Blue orbs?

I wanted to scream but instead my whole entire body trembled in fear as I stared at him with my eyes as wide as saucers, my mouth gaped and in that moment everything came rushing back to me through those dark eyes, those dead eyes,

“You!” I gasped in horror, he merely grinned at me as he tilted his head in amusement to examine my features. He seemed even more scary in this moment on top of me than he had that night, I was frozen in terror.

“I was sure you would have died,” He said in an icy voice. “Somehow you didn’t, how is that possible,” It didn’t seem like he was actually asking me this question, it was as if he was having a semi private debate with himself as the realization of my survival after his attach clearly amused the heck out of him.

“Get off of me!” I tried to scream, all of a sudden finding a strength to fight back I hadn’t known I possessed. But he merely pushed me back down as his face came even closer to mine, his lips were now right up against my ear and a shudder went down my spine as I closed my eyes, allowing tears to run down my cheeks. My bottom lip quivered and I wondered if this was going to be my end, was he here to finish the task he had clearly failed in.

“I just want the flash drive,” He said in a deadpan tone. Looking up at him I frowned, how the hell would he know about that?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Scoffing he let out a laugh,

“Off course you don’t,”

“I don’t,” I said in a now squeaky voice, I wasn’t very convincing right now. He seemed like he was going to come back with a sly remark but before he could a sudden groaning noise in the corner of the room had us both looking up and back, when I realized it was Jeremy lying on the floor a few feet away. I gasped at his almost limp body, he was unconscious but clearly coming around.

I was still pinned down but he had his attention shifted still on Jeremy when I decided to lift my knee hard and fast into his groin, I connected him and watched him groan in pain as his eyes shot back to me, the sheer agony of that feeling shot through him instantaneously and I quickly pushed him off of me.

Smirking inside of my own head I thought how interesting he irony that these creations also seemed to react the same way any man would who got kneed in the balls, satisfaction spread across my face but I didn’t have time to relish in it as I quickly made my way to Jeremy’s side. He was already sitting up still clearly dazed and confused,

“Come on Jeremy, we have to go,” I said in a panic as I looked back at the man looking monster still lying in a fetal position on my bed.

“W- what happened?” Jeremy groans as he rubs his head trying hard to focus in his confused state

“We don’t have time for that right now Jer-” but before I could get him up I was being yanked up and away from Jeremy as I was swung around again to face him. Gasping my eyes widened and I just stared at him in horror, his eyes were even darker than before and his face had become hardened, so much so that he didn’t even look human right now, not that he ever was but right now he looked like the epiphany of evil as he glared down at me,

“That was a low blow,” He grumbled. Smirking, I for some unknown reason found that to be funny in all of this madness and confusion. I must seriously have a warped sense of humor at the worst times,

“Oh, so you actually do have working parts then,” I blurted out. Why the hell would I say something like that! I thought as I internally face planted myself. A grin spread across his face as he yanked me closer until our faces were only inches apart,

“Would you like to find out,” He said with a dark grin on his face. Swallowing hard I only stared at him with a blank expression of shock on my face, did he just actually say that to me. But I merely furrowed as I stared into his eyes without saying a word, I was terrified yes, but then something strange happened to his eyes, they changed- into beautiful blue orbs.

I just stood there staring at his eyes which completely captivated me in that moment, one second his eyes were black, his face was completely hardened to the point that he truly did look like a cold hearted monster. But right now all I could see was a man, a really strong man with black hair and blue eyes. His facial features were softer but not too soft, kind but mysterious. I found my heart skipping a beat as I leant my hand up to his face to touch him, he didn’t move, instead he braced himself for my touch.

That’s until a loud bang rang in the air, it was only then that I looked up and saw Jeremy standing in front of me with a cast iron frying pan. My mouth gaped in shock as I looked down at him lying unconscious on the floor, my eyes again shot up to Jeremy who seemed in shock as well as being overwhelmed with anger and rage,

“You hit him with a frying pan!” I retorted,

“Well yes, now come, let’s get the hell out of here before he comes to. We’ll call the cops once we’re in the car,” I was still going to protest but Jeremy yanked my arm as he sped out of there with me in toe, I luckily grabbed both my hand bag and backpack before exiting my room.

What the hell had happened back there just now, I tried to make sense of it but I just honestly couldn’t. He was a- a, oh shit I didn’t know what to make of it, I nearly touched his face and he- he showed me his eyes, his true eyes. I didn’t even know the creations could do that, we had just always suspected that they had dark black eyes, this was such a breakthrough,  I thought as a slight grin spread across my face.


After the incident at my apartment I put it up for sale, Lucy and I had both bought into it and it was only fair she get half the amount received for it. I stayed with Jeremy after that for about three weeks or so, but honestly it just wasn’t working out. He seemed- different, after the whole ordeal in my apartment. I tried talking with him but he just brushed it off, even at work things were completely off with him.

He wasn’t concentrating on his job and to be honest neither was I, so by the end of the third week I decided to resign from the firm and move out to the country side like I had said I wanted to do after my first attack had happened. Jeremy decided to go and visit his parents up in California for a few weeks, using his stress leave as his excuse.

Maybe this would be good for him. He promised to keep in touch with me all the time which did make me feel a lot less apprehensive for the changes that lay ahead, I needed to get away, I needed to clear my head.

This interdimensional human looking being had changed my whole outlook on all of them, and I needed to understand why that was. In the mean time I would hide that flash drive with all the information I had on the creations somewhere no one but I would find it.

I still wondered how the hell he would have known about that, no one knew I had it backed up. When I looked into has black voids I could see nothing but death, no source of feeling dwelled there, but when his eyes changed to those more human yet a blue that reminded me of crystals, I had seen something so vast and magnificent, I saw the universe and the feelings in those eyes carried an overwhelming amount of emotion.

So as I drove out toward my new home I cranked up the music, The Rasmus started playing with – In the shadows and my head started bopping as I began singing along with the lyrics, I had no idea what I was going to do for an income but luckily I had a bit of money saved up, and I still had some cash from the sale of the apartment which would help see me through until I could figure this all out.

My parents had died five years ago, they too had left me money but, I had never tried to touch it, it just didn’t seem right, it seemed like if I used it then I would lose them completely, the last thing they left me would never be the first thing I decided to use. This was going to be an adventure I tried to tell myself, a new and fresh start away from all the craziness and away from the creations. I just wanted to forget everything that happened and never look back.

I was just outside of Georgia when I turned onto a little dirt road which kept going for about a mile before a farm house came into view, it was huge and looked ancient. My eyes widened and glistened with excitement as I drove right up to it now before finally stopping right in front of the porch, I stepped out of the car and my mouth gaped as I looked up as this monstrous huge house.

A tingle of excitement flew down my spine as I quickly made my way up the stairs with the keys in hand, once I opened the door and stepped in I couldn’t help but have the  biggest grin plastered on my face. I had bought this house for a steal and what was more, it was fully furnished. I looked on at the white sheet covered furniture and sighed, ‘this is perfect’ I thought to myself.

I could definitely get lost in a place like this, no doubt that no blue eyed orbs would find me here. The sudden thought strange as it seemed made me feel uncomfortable but not for reasons it should have, brushing it off I sighed before dashing out to my car and grabbing my bags before making my way back inside the house.

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