The Crush's Crusher

The Crush's Crusher

By:  JOSIE  Ongoing
Language: English
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...In the name of crush, love and lies...They say broken people can't fall in love, right? But what if love really lies? Fighting depression and bipolarity along with eating disorder and coupled with fighting the urge not to take her own life, can things get anymore confusing for Fay when a silly crush transpire into something else? They say obsession is sweet, but when it leads to infatuation, it tends to get more dangerous and powerful. "Can I kiss you?" He whispered, his lips hovering above hers slightly, their lips almost touching. She shook her head negatively, her lips unconsciously dying for his taste. "Alright." His breath out, untangling his fingers from her hair as he made to move his lips away from hers but she pulled his head back quickly before muttering against his small pink lips. "Kiss me." © Josephine. C. Ivy

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Chapter 1
      I rubbed my sweaty hands up and down my gown as I tried to look away from the doorway as it creaked open again, the sound vibrating then stopping like it has been doing for the past hour.I felt a light tap on my shoulder and looked back at a smiling amara.Amara, my roommate of almost two years flashed me one of her famous blinding smile.I could remember when I just saw Amara for the first time, I came to the conclusion on the spot that I didn't like her after assessing her for a few minutes, her smiles were always too beautiful, making her appear very happy. I don't even remember why I agreed to not wanting her for a friend in the first place.Most of our lecturers ended up liking her immediately, as her aura alone was accepting and inviting, that alone was working wonders on not just the students but on the lecturer.Surprisingly, we became v
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Chapter 2
          I looked up tiredly and smiled on seeing who Abu was referring to. It was no other person than Samuel. Samuel and I aren't that close, just your typical school course mates who try to at least be friendly towards each other and he's pretty cool, Abu's always claiming that Samuel likes me which is always making me feel weird anytime I'm around him. Today isn't an exemption, I pushed out of my chair and hugged him before saying."Samuel!! How many weeks? you should just die in the village and not bother coming back."I chastened playfully."Hey, where's the new phone you said you were gonna show me?" Abu inquired."Oh, it's in my bag, let me get it for you."He replied as he released me from the unwanted hug to bring out the new phone, he bragged about getting a new phone this semester and no one doubted him.
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Chapter 3
 "Amara baby, I'm sorry." I cooed."Leave me alone." She snapped but I saw her beautiful smile already tugging her lips which she tried to hide."I'll write your psychology notes for you?" I purposed again.No, definitely not."  She refused again but it's already obvious in her voice that's she's already smiling. I rolled my eyes, she's proving stubborn, typical Amara, let's see if she refuses this.I'll buy you lunch after class." I purposed and laughed as she jumped on me while chanting."Yes! Yes! Yes! I forgive your stupid ass." She said then continued."Just don't do shit like that again." She admonished. "I won't." I replied. Oh well, that's solved, now let's just write the stupid attendance and get the fuck out of here.    "Hey, can I stand before you? I'm too tired to stand at the end of the line, pleaseeeeeee
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Chapter 4
    'A dustbin is just right there, Fay'.My subconscious reminded me.Shut the fuck up!. I pushed back at her."Now, back to class." Amara stated as she headed towards block E. That's our last class for today and I don't feel like attending, and besides, to get to that particular block isn't easy at all and right now, I feel too tired and drained."Amara, can we skip the class? You know I said was tired. I'm still tired and more drained, I just wanna go home." I said to Amara who stopped in her tracks to stare at me before asking."What is it, Fay? You know, it's unlike you to be tired and drained like this. Are you alright?" She queried as she stare closely at my face.On getting home, the gate was about to be locked by the gateman but he opened it back again on sighting two of the tenants.Normally, students gets a room
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Chapter 5
