The Broken Alpha

The Broken Alpha

By:  Hazel Lowell  Completed
Language: English
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Lily is a Warrior Wolf who hates fighting. Her mate is the Alpha of the most fearsome pack around, and he rejects her - she's not fit to be his Luna. Lily goes on the run, leaving her pack behind to seek a cure for lycanthropy, so that she never has to shift on a full moon again. That's when she meets Elijah, her second chance Alpha mate with a fierce streak and gentle heart, who would do just about anything to protect her from the dangerous creatures she seeks.

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109 Chapters
 Lily “I won’t do it,” Lily said, glaring at the man opposite her. “I never do, and I never have.” They were almost eye-to-eye as they leant across the table towards one another. The man – her father – sighed, his shoulders slumping. He’d tried. “You know I worry about you. This desire of yours – this urge – it’s not natural for creatures like us. And you’re a warrior, Lils, a Warrior Wolf, destined to fight for your pack. Tying yourself up every month when the moon is full doesn’t sit right with me, and it never has.” Lily straightened up, her long, dark blonde hair brushing across her shoulders and tumbling in soft waves down her back. Her brown eyes hardened, but there was something sad, ancient and aching and longing, that she desperately buried beneath layers of stone as she spoke.
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  Atticus  As he surveyed the crowd gathered before him, Atticus grinned. It was the night of the full moon at last, and his body thrummed with excited energy. He was proud of the legacy he’d built, and proud that so many wolves were eager to stand by his side each month. There was always another battle to fight, fresh territory to claim, and, in the beginning, he’d feared that they may not respect him the way they had his father.  He’d had nothing to worry about, as it turned out. He straightened his back, rolled his shoulders, and then he began to speak. “Blood Moon pack!” He bellowed, clapping his hands and stomping his feet. A cacophony of howls filled the night air, and his grin stretched wider. The moon was hovering above the horizon, its crisp white light piercing the black curve of the sky. Atticus could see th
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 Lily The iron chains were heavy, and too tight around her wrists and ankles, but Lily didn’t care. So long as they worked – so long as she couldn’t hurt anyone – she would suffer through endless torment if she had to. The weight of the chains was nothing in comparison to the guilt she’d have to live with if she broke free and tore someone apart. The mere thought of it left a bitter taste in her mouth. She pursed her lips. The cellar smelt musty and damp, and she wrinkled her nose. She was sat in the far corner, her arms clutching her knees and huddling them for warmth. She’d stormed off after her argument with her dad, and, brooding and angry, she’d come straight down to the cellar. Dressed in just jeans and a thin t-shirt, she longed to sprint upstairs and grab a jumper. But the moon was rising rapidly outside, a slice of white light stretching across the floor bef
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  Atticus The grounds looked lovely, Atticus thought – if a little overdone for his taste. It was only the Worm Moon, after all. The ornate gardens surrounding the pack house had been bedecked in glossy aquamarine bunting, draped from tree to tree and around the veranda which trailed around the outskirts of the house itself. He chewed on the inside of his cheek as he surveyed the flapping sparrows, held in place by a magic he did not understand, nor wish to. Miniscule glass bottles had been filled with thyme, and they had been strung along a stretch of glittering lanterns, the vials clicking against the glowing light bulbs. He stretched his aching back, and rolled his neck. He grinned, slow and smooth, as his joints cracked. Taking White Oak down had been easy – as expected. It was a good confidence builder for the latest group of young wolves that
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  Lily Dawn broke across the horizon, light slanting into Lily’s bedroom and spilling across the wooden floor. She rolled over, slinging an arm across her face to cover her eyes. She didn’t want to wake up – not today. But the light was insistent, and it nudged her awake. She blinked away the sleep from bleary eyes, and sighed as she pulled herself upright. The other wolves all longed for this day – but not Lily. A scowl tugged at her soft mouth, and she crossed her arms across her chest, her duvet pooling at her waist. The bedframe was cool against her back. She focused on it, centring her nerves and brimming emotions on the bite of cold nipping at her skin. Before, she’d had no qualms about celebrating her birthday. But that had been when her mother was there to celebrate it with her. This birthday – her eighteenth – marked the third yea
