The Mummy and Me

The Mummy and Me

By:  Sanduleo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amy's parents died in an accident after that her uncle was the only one who can be called as her family, one and only family. She was living happily with her uncle. Until... On the day of her graduation her uncle died due to some unknown reason most likely a murder. She was devastated and needed a support from someone so she rushed over to see her boyfriend hoped that he would console her. But who knew was having an affair with someone else. All this made her heart broken which lead her to run from that hellish place which only showed her weak self. Her likely to be aunt and late uncle's girlfriend was the only one who was with her and took her to Egypt ,where her late uncle worked. She went there to investigate his uncles death ,but little did she knew that a Mummy was waiting for her arrival to set him free from his curse. One day she was kidnapped and was brought to the basement of the museum . She was told to break that seal by force. Without having any choice she does the same as they ordered . The Mummy gets freed and make her the host of the new world. One is from the past and the other is from the present. Will they be able to form a great future. This is my first book and is truly fictional . Your reviews are like a gem to me.

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156 Chapters
Amy , a main protagonist who is seen as a archeologist working under the Cairo museum.Tut ,an ancient mummy whose whereabouts is still unknown and is also the main protagonist of this story.After Amy's parents death, her uncle was the only family she could relay on. He was also an archeologist who was in a senior position in the museum .Everything was good in her life except for her parents void space. She was able to enjoy her life with her uncle and her boyfriend robert.But soon a tragedy happened ,on the day of her graduation her uncle passed away due an unknown accident more likely a murder.But bad things didn't shopped their her boyfriend whom she trusted was lying to her by having an affair with his friends sister annie .This all was to much to bear for her soon she left the place and went Egypt to work as an intern in Cairo museum. It was glad that all the incident happened after she graduated from her college. Her main purpose for joining the museum is for finding the ma
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Cairo Egypt museum "You woman open the damn tomb now!!!" A guy wearing mask yelled while holding a gun and pointing towards a girl. He was constantly yelling at her to open the tomb of the deceased There was more than one man in that room, all covered in black clothes. One was standing near the door having a letter J printed in his jacket. His whole body was covered in black clothes except for his eyes. Even his hair was covered with caps. There was another man standing beside the tomb while holding a gun and pointing towards her with letter K printed on his hat. And another one was standing beside the k with a letter B printed on his jacket as well. Three of them were completely covered,only showing there eyes. Other than that there voice is heard properly. The girl who was been kept pointing at the gun was shivering in fear. But she still manage to control her body while surpressing her emotions. "Why? "What is your purpose for doing this?" She asked shakingly. Her blue ey
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2.Fate (2)
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"she faints down .After some time she slowly opens her blue eyes surrounded by some pile of dead bodies. The bodies was like zombies .Their skin was sucked out brutally. With this scene her whole body begins to shiver ,coldness spread throughout the room. She then looked around ,but suddenly a person comes infront of her.That person is fully covered with pile of white bands only the eyes were seen.The golden eyes of that person was glaring at her continuoesly .It then speaks to her in some ancient language."I AM BACK MY LOVE.MY LOVE AKKUSA".The mummy then puts his hand on her face and leans forward to kiss her. But she regains herself and push him off.She then takes time to let her mind to be processed and comes back in reality."Whoa whoa man .I am not your LOVE and i don't even know WHO YOU are rather than THE MUMMY TITTLE. So please let me go and i promise I will make it a blind eye.please?"The Mummy looks at her closely and raise his arm while putting his i
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3. You called me pervert
"what!!!You.....How can you stay with me. I am a human and your are a mummy a ghost!!" She blurted out in anger as she couldn't hold off to her misfortune.He became furious by hearing the word ''Mummy''.So he gave her a death stare .It made her to shiver ,so she changed the "Mummy "word."I mean tut .Can I call you tut?"Her forhead was sweating and she had been panicking.He comes closer to her .As he came closer to her ,she took that much steps backwards ,till she gets corned between the walls ."What..??what do you want to do now?".She was unaware of his purpose for coming closer to her but she can't do anything since he is a Mummy, a living dead after all.He came closer and closer till his face is exact 1cm distanced to her face.Her heart was beating faster than usual.She closed her eyes with fear and her face become red .His face goes closer to her ear and whispers. "You can call me whatever you want my love.I will always wait for you to accept me wholeheartedly." grinned at
