The Crimson Curse

The Crimson Curse

By:  Theodora Twitty  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you seen anyone die in front of you? No? Well, I have, more times than I can count. I seem to have a morbid attraction to . Maybe it's like a superpower or maybe it’s a curse. Particularly the Crimson curse, as I like to call it. You would think that doesn't affect me anymore. You are right to think that because that is what I had thought until a week ago. I guess seeing your parents get murdered in front of your eyes and seeing their blood and life slowly drain out of their body isn't the same as seeing your neighbour die from a heart attack when you were 9.One more thing you should know about me is that I can make you sleep with one touch. My parents both were doctors and put their abilities to best use. My father could heal everyone other than himself and my mother like myself could drop a person to sleep with just one stroke of the hand.Now I am off to Aliam academy for mastering my supernatural ability, apparently for which my mother enrolled me before dyeing. Well, looking at the bright side, there is one boy with violet-blue eyes and curly black hair and I am falling head over heels for him.

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Nice plot ...
2020-11-23 12:41:32
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Chetanshi Nene
Loving it ❤️
2020-11-24 13:12:41
11 Chapters
Chapter 1
Once I sat engaged and waitingI heard a martyred, extrajudicial sentencingDeath - tormentor of my dreamsDeep into that darkness sanctioning
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Chapter 2
Scarlett Hushed voices steered me awake. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't, it was as if they were stuck. After a lot of effort, I managed to open my eyes a little bit. There was so much light, oh god. It was as if the light was penetrating through my head and colliding with my skull. My body felt numb and there were tubes attached to my hand. That's when I remembered I was in a hospital and my parents were dead. Oh god! my parents were murdered and I couldn't save them.                &nbs
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Chapter 3
Scarlett I am left alone with the detective.  She took a chair from the corner and sat beside my bed. "So let's start," she said leaning her elbows on her thighs. 
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Chapter 4
William  I knew Scarlett was exhausted and in pain. It was visible on her face. Her face was flushed and she looked unwell. I saw her whimpering in pain and desperately massaging her temples with her hands.  I was concerned, "Are you fine Scarlett?" I asked, hoping she would answer truthfully.  
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Chapter 5
ScarlettI opened my eyes and the first thing I noticed was that I was not in my own bed. I got up with a jerk, looking around I saw that the room was much bigger and furnished than mine. I was wearing black shorts and a blacktop. Turning this information in my mind, all the incidents of the last night as well of the last week came back. Tears started flowing down my cheeks but I quickly wiped them. I had to be strong, my parents wouldn't want me to be this weak. My head was a little heavy but I felt much better than last night. Till now I had acted irrationally and out of grief but now its time to act rationally. I need to get my emotions in control and work towards building my skills as well as honing my powers. Finding who killed my parents should be my aim.I looked around once again. I am most probably in boarding school. I quickly got up from the bed removing the blankets over me. Somebody had put a blanket over me. The floo
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Who is she?
<><><><><><><><><> Whose silver necklace is that? I think I know.Its owner is quite sad though.It really is a tale of woe,I watch her frown. I cry hello. Sh
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Chapter 6
ScarlettWilliam had started striding through the long corridor and I followed. The school looked like a mansion. There were white walls all around and the floor was made of marble. We walked for a few minutes. None of knew what to say. William stole glances at me but not in a seductive way but rather in a way like he wanted to read my mind."So, what was your favourite subject in mundane studies?" he asked breaking the abnormal silence."I actually loved studies but if you ask me one, I would say...Maths.""Well, that's unfortunate. With your ability to sense death and your interest in maths, you would most probably have to attend the "Time of death class"." he said smirking."Seriously?" I asked him, he was joking for sure. I stared at him."Don't look at me like that. I am not joking.""Well then great, I am so excited about the class, why don't we start it now," I said sarcastically.He laughed, hi
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Chapter 7
Scarlett"So, this is your room."We stopped in front of a white door which had a wooden tag that said "Room 18". There were rooms all along the corridor. Here I could hear some voices and students were coming out of their rooms and smiling at William and staring at me."Umm..why is everybody staring at me?" I asked him softly."Don't worry its nothing personal. It's just that we have only 180 students here and we rarely get any new students.""OK," I said hesitantly."Here all the students have the same room here. We don't have divided dorms for boys and girls so, my room is next to yours. Also, your uniform would by on your bed. Normally I would have given you some time to rest but we have to get to breakfast. So get ready and dressed and I will meet you here in 30 minutes. OK?""Yes" He went to his room and I opened my new room.I opened the door to my room. It made absolutely no noise.
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Chapter 8
ScarlettShe was tiny but utterly stunning. I froze for a second not being able to say anything."Umm...Sorry, I am looking for William."At my statement, she looks beyond happy. A big smile spreads on her face, lighting up her entire face. "Hi, I am Isabelle. Williams best friend. You must be Scarlett that, Willaim here was talking about." she says and before I can reply, she gives me a big hug. At the same time, William comes from the room. He is also wearing blue jeans and the same shirt as me. The blue complements his eyes and to say the least, he looks good. "Hi Scarlett, I see you have met my best friend Issi," he says grinning."Yeah," I say awkwardly answering both questions but smiling. When Isabelle releases with from the hug, William stares at me for a second like he is captivated with my appearance. But that second is broken when Isabelle says "You look gorgeous, even in this hid
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Chapter 9
ScarlettWhen I walked into the dining hall my expectations had reached skies. That's what happens when you have read Harry Potter 7 times. I was slightly disappointed because were no ghosts roaming around but other than that, it was breathtaking. Papers were flying all around being passed by students who could control air. Students were sitting all in groups on different tables. There were rows of food, properly labelled. Ranging from salads to sweets. "Wow," I said aloud. "Yes, that's what people say, when they see our dining hall for the first time. Sometimes I wish I would get the opportunity to feel how you guys feel," he said already starting to walk towards the food."So, you have been here for very long??" I asked, following him and taking my food. "Yes, s
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