38 - Affections

Hooves sounded behind him and Ryedir came level with him almost immediately, rising to his challenge. Kari shot him a wild grin and then they were off, hooves pounding into the road as they galloped ahead.

He laughed with unrestrained joy at the feeling of freedom. The wind rushed in his face and the horse underneath him gave the impression they could go anywhere he chose.

It was like the weight of the travel and the impending worry over their upcoming visit to the capital slid off his shoulders. It wasn’t long before they slowed to a walk again. It wouldn’t do to tire the horses too much as they still had a way to travel and Kari laughed breathlessly in exhilaration.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah.” He flashed his alpha a beaming smile and received a soft look of affection in return. Embarrassed and a little shy over the openness being displayed, Kari turned his gaze back

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