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4. Unexpected kiss
"I will go outside and you go get changed".After saying this she began to leave but he interprets her by standing in front of her way. "What..?"she gets confused by his sudden action. " I don't know how to wear this ".He smiles innocently .Yes how could he know that , the changes of this world compared to his previous world is more than he could imagine.He was from the BC's after all. He doesn't know how this modern world works anyway. She helps him to wear the upper part.But each time she touches his skin her heart beat began to rise. After she helps him to wear the T shirt she looks at the pant and got nervous. Her forhead began to sweat, because she can't touch there after all they are different in gender also.
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5 . Kiss took too long.
The kiss took too long. After sometime he let her go ,both were breathing heavily."huff !!!!"The breathing sound of them were heard throughout the room. Both of their face had become red.They were clearly blushing.It took her sometime to regain herself.After she got hold of her ,she pushed him off in embarrassment. "What the hell are you doing????"She was angry at the time also a little bit embarrassed. He felt guilty about what he did , kissing her without her consent.But it was the only way he could think of to calm her down. "I am sorry."He let his head down in guilty. "Sorry!!!Just a sorry. That's all.!!!!!!" She was furious that he only said sorry, just sorry!!It was not enough for her. He had done a big crime that he said
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6.Don't go.
"Hey Amy!!!"She turned around to see who called her ."Ha..sister Clara!!"Clara rushed towards Amy in excitedly .Clara was one of the senior colleagues and fiance of her late uncle.Amy always doted on her for any help,she was more like a sister to her .Clara always helped amy in need of any .If it wasn't for the death of her uncle she would have been her aunt now. Even though her uncle died , Clara still hold his beloved niece as her own .Clara was sweating from running all the way to catch up to her."Amy , manager has called you now for an investigation .""Mmm ."she nodded nervously."Amy I will accompany you till the office". Clara said with some doubts in her mind that she want to clarify.Since yesterday incident was indeed shocking as well as doubt able. How can some random guy sneak in to the basement and even that they are dead having an unusual death.Moreover Amy was the last person to leave the museum even if ther
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7.Take care of amy
Meanwhile at Clara's house.Clara took a photo frame from her nightstand and held it tight to her heart." Edward I am sorry that I failed to keep your promise. I am sorry that I let you down."She held the photo frame tighter and began to cry. Tears began to flow from her eyes.She began to think about the past memories where they both were holding hands and smiling at each other. The sunshine embraced them while they were walking through the passage.They are seen helding hands as they walk through the Karnak Temple which is a famous tourist place.Suddenly he kneeled down and propose to her by opening a box containing a diamond ring on it." Clara will you marry me." The proposal was to touching that the other visitors also gave them aloud applause.Clara was in so much happiness that she couldn't control herself. She immediately jumped out in excitement that she was crying in the happy moment."Yes ... Yes..
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8.plan failed.
"Hello." "Sir !!!our plan has failed ." His forehead began to sweat as he said that. He continuoesly whipped of the sweat by his kerchief. "But we were able to open the tomb successfully."" But... the Mummy is gone we don't know who took it?" A voice was coming from the other side of the call. "You good for nothing!! Why can't you do a job properly?" A furious voice came from the otherside . "Am sorry sir !!" He said with disappointment and whipped of some sweat in his forehead. "Do you know how much we are going to lose now?All because of your stupid plan!!Those moron couldn't even handle a simple task and got themselves killed!!!"" It has been 10 years . Still yo
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9. Hey sister
 Meanwhile at Clara's officeSomeone knocked at the door and as usual Clara gave permission without glancing at that person ."Yes coming."A blond girl with tightened dress showing cleavage and wearing high heals comes in. She was overly makeuped which was against office rules .Her name is Julie an intern in the care of clara ,because she had a strong backup no one  has ever complained her.She was just an intern but still had an arrogances as if she holds the museum in her hand.   once there was an incident in which a girl complained her .But infact the girl got fired .The manger was hooked up by her that noone ever tried to complain her from that incident onwards .since then everyone tried to get into her good books except for Clara and Amy.But still she was afraid of one person that was Clara who hold a strong base in the museum.
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