Chapter 54 - A bond, thicker than the blood we shared

Cara's POV

The thunder rolled overhead and rain pattered against the window's pane, knocking me out of my haze. I lifted my head up and listened to the sound of the raindrops as they steadily hit the glass, one after the other, with a constant rhythm as if the world outside was playing its own melancholy melody.

My gaze darted away and I continued brushing my wet hair. My movement suddenly paused and I let my eyelids drop down for a second as today's events rushed back with a full force and took a hold over my thoughts.

You see, it wasn't just the hallucinations that freaked me out, it wasn't just what I saw, it's what I felt.

The fear, the terror, the panic and the anguish that took over my being by just looking at him...The memories that I thought I moved on from, the life I thought I left behind. Today showed me, proved to me, that I am not over it yet, that somehow, I am still stuck in that past.

The hallucinations didn't come out of the blue, the drug didn't show me lies, it just
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