The Bad Boy Hates Me

The Bad Boy Hates Me

By:  Tyna Angel  Completed
Language: English
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What do you do when the person you've always loved is the same person who keeps hurting you the most? That's something Allison McConnell would like to know. Allison has had feelings for Derris Fox for as long as she could remember. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only one. As a musician and actor known worldwide, Derris was the dream of every girl and popular as he was, he was way out of her league. Allison thought she was doomed to be just one of his many fangirls until fate caused them to cross paths. Unfortunately, what would have been a dream come true for her turned out to be a nightmare after circumstances led to Derris developing an intense dislike for her causing him to treat her badly. Still struggling with issues at home along with her complicated relationship with Derris, Allison also has to handle being the object of affection of the equally handsome Max Crest, Derris' best friend which inadvertently puts tension between the two friends. As tensions heightens and Allison battles her feelings and enemies alike, will she make the right choice or will a sinister plot by a clingy ex ruin her chances at ‘happily ever after’?

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user avatar
Keep up the good work~
2021-11-27 13:43:43
user avatar
hi author, what is your update schedule? looking forward to the next chapter.
2021-11-01 07:19:14
user avatar
Kanishka Dabas
it is really good. tbh it is the best story I have read
2021-09-21 02:42:24
user avatar
Taahirah Seedat
love it. well written. can't seen to put it down
2021-07-20 18:17:37
user avatar
Ending felt a little rushed but wasn't a bad story. I enjoyed some of the characters developement unfortunately cause the updates took a while sometimes you fell out of the rhythm of the story but reading it all at once you get a cute storyline that kinda folds into a series. Hope there is a second
2022-01-04 06:18:24
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Donesha Cobb
Horrible ending ...
2023-04-08 13:07:25
default avatar
Such a great ‘writer’ they started a book right before exams!!! Fantastic to be left hanging having already invested…NOT Why do this & let people down?? Definite thumbs down ...
2021-09-21 04:28:55
90 Chapters
"Allison! Allison!! Allison!!!" Nellie called, snapping me out of my reverie. "Huh? Sorry, what were you saying? I kinda got distracted," I answered, glancing at her. Rolling her eyes, she said "No kidding. Do you know how many times I called you? What were you even-" she paused as she turned to look behind her and shook her head. "Now I get it! Pretty Boy just walked in," she teased. "Nellie! I've told you to quit calling him that," I reprimanded with mock horror. "Well he is pretty and you of all people know it," she answered laughing while I simply shook my head at her good-naturedly. My eyes darted to the figure who stood only a few metres away from Nellie and I, surrounded by a flock of girls as usual. Watching as one of the girls seductively placed her hand on his arm, I could feel a twinge in my chest. Derris Fox or Pretty Boy as Nellie called him was the golden boy here at Ridgeway Academy. Born with a silver spoon in h
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Chapter 1 - Prince Not-So Charming
To say that I was shocked would be the understatement of the century. I was downright dumbstruck. It was as though time stopped as I stood there, staring into the most beautiful pair of gray eyes I'd ever seen. "Derris saved me! Derris frigging Fox just saved me!" was the only thing I could think. My waist which he'd held was still buzzing as my eyes alternated between his amazing gray eyes and beautiful pink lips. It seemed as though everything else faded into the background and it was only Derris and I that existed. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world! "You know, you really should be careful. You could have gotten hurt," Derris said all of a sudden, breaking the spell. "W-What?" I stuttered, snapping out of my daydream. "I said you should be more careful. Your shoes are untied so you tripped on it. Lemme help you with it," he said, stooping to help me knot my loose shoelaces. As he did, his hand brushed against my
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Chapter 2 - Once Upon A Time...
"Allison, I am so so sorry. I never should have pushed you to do something you obviously didn't want to. I'm so sorry," Nellie said, comforting me as I cried ceaselessly in the bathroom. I tried to stop crying but remembering the fact that Derris called me a bitch brought tears to my eyes again and I found the tears coming even more. It didn't even bother me that much that he poured my yoghurt on me. What hurt me the most was his behavior. The way he looked at me and spoke to me. Like I was a piece of garbage. It was so different from how he looked at me last week and that hurt me to the core. All because I ruined his shirt... "Allison, I'm sorry. Derris is such a douchebag," Nellie said obviously still trying to comfort me but as silly as I was, I was quick to jump to his defense. "It wasn't his fault, Nellie. It was mine. I spilled the yoghurt on his shirt so he had every right to be mad," I murmured. "Allison! You're not ser
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Chapter 3 - Celebrity in the Garden
The next day started out like any other day. I woke up early, got ready for school, made breakfast for my dad who didn't apologise for what happened yesternight (then again, no surprise there), I met up with Nellie and we walked to school together. Everything was going great but all that went awry once we got to school. As I walked down the hallway with Nellie by my side, I could feel everyone's eyes on me. The reason behind that was quite obvious. It'd only been a day since the incident with Derris so as expected, everyone was pointing at me and murmuring. Not used to that kind of attention, I drew closer to Nellie who, understanding my predicament, patted my hand reassuringly. I let out a sigh of relief as we went into the homeroom which was mostly empty, except for a few people reading.  We walked to our seats which happened to be beside each other and sat. "So Allie, how are you doing?" Nellie asked while we waited. "I don't know what
