The CEO's secretary

The CEO's secretary

By:  Third_moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the bustling world of the corporate empire, Kaylar, a talented and determined secretary, finds herself facing an unexpected twist of fate. As the diligent and hardworking assistant to Wayne, the powerful CEO of the renowned Frenado corporation, she is prepared to take on any challenge that comes her way. Little does she know, the biggest challenge of her life awaits her just around the corner. A startling revelation shakes the very foundation of Kaylar's existence. She discovers that her own marriage has been arranged with none other than her notorious boss, Wayne. Stunned, she navigates through a whirlwind of emotions, grappling with the idea of being bound to Wayne in matrimony. In order to protect their professional personas, Kaylar and Wayne decide to enter into a contract, a pact known only to them. At first, Kaylar holds firm in her resolve not to let her feelings interfere with her duties as Wayne's secretary. She is determined to keep their relationship solely professional. However, she soon finds herself helplessly falling head over heels in love with Wayne. His commanding presence, hidden vulnerabilities, and unwavering support ignite a flame within her heart that she cannot deny. Surprisingly Wayne too finds his heart swayed by the enigmatic woman who manages his affairs with unparalleled efficiency. It doesn't take long for his professional admiration to transform into passionate affection. They must strategically maneuver through obstacles, concealing their intertwining romantic journey while striving to achieve success within their professional lives. story unfolds, challenging their notions of duty, loyalty, and sacrifice. They are forced to question their choices, as they confront the fine line between personal desires and professional obligations. With the weight of their roles pressing upon them, the CEO and his secretary-turned-wife strive to find a delicate balance between love and ambition.

