The Billionaire's Wife

The Billionaire's Wife

By:  Naina Mehta  Completed
Language: English
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Meet Dmitri Stefanovich Kaverin, a man with a no nonsense attitude and looks to die for. Always one to face his problems head on, Dmitri is quick to find a solution to his dilemma when his mother threatens to give away all he has worked so hard to achieve. The answer to his problems comes in the form of a certain violet eyed beauty named Trinity Johnson. Meet Trinity Johnson, a girl who lived in the moment and for the moment, without a care in the world. With a heart too pure for her own good and an uncanny knack for helping others in need, she decides to help a hot as hell complete stranger without any ulterior motives whatsoever. Join Dmitri and Trinity in their journey as they work together wherein Dmitri finally learns what being in love means while Trinity learns what being truly loved by a person entails. Watch as they both discover strengths they didn't know they possessed and weaknesses they never thought they had.

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71 Chapters
Chapter - 1
Dimitri Stefanovich Kaverin sat on a stool facing his best friend slash co-worker, Tyler Moore, in a cheap bar drinking cheap beer and ranting on and on and on about how his mother was blackmailing him into marrying someone soon.From what Tyler had gathered from his best friend's angry rant was that Valéry, Dimitri's mother, a women he knew better than to mess with, was hounding him to marry someone for at least two months now.Though Dmitri, being the stubborn brat that he was, had paid no heed to his mother's requests and had continued to go about his life as he usually did.After two months of listening to his pathetic excuses for not wanting to marry, Valéry thought that she'd had enough. So the fiery red head went ahead and gave him an ultimatum.The ultimatum was that if Dmitri didn't marry a girl within the next two months, she would give the whole company away to charity- charity!- a
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Chapter - 2
Tyler took one look at his best friend's face and he knew that Dimitri had found a solution to his problem. That determined gleam in his eyes and that erect posture was proof enough for him. Tyler had known his friend long enough to know that expression, seven years was quite a long time after all."So, what's the plan?" Tyler asked as he watched his friend scanning the crowd around them with hawk like eyes."A year long contract marriage." Dimitri replied, turning to look at his friend with a small grin.Tyler nodded once. "What about Samantha? I thought you wanted to marry her? And why a year? Why not six months?" He couldn't help but ask."Its a contract marriage, so I don't think Samantha will have a problem with that and I'm going to marry her once the year is over anyway. It'd be best if its for a year 'cause that'd convince my mum that I was serious about the marriage and I did try to w
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Chapter - 3
"I want you to marry me."It wasn't a question, it wasn't a request, it was an order. But there was just something about the way Dimitri said it that didn't make it look like he was demanding something from her, but then again, it wasn't as if he had asked her if she wanted to marry him. Trinity couldn't quite decide how to react to it. It wasn't everyday that people, strangers, come to her and tell her that they want to marry her and hot as hell strangers none the less.She regarded him thoughtfully for a moment. The first thought that crossed her mind was that he was joking but the look on his face said that he was very much serious about it. Dimitri stared back at her as she looked at him and he'd be lying if he said that he wasn't feeling nervous. God, Dimitri Kaverin was nervous! He had never in his life been nervous about anything, not even when he was
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Chapter - 4
Dimitri lead them through the jungle, never once leaving her hand and turning around every once in a while to look at Trinity to make sure that she was fine. A gesture that made Trinity get this warm fuzzy feeling deep inside her belly. He cared about her. She didn't know why the thought was so exciting but she was having a hard time keeping that goofy grin off her face. She was practically bouncing with excitement and she couldn't have been more thankful that it was dark and he couldn't see her expression or he'd think she was mad.After a few minutes of walking in silence, Dimitri halted. Trinity peeked around him to see where they were and the only word she could say when her eyes landed on the scene in front of them was "Wow."Dimitri smiled down at her, "Come on." He tugged on her arm and dragged her along with him to the wooden log. He sat down, pulling her dazed state along with him.Trinity didn't even
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Chapter - 5
