The Billionaire's Forbidden Obsession: Taming My Son's Ex

The Billionaire's Forbidden Obsession: Taming My Son's Ex

By:  Eliza Selmer  Updated just now
Language: English
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"Did you enjoy the show?" He murmurs close to my ear. "Did watching me make another woman scream my name turn you on so much that you can't stand it?" "N-no," I rasp, feeling my core throb with desire. "I didn't, why would I?" "Just say the word and that can be you. Give into your desires, little minx, and I'll show you what a real man can do." When Avery Jennings finds her best friend and boyfriend in bed together, she promises to get revenge. And what is a better revenge than seducing the father of her cheating boyfriend? After swearing that one day Connor would call her mommy, Avery begins her plan to seduce and conquer the much older, much more mature, and elusive Atlas Jennings. However, doing so turns out to be much more than she bargained for and introduces her to a whole new world she never knew existed. Soon, Avery finds herself in the world where Atlas is determined to tame her wild and impulsive ways. Atlas Jennings has always enjoyed taming women, making them his playthings, and then throwing them aside once they've served his purpose. However, when his son's ex approaches him and attempts to make him hers, he finds that he's weirdly attracted to her confident and seductive nature and decides that he will conquer her to get her out of his mind.

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Love the storyline so far!! This author is tragically underrated!
2023-09-24 04:14:59
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Roseanna Lamontagne
Excellent writing couldn’t put it down. Now I just have to be patient waiting for updates
2023-09-04 08:03:39
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Christine Owings
26 chapters 8/23/23
2023-08-24 01:44:29
86 Chapters
Prologue: A Broken Heart
[Avery’s POV]"One more," I announce, slamming my glass on the counter and fixing my gaze on the bartender, a pretty brunette with sparkling blue eyes and multiple piercings on her face. "Please," I add for good measure."Don’t you think you’ve had enough?" She sighs, leaning in front of me so I have the perfect view of her cleavage. "Why in the world are you here alone, trying to get obliterated anyway?"Why? That was because men were scum, as were people you thought actually cared about you. Even those you thought you could trust to never hurt you could, and when they did, fuck, it felt like a knife being twisted deep into your heart.Sighing, I let the painful memory begin to stir until it was almost like I was standing there again in front of that fucking mansion that was like a safe haven to me. Who knew I would suffer the biggest blow of my life there?I had returned from college a week early after cramming to take my exams so that I could surprise Connor, my boyfriend.The whol
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Show Me Your Sincerity
[Avery’s POV]I stare into Atlas’ hypnotizing blue eyes while feeling myself grow wet just from being so close to such a perfect specimen of a man.Standing at over six foot five with a strong build that is always on display in the tight suits that he likes to wear, he had the body that every woman died for. Add in his chiseled facial features, those eyes, and those lips that are surrounded by a well-kept goatee, and fuck.If I said I had never had a wet dream about this man, I’d be lying, but there was one issue back then: he’s Connor’s father.However, now that Connor had fucked me over, I was more than welcome to do whatever the hell I wanted to do, and that was exactly what I planned to do.I had a good six drinks in me, and all my nerves were gone, so I wasn’t afraid at all to be touching this man without his permission."Did that brat of mine do something?" Atlas asks, grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand away from his face."I don’t want to talk about him," I murmur, leaning i
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Twenty Years Too Early
[Atlas’ POV]I stare into Avery’s hazel eyes, waiting as she looks from my face to my dick and then back. From the hesitance I see there, I know that she was trying to act like she knew what she was doing, but in reality, she was still twenty years too young to truly know how to handle a man like me."Alright," she murmurs, undoing her own seatbelt.Remaining silent, I watch as she leans over and begins to fumble with the buttons of my pants. From the way her fingers shake, it’s clear that she is nervous, but she’s truly determined to try to prove herself. What in the world was this?Frowning, I find myself wondering exactly what happened between her and my idiot son. Did they have a fight, and she was trying to get back at him? Or did she suddenly decide that she didn’t want to be with such an immature twat? I didn’t know, and honestly, I didn’t give a damn either.Right now, I wanted to see how far this girl would go, and if it got to the point of no return, then I wasn’t to be held
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Obedient Little Slut
[Atlas' POV] "Turn around," I command, positioning myself at the end of the bed and wait until Francine does as I said. Once she is in place, she fixes her large brown eyes on me and waits for further instruction like the obedient little slut she was. "Be a good girl and open your mouth for me, baby." Slowly, she lets a smile spread across her face as her lips begin to part and then open until her mouth is shaped as an O that my dick will fit perfectly through. "That's a good girl," I growl, shoving it deep into her throat before beginning to move. "Fuck," I hiss as she glides her tongue around me, working it up and then down my shaft again and again. "That's it. You know exactly what I like." "Yes," she garbles around it. Smirking, I begin to pick up pace, moving my dick faster and faster and shoving it deeper and deeper into her throat until delicious gagging noises start to erupt around me. Soon, drool begins to drip out of the edges of her lips as she happily lets me do whate
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New Secretary
