After a few days.

I was back to my home after school. I had managed to submit my projects and assignments and took the quizzes and tests that I'd missed.

My grades have fallen back to normal. I was doing well in chemistry and my teacher was pretty pleased.

All these days, I tried to forget everything that happened to me in the past few weeks. I succeeded in my attempts.

I was good at getting over this pretty easily because I knew there wasn't any possibility of hope. Hope is merely a word that makes people trust in false beliefs. It's a barrier that stops you from moving on.

All these days, I haven't caught sight of Sean. He didn't turn up to school. And he didn't call.

Brett occasionally talks to me about Sean's progress in health. He was doing well. And Sean heard a different story from his family.

They told them I didn't want to see his face anymore since I still hate him.

I wasn't shocked at that one. He has to move on too. And maybe, his family might have gotten nothing el
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