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Chapter 4 - Jinxed
After getting over my excitement about meeting a celebrity who didn't hate my guts, I snuck into the girls locker room and after taking a super long shower and managing to get as much glitter, cheese and chocolate off me as possible, I changed into my gym clothes and met up with Nellie at her locker. "Oh my gosh, Allison, I was so worried about you. I heard what happened in class. I'm so sorry," she pulled me into a tight hug. "It's okay, Nel. I'm fine," I shrugged when she pulled away. "No it's not. Derris is such a prick. Can you believe he uploaded the video online?" "Really? He did?" I pouted, feeling a part of my heart shatter into pieces. Nellie nodded and brought out her phone. She tapped a few things and soon I found myself looking at a video of chocolate, cheese and glitter being poured on me. Worse enough, the video was trending. Sighing sadly, I handed Nellie's phone back to her and whimpered. "Why is this happening, Nellie? I didn't mean t
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Chapter 5 - Partners
The bell rang signalling the end of class. Everyone poured out of the classroom, murmuring to themselves. I however, sat still on my seat wondering what I'd done to deserve this. I looked up at Derris who was still seated with Caleb and Jeremy. Nellie was already making her way towards Caleb, obviously to talk about the project but I couldn't bring myself to do it, for fear of being embarrassed again. What if he hit me? No, he couldn't do that... right? He did seem pretty pissed that we were partners so who knows? What if I tripped again and...? "Hey," a deep voice resonated beside me. I was so startled that I jumped off my seat in fright. Looking up, I felt myself flush when I realized it'd just been Max.  "Oh! It's just you," I mumbled, rising from the floor. "Yeah," he said, moving a nearby seat and placing it in front of my desk. "Sorry if I scared you." "Oh, don't apologise. I was kinda zoned out so it's not your fault." "Hmm
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Chapter 6 - His Personal Maid
I could feel my heart pounding against my chest, my eyes widened in fear. It was quite obvious that I was cursed. Why else would so many bad things be happening to me in a day? And judging by the look on Derris' face, my fate was obviously sealed. I chanced a glance at him and immediately looked away for fear of what I saw. The seconds seemed to drag by as I awaited my fate in Derris' hands. And just like that, he was standing in front of me, an unreadable expression on his face.  On impulse, I sank to my knees and clasped my hands in front of him.  "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll pay for it, I swear," I begged, my voice quivering as I spoke. "And just how do you plan to do that? That's a frigging two thousand dollar vase and last I heard, you were attending Ridgeway on scholarship so how exactly do you plan to get two thousand dollars?"  His words were curt and sharp. I bowed my head and admitted, "I don't know." I waited f
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Chapter 7 - Punishing Red
"Oh Allison!" came the all-too familiar call, a couple of metres away from me. Holding back a frustrated groan, I slid off the stool I was seated on and sluggishly walked over to the poolside where Derris and Elaine, the girl who'd sat with Derris in Chemistry were relaxing on lounge chairs.  "You called, Miss?" I said through gritted teeth.  "Yeah. I would like a refill of my drink," she held up an empty cup which I was sure I just filled a minute ago.  "Why?" I asked in an overly sweet voice. This was getting ridiculous as were her requests.  "What do you mean 'why'? I want a refill of my drink and last I checked, you were here to help, weren't you?" "Yes, to help him. Not you!" I retorted, losing the politeness. "Besides, I just filled that for you. Do you have a tank in your stomach or something?" She gasped and turned to Derris. "Derris! Your maid's being mean!" Derris who hadn't been paying attention t
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Chapter 8 - Meeting the Ex
I was not ready to see Derris again the next day after what transpired the day before but it wasn't really up to me. It was up to him which meant that I was already at his parking spot, thirty minutes before his arrival because that was what he wanted.  A part of me desperately wanted to hate Derris for what he did, like really hate him but it was literally impossible for me. I'd been in love with him since I was a little girl and a part of me still hoped that things would change and he would love me for me. I know it sounded stupid but what could I do? By the time Derris arrived in his flashy Ferrari, I was downright exhausted but I tried not to let it show as I greeted Derris a good morning and took his backpack from him.  "Why's your voice so hoar... Oh!" he nodded on remembering. A part of me hoped to get an apology or something but it was not to be. "Serves you right, anyway," he shrugged, shouldering past me and heading into the school
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Chapter 9 - Some Light Teasing
Was it possible to love a jerk? Someone who was so mean and inconsiderate you sometimes found it hard to believe you actually loved them? If you ask me, I'd say yes. I should know too. I'm in love with the biggest jerk I know. Worse still, he doesn't love me back. After my meeting with Aria and my conversation with Nellie afterwards, I had no idea what to do concerning Derris. A part of me wanted to agree with Nellie and get rid of my feelings for him but another much larger part of me could only think of Derris defending me against Aria Charles, his own ex and a celebrity like him. And when I thought of that single act, I felt it more than made up for his earlier treatment of me.  Anyway, by the next day, I was excitedly waiting for Derris at his parking spot, eager to see him again. When he hadn't arrived by the time he usually did, I became worried and thought of calling him. There had been no reported accidents so where was he?  I had just made
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