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AtticusThe pull was pleasant, Atticus thought, as he allowed it to tow him out of the pack house and into the ornate gardens fringing the wide veranda. He had his suspicions about what it may be, but he didn’t focus on them. Instead, he let his eyelids droop, keeping them half closed as he navigated his way down the stairs.The uppermost floor of the pack house was home to the Alpha, Luna, and their family. It would belong solely to him once he found his Luna, but his parents would be welcome to stay under his reign. Most wolves, once their heirs had taken their place, chose to live away from the pack house, and moved into something smaller and more private. Atticus had awoken early, intent on replying to a letter sent to him by the Alpha of the Lone Wind pack. Their allies to the south had heard rumours of a new pack forming, one built on ambition and treachery rather than tradition and l
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  Lily It was, by far, the worst birthday Lily had ever endured. She tore through the gardens, sprinting on wobbly legs, desperate to put as much distance between herself and her heartbreak as possible. She had loved and loathed Atticus, but she had never thought him capable of such cruelty. The bond was gone. In its wake lay only ruin. She rounded the edge of the gardens, and it was a straight run to the training fields. Her chest ached with budding sobs, but her lungs were too busy pushing air to her pounding muscles to allow any to break free. As long as she kept moving, she was safe. But she didn’t know where to go. Atticus would surely allow her to leave after his rejection. It could not be clearer that he did not want her, that he did not want her soiling his beloved pack. She thought the words with venom, and spat viscously at
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    Atticus   Atticus’s honey-brown hair rippled as his fist thudded into Ralphin’s jaw. His Beta stumbled, and he spat blood onto the grass before hissing, “What’s got into you?”   Everything about Ralphin was annoying him today. The cock-sure swagger of his walk, the sheen of his black hair, the glint in his onyx eyes – all of it made Atticus’s gut swell with rage. He bared his teeth at Ralphin, hardly allowing him a chance to adjust his defensive stance before baring down on him again, slamming first his right and then his left fist at him in a quick, brutal one-two that forced Ralphin back against the wooden fence.   “Spit it out,” Ralphin growled, dark eyes narrowing. A bruise was already blooming across his tanned chin and cheek.   Atticus held his positive firm, jerking his head for Ralphin to stand up to him, to fight. His Beta was one of the few wolves
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  Unknown He sat with a rigid back behind the ornate desk. It had belonged to his father, once – many years ago. He disliked it greatly, for both its bulk and its pompous, gilded edging, but it was a reminder of the father he had lost. Besides, he thought to himself with a secret half-smile, his father hadn’t liked it either. He brushed his dark hair forwards, covering the tips of his ears. A soft knock at the door startled him, but he relaxed into his chair as a familiar face peered around the door. “Alpha,” the woman greeted, smiling broadly before inclining her head. Shimmering waves of golden hair brushed her neck, sweeping across her wide shoulders, only to recoil, like the sea scrambling back from the shore, as she pulled herself upright. “Beta Ithia.” He inclined his head, too, though it was not e
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  Lily Lily held the ring in her palm, tilting it back and forth. The garnet sparkled softly in the sunlight. She didn’t have long, but – But this was too important a moment to rush. She sighed, closing her fist over the ring as she re-read the words marked carefully on the paper before her. Rose had offered her a nicer piece of paper, framed with delicate flowers inked down the margins, but Lily had refused, choosing instead to use a piece torn from her notebook. It wasn’t as pretty, but her dad would know it had come from her. Her throat bobbed at the thought of her father sitting at the kitchen table, the same peanut butter and banana toast he favoured after training slipping from his fingers as his eyes traced the words of her betrayal. She was leaving him here, alone. Lily knew it was the lesser evil. She knew that, if she stayed, her da
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