Two weeks had passed by and I was completely settled in to my house, I sat sipping a steaming hot cup of tea while being completely engrossed in a novel on the large swing chair hanging from the porch.

The sun was just beginning to set and the hews of light that created rays of purples and reds were absolutely breathtaking, I had been having nightmares every single night since I came here, putting it down to nerves, maybe to all that had happened and with me being here all alone in this gigantic old house it seemed to be expected. The nightmares however were always the same, those all too familiar blue orbs of his eyes were constantly threatening the sanity of my mind and I just couldn’t shake it off.

I kept allowing him to touch me, to come close to me. He was haunting my dreams and in each one he was getting closer and closer still to kissing me, each time however I would jump into a seated position in my bed screaming as my breathing stayed rapid for at least five

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