"Holy sh- Are you crazy woman?! How can you do this? How could you agree to something like that?! You hardly know the guy and you went ahead and agreed to friggin' marrying him?!" Casey exclaimed once Trinity had finished explaining all that had happened between her and Dimitri. Though she was glad that Casey wasn't drinking the coffee which was kept on the table between them, for she was sure it would've come spurting out of her mouth had she taken a sip."Last time I checked, I was completely normal and I don't think it's possible for someone to go crazy overnight, unless, of course, they have suffered from a head injury and from what I remember, I haven't," Trinity replied half amused and half worried that her friend's head was going to explode if she kept on going about it like this."Stop being a smart- ass Tri! Do you even realize what you have agreed to? He is a billionaire! A damn billionaire! He could have any girl he damn well pleased but
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Chapter - 6
Dimitri's secretary stared at the phone in her hand for what seemed like an eternity before her boss's authoritative voice brought her out of her supposed shock."Stacy? Are you there?""Y-yes, sir.""I said that I was going to take the day off so I need you to cancel all the meetings for today, have I made myself clear?""Uh...s-sure, sir." She stumbled through her response. "Can I please ask you a question, sir?" She added quickly."Yes, but make it quick.""Are you...uh...are you sick, sir?""Stacy?""Yes, sir?""Goodbye," Dimitri said and hung up, not in the mood to deal with his black-haired, brown-eyed secretary, his thoughts drifting off to a certain blonde-haired beauty with the most unusual pair of eyes he had ever laid eyes on, as they had been ever since he had dropped her off at her run-down apartment and come back to hi
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Chapter - 7
"Are you really going to go and see him wearing that?" Casey asked, staring at her best friend as if she had gone crazy."What's wrong with this?" Trinity frowned, looking down at her all time favorite navy blue tank top and dark wash jeans. "Tri, you're going to see a damn billionaire! You can't go out with him wearing something as simple as that." Casey said, exasperated. How Trinity could do something as crazy as that was beyond her. From what she knew, Dimitri had called her last night and told Trinity that he'd be coming to pick her up this afternoon and they were going to go for a 'lunch date' and 'talk'.Any other girl would have started picking out what clothes to wear and what shoes would match them the moment she had finished talking had a billionaire asked them out but not Trinity. No, the girl was going about her business as usual making batch after batch of cookies to take with her when she went to see the girls a
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Chapter - 8
"Hey, Tri, you comin' tonight?" As they made their way down the corridor from Trinity's apartment, a voice which she recognized as Nigel's asked.Dmitri turned at the sound of the voice to see a guy who looked to be in his early twenties staring at Trinity with a dazzling smile on his face. Much to his annoyance Trinity flashed him a full blown grin ,"Do you even have to ask? Course I am!"The guy laughed and nothing irritated him more than that obnoxious laugh of his, "Gee, my bad.""So going out on a date?" The brown haired boy asked, gesturing to Dmitri, a teasing glint in his hazel eyes."Yes." Trinity squeaked, her cheeks turning a light shade of red.Clearing her throat, she continued, "Nigel this is Dmitri and Dmitri, this is Nigel, my neighb
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Chapter - 9
"Tri, you came!" Cindy exclaimed as she watched Trinity place a basket at the center of the coffee table. Running towards her at breakneck speed, she wrapped her tiny arms around Trinity's legs.Laughing, Trinity picked up the little girl who looked adorable dressed in a light pink frock. "Of course I came." She replied and Dmitri watched in a trance like state as more children came rushing into the living room, all eager to get a hug from her.He couldn't help but grin as he watched Trinity twirl a girl around, making her giggle. There were almost more than half a dozen of them. Nine, he counted.Not long after, a slightly plump looking woman entered the room, her eyes lighting up as she saw Trinity."Trinity darling! It's so good to see you." She exclaimed, moving in for a hug."Hey, how's it going?" She grinned down at the old woman."All's well. Just that the donations haven't been much th
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Chapter - 10
Once they were out of the house, leaving a blushing Patricia behind- for Dmitri simply couldn't leave without complimenting her- Trinity asked Dmitri if he had made reservations somewhere. Dmitri told her that he hadn't and was just about to say something else when Trinity pulled him in the direction of a nearby Mexican restaurant. She claimed that it served the best tacos in the world which he simply had to taste, leaving his car in the orphanage's driveway since it was just a few blocks down. The restaurant was a quaint little place which gave off a friendly vibe. The bell jingled overhead when Trinity opened the door, pulling a rather amused looking Dmitri behind her. She was the first girl ever who had actually denied going to a fancy restaurant with him, instead choosing to go to a restaurant so small that one could have easily missed it if it wasn't for the shiny board overheard full of twinkling lights. A toasty warmth enveloped D
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