I quickly retreated from the window and hurried to my sweater. It was lying beside my bed on the desk. I quickly grabbed it and wore it over my head.

Opening my door, I ran out. I hurried down the stairs and headed to the main door. Before I opened the door, I grabbed umbrella.

The water droplets fell on my face I went out. I quickly tried to open it but it wasn't. Cursing, I threw it away and ran to him.

He stood there rooted to his place, as the water drenched him. I wonder how long he's been standing like that. The water dripped down his face, his clothes stuck to his body. He got rid of his bandages.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled on top of my voice as I approached him. I pushed him with my hands but he doesn't budge.

"Are you insane? It's freezing out here!" I said, the water drenching me.

He doesn't speak anything, infuriating me even more. I shake my head as the pouring becomes heavy. I catch hold of his wrist and pull him.

"Get inside." I
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