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Muktar Safiya
I love the story...! keep writing more third_moon!
2023-07-12 01:09:29
user avatar
Basheera Mohammed
I'm really hooked up on the plot.
2023-06-29 21:25:19
user avatar
Proper grammar, great storyline and cliffhangers and the writing style is sweet, overall, it’s a nice book. (I didn’t give it a full five stars because nothing is perfect)
2023-05-26 22:12:56
user avatar
Amina Salihu
Amazing wow wow wow
2023-08-18 00:49:40
user avatar
safiya salami
The story is relatable to some extent and the plot is really nice. I recommend this book to anyone who wants something exhilarating
2023-06-28 20:14:33
user avatar
Muktar Safiya
please update
2023-05-13 01:38:48
91 Chapters
Screw me over with a matchstick
If someone asked Kaylar Harper what was one thing she hated in the world, she would have to say it was waking up early. If she had a choice, she would never do it. Yet here she was, unwillingly leaving the sweet comfort of her bed to get ready for her job as a secretary. Shutting off the blaring sound of her alarm, Kaylar dragged her feet across the floor as she entered her bathroom. It was moments like this that made her regret the thought of never getting a blackout curtain, Every morning she would glare at her soft baby blue curtains as if expecting them to magically block out the blinding rays of light from disturbing her. After she was done washing her face and brushing her teeth, Kaylar went downstairs to prepare breakfast before her mother woke up. Sadly, things did not go as expected. When Kaylar finally arrived downstairs, she was greeted by the sight of her mother cooking. "Mom! What are you doing?" Kaylar exclaimed as she rushed forward to stop her mother from operating
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Time off
Kaylar was caught in a fix. The moment she raised her head to face Wayne all the excuses she made in her head vanished, his expression did not do anything to ease the awkwardness.'What the hell am I going to say? This is so awkward' Kaylar cried out inwardly. After a moment of hesitation, Kaylar straightened herself."Good morning CEO Wayne, I came in to present your schedule for today." She said in a rather calm and composed manner. Wayne hummed in response as he sat down.Kaylar took his silence as a 'go ahead' and read out his schedule for the day."The meeting will start in ten minutes," Kaylar reminded before leaving the office.Outside the office."Oh goodness," Kaylar placed her hands on her chest in an attempt to calm herself. The CEO was really scary, she wondered where she found the courage to act as if nothing had happened.She quickly brushed the thought aside before heading to the conference room. There was going to be a meeting regarding the recent projects the corpor
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She was right
"Grandma" Kaylar called out in a distressed tone as she walked into the mansion."Kaylar, my dear! Y-your grandfather..!" Kaylar's grandmother said as she hugged the life out of Kaylar. It had taken quite some time before Kaylar had reached her grandparent's house and when she did, she was surprised at how quiet the mansion was. She guessed that it was because of her grandfather being sick that the servants in the house were quiet and hiding away from sight. She couldn't blame them though, her grandmother wasn't the nicest person to others when she was overwhelmed. Kaylar and her grandmother hurried upstairs, where her grandfather's room was located and opened the door harshly. "Grandpa!" Kaylar cried out in pain as she inched closer to her sleeping grandfather. Her grandfather had always been in bad health ever since he reached old age. It wasn't a secret but seeing her grandfather who always smiled and had a joyful attitude lying down motionlessly on the bed with some medical e
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Marriage contract
Kaylar stood there in shock. So her boss was the guest her grandparents were expecting. She wondered if she was meant to be worried about her grandparents' discussion or the fact that her boss was at her grandparents' house. She had a bad prenotion about his visit. She quickly composed herself and called out again. "Mr Frenando! What a pleasant surprise I didn't expect to see you here" Kaylar plastered a smile on her face. Wayne was in the least surprised, he had gotten the full gist before his visit. He glanced at Kaylar for a brief second before shifting his gaze to the door. "Are they inside?" He asked calmly. Kaylar nodded as she opened the door. Inside the room. The old couple heard the exchange between Kaylar and Wayne as they quickly changed their topic of discussion. "Wayne, you are here." Kaylar's grandfather welcomed Wayne and asked him to take a seat. Wayne took a seat near the window as he looked at the old couple unreservedly. Kaylar, who stood at the side,
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Who touched you?
After Kaylar exited Wayne's office she headed towards the direction of the pantry distractedly. It was hard to discern Kaylar's emotions because her expression remained neutral and indifferent. She wasn't as calm and composed as she was on the outside. She felt as if her life had ended, she felt like all her hopes of ever achieving all her dreams were crushed. She couldn't possibly get married. With all these thoughts flooding her mind, Kaylar prepared the coffee absentmindedly, at that point she was trying to process what had happened. If she could go back in time she wouldn't have signed the contract, alas, there was nothing she could do. She shook her head in despair as she took the coffee to Wayne's office. After delivering the coffee, she headed straight to her office to prepare for the day ahead. Unlike Wayne's office, Kaylar's office was smaller. There was a mahogany table placed at the center of the room which had a swivel chair and two guest seats placed in front. A wh
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Get down
… Meanwhile, at Frenado Corporation. Inside the CEO'S office, Wayne was flipping through some documents when someone barged through the door. He raised his head in irritation and looked towards the invader. "Bro!" A young man calmly entered the office. He had the air of a noble-born, and his compact frame made him look outstanding."When did you get back?" Wayne asked disinterestedly as he resumed his previous action. Dean leisurely strolled around his office as he replied "A few hours ago" "How did it go?" Wayne turned to Dean who had comfortably settled on the couch."A little hurdles here and there, but it ended smoothly." Dean picked an apple then asked "I'm heading out for lunch. Do you want to come along?" "Sure" Wayne looked at his watch and closed the file in his hand. With that, they left the office and headed to the underground parking lot. … When they reached the underground parking lot, Dean said "Why don't you come along in my car?" "Sure" Wayne accepted his o
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Emotionally drained
… Inside the building "Mr. Frenado" Two men dressed in black greeted Wayne respectfully as he entered the building. "Mm" Wayne nodded in response without stopping in his track.Wayne suddenly halted in his steps and looked behind.Kaylar met his impatient gaze and subconsciously quicked her footsteps. After a while, they finally arrived inside the main hall where their marriage would be registered. … "Good day Mister, Miss" a middle-aged woman greeted as Wayne and Kaylar approached her corner. "Good day," Wayne greeted back. "We are here to register our marriage." "Okay give me a minute, I'll prepare the necessary documents," the woman said as she turned around. … After signing the necessary documents. "Congratulations to the newlyweds, it's time to take a picture together," The middle-aged woman said as she led Wayne and Kaylar into the photo room. Inside the photo room.Wayne stood in front of a beautifully decorated backdrop with a stoic expression while Kaylar stood a f
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Call me by my name
… The lights in the elevator were restored after a while as the elevator doors began to open.Wayne had regained half of his senses as he stood up while straightening his suit. He wiped the sweat off his forehead before walking out of the elevator. Fear was written on the repairman's face as Wayne stepped out of the elevator. The repair man greeted Wayne, "Goo-d day Mr Frenado," he couldn't help but stutter under Wayne's gloomy gaze. He was informed earlier to fix an elevator at the company but he didn't take it seriously, not until he realised that it was the CEO's private elevator. It was certain that he was going to lose his job. He knew how hard he worked to become the head of repairs at the Frenado corporation. Who would have thought that a simple act of negligence would cost him so much? Wayne didn't say a word as he walked away with uneven steps. Kaylar looked at the repair man with the same expression as Wayne. She couldn't forget the fear that gripped her inside the elevat
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How shameless
"Uncle Zhu, this is my wife Kaylar," Wayne introduced Kaylar. Wife? when did the young master get married and to who?Uncle Zhu did a double take and looked at the figure that stood beside Wayne, his mouth was left hanging as he stared at Kaylar. Wasn't she the eldest master secretary? He asked himself. He would never guess that the young master and his secretary had something going on between the both of them. He was really surprised. Kaylar sensed uncles Zhu's shock so she decided to greet first, "Good evening Uncle Zhu" Kaylar greeted him with a smile. "Eldest Madam" Uncle Zhu gave her a deep bow. "Let's enter the car baby." Wayne gently wrapped his hand around her waist, his action was filled with affection as he pulled her into the car.Kaylar was dumbstruck as she looked at the hand that was placed on her waist. 'What's up with his change of attitude?' She inwardly asked as she looked around to see if she didn't notice someone's presence.Inside the car, Wayne abruptly rele
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Damned love
Wayne and Kaylar had a quiet dinner. After that they exchanged a few words before heading to their rooms to retire for the night. ...Inside Kaylar's room. Kaylar was speaking to her mom over the phone."Mom, I promise I'm fine. He's nice to me, it's not as bad as I thought it would be." "I hope you're saying the truth because if I catch wind of something wrong, I'll take you away from his place" Her mom warned."Yes, mom you can do what ever you please" Kaylar laughed it off, hoping her mom would change the conversation. She hasn't fully digested the fact that she got married.Kaylar couldn't bear to make her mom worry. She spoke to her mom for a while before ending the call. Kaylar sighed deeply, her mom had called to inform her that she had received the news of her marriage from Wayne's grandparents. She called to ask Kaylar if she was sure about her decision to marry Wayne.She looked towards Wayne's room before switching off the bedside lamp. … Towards the southern plain of
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