[Avery’s POV]I stare up at the large building in front of me with large black letters that read ‘Jennings International’ while taking a few calming breaths."You can do this, Avery," I murmur, taking a few calming breaths while I straighten my blouse and my skirt. "You didn’t spend all those years in college for nothing."After graduating from high school, I was determined to make a name for myself, especially given Connor’s background, and in order to do that, I got my bachelor’s in business, and now here I was to interview for a position in their management department.Initially, I had applied for this position because I knew that Connor would be starting here this year to begin learning how to take over his father’s position as CEO, and being the fucking idiot I was, I wanted to be beside him all the way, and even though we were officially over, I just couldn’t back out after being selected for the position of realty manager, now could I?No, I couldn't, and that was why, despite
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Where We Left Off
[Avery’s POV]"Already?" I ask before even thinking. "I haven’t even gotten to train. Shouldn't you take Mr. Martin?""Dean," Mr. Martin corrects. "You may call me Dean.""She may not," Atlas counters, shooting him a glare. "Mr. Martin is just fine.""Spoil-sport.""Train?" Atlas repeats, ignoring Mr. Martin's, or rather, Dean's, jab. "What is it that you need to learn?"Was he messing with me right now? There was plenty to learn when it came to being someone’s personal secretary, from their daily routine in the office to all their important contacts and meetings, all of that."You just do as I say, and that’s it," he shrugs. "Come along."I don’t have time to protest or even stop him before he is reaching out and grabbing my wrist, then pulling me along down the hall and back into the elevator. However, this time when we enter, he doesn’t release me despite the hoards of people that come and go.As we stand together, I can feel his hand right beside mine, and where our skin touches i
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A Dinner
[Avery's POV]I don't speak as I follow Atlas into the large resort that is the destination of the meeting that he has to attend.Inside is decorated fancifully with a large chandelier hanging from the roof that is painted to look like a perfectly blue sky, marble floors, and walls decorated with celebrity guests that have visited the resort in the past.He continues to move until we reach a small room with two men dressed in suits already sitting at a table."Atlas!" One of the men announces when he sees us. "Welcome!""Thank you for having me, Ken," Atlas responds, pulling out a chair and then motioning for me to sit. "I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me.""It was nothing," Ken responds. "Please have a seat."Nodding, Atlas sits down beside me and fixes his gaze on the two men across from us."Shall we get down to business, gentlemen?" He asks, turning completely professional. "I'm sure you are aware of the reason that I wanted to meet with you.""
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A Steamy Elevator Ride
[Avery's POV]"So where exactly are you taking me?" I ask, turning my gaze from the window beside me to Atlas's. "We can't possibly be going to your place since Connor lives there.""No, not that," he responds. "Even though it would help with our plan, wouldn't it?"Right, our plan. That was all that was going on here, nothing more and nothing less, so I didn't need to get myself so worked up.This was all for the sake of revenge for Connor's betrayal, and I couldn't let myself get caught up in thinking otherwise. The man beside me was off-limits emotionally. I could only allow myself to be involved with him physically."It would," I confirm, giving him a smirk. "But then we wouldn't be alone."At my words, a slow smile spreads across Atlas' face as he leans in close so his lips brush against my ear."You're lucky we're in a cab right now," he growls, nipping my lobe while the hand behind my head brushes my hair aside so that his fingertips can trail along my skin. "Otherwise, I would
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Made A Fool Of
[Atlas’ POV]I let my hands travel up Avery’s thighs until my fingers slip beneath the band of her thong, so I can begin to pull it down until I have the perfect view of her smooth, shaven pussy that is dripping with desire."Fuck, little minx," I hiss, inhaling her delicious scent. "You’re already this soaked just from a little bit of teasing, how will you be when I'm fucking you senseless?""You'll just have to find out," she responds.Nodding, I lean forward and take her nipple, ring, and all into my mouth and bite down hard on it, causing a moan of delight to escape her lips while I finish removing her thong and then throw it aside.Releasing her nipple, I reach up, wrapping my hand around her neck, and pull her mouth against mine once more while my other hand works to spread her legs so I have perfect access."Just relax," I whisper, feeling her tense a little. "Otherwise, you won't enjoy it.""I am," she counters, though her body is shivering.Letting out a laugh, I simply shake
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[Avery's POV]I stumble into the house, and the smell of booze and cigarettes immediately hits my nose. Grimacing, I pull off my heels and throw them aside before making my way to the living room, where my stepfather and his friends sit, placing bets on a wrestling match. From how loud they are being, it is clear that they're already two sheets to the wind and honestly didn't need this damn beer that I had to pick up.After leaving Atlas' condo, I planned to go to the bar to nurse my wounds, but ended up getting a phone call about picking up some beer for the men sitting in front of me, and of course I couldn't possibly say no since I knew that he would threaten me with my mother if I didn't.That was his favorite thing to do, especially since he knew that she couldn't possibly be out on the streets, and if that happened, I would ultimately blame myself."About time," my stepfather huffs. "What the hell took you so long?""It's called traffic," I sigh, handing over the twenty-four pac
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