only reason why she came was because Scarlett is supposedly in danger?” The message seems vague at best, and a quick analysis of the situation leads me to believe that it is baloney.


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Nikki Babbs
I wonder who is the snake in the pack….
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Michelle Whitaker
true so true
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Nobody asked for a ducking lesson in philosophy Caleb. Damn, just take it at face value and watch your back. You don’t always have to mansplain your wife’s feelings and what she tells you. Take the info with a grain of salt and look at the situation from all angles.

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