    I headed for my closet and brought out a light grey jumpsuit, putting it on my bed, along with my undies. I headed into the bathroom and did my business, coming out stronger and more energetic.I don't know what kind of magic water has in it but it always have the power to soothe my body. Especially cold showers. I've always hated using hot or boiled water to bath, I'll go for cold and chilled water anytime, any day.Putting lotion on my body, I pull on my undies then my jumpsuit. I sat down on my bed as I picked up my wig, the one I wore to school today. I combed my fingers through it before stretching for the brush on the table, beside my bed.  I brushed the wig to my satisfaction before hanging it on the left wall in my room.Looking around for my phone, I picked up my dirty clothes and put them in the basket beside my closet before heading out of
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Chapter 6
      "Nah, I'll use my roll on." She replied as she dropped the roll on on her bed, heading for the door."Jesus!! Fay! Your perfume is too strong please, my nose." Abu said as he looks at me weirdly before coughing a little."Duh! It's my choice, I like my perfume strong. Deal with it."I replied as I faintly noted that I might have over sprayed the perfume, but who cares, it's my choice."You're a case, I swear." He replied as he stood up.We headed outside and waited for Amara to lock the door."Give me the key, let me keep it in my bag, you know you're not with any bag." I said to Amara."Ehn? So that we'll sleep outside today, right? I'll hold the keys please." She replied as she looked me up and down before tucking the key into her pocket.I scowled at her."Whatever!" I threw o
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Chapter 7
     Zayn shocked expression on hearing Fay tell him to shift away from her quickly cleared away as he tried to think of another way to get the stuck up Fay to get free with him.   Fay pulled her neckline from her neck and grimaced as it comes back to her skin like rubber. She's feels stuffy and held in, she have always hated this feeling. She threw a glance at Zayn and shrugged on seeing him staring broodingly at his drink. Maybe I was a little to harsh on him before, she thought before shrugging her shoulders again, who cares. She leaned against her chair and glanced at Amara again.    Amara is looking flustered and a little drunk but not too drunk. She likes letting loose and mingling with strangers like this, it's a trait she have since she could remember. He's very good looking and dark, since she started puberty, her fancy has always been in dark an
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Chapter 8
     Drinking down the warm cornflakes in fast gulps, I grabbed my head in my hands and sighed. A very horrible headache decided to wake me up from a very short sleep. °°°°°°   After giving Michael my number I headed back inside the bar to get Abu and Amara as it was almost 1:00am. As I walked into the bar, the people who witnessed my little brawl with the drunk man kept staring at me till it got unnerving. I was almost shouting at them to go get a life but I dismissed the thought the moment it came through. I've had enough drama for the night.    On heading to the table, to my surprise the table was ringing with laughter from the people surrounding it and I sighted Abu with a girl that wasn't there before, beside him. Even Zayn is back into the party spirit as he is a
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Chapter 9
    It's 5:00pm, I'll be done for the day by 6:00pm. Our law lecturer; Mr Isaac asked us to do a research on the third part of the rule of law, type, print and bind it  together, of course I forget to do it since last week, I did the assignment in school today before we headed to the school market to type and bind it. It's already almost the end of our law class, he left our class early, requesting for our assignments to be submitted and our names be written accordingly to the way our assignments were dropped.   Toben, being the snake he was, bossed everyone around and made sure we were queued up properly before the submitting began.    I queued up properly this time, in the very front line, the third to the first person, to be precise.     Just as I w
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Chapter 10
   Amara wrote her name after submitting her assignment andhat of Abu, she made a mental note to call him this afternoon as he's absent from school today which is rare for Abu. She walked out of the class and saw Silas coming back into the class. 'That was one kinda scene' Amara thought as she passed Silas, but she stopped the moment Silas called her name. "Yes?" She waited as she quickly glanced at her white wristwatch, Fay is an impatient person and might get too angry than normally if I take too long, Amara thought as she waited for Silas to say whatever he wanted to say before stopping her. "Amarachi. That's your name, right?" Silas said as he stood before Amara, he towered over her as Amara is barely five foot four inches tall.   
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