Chapter 56 - Desperate times call for desperate measures

Alex's POV

Flames of fear licked through my body, kindling the madness the thought of losing her created in me, and my gut twisted into the tightest knot.

What does he want from my little girl?

If he wants the baby dead, then what does Lilly have to do in the middle of all of this?

"Who did this?" Liam asked the guy, but the young man was already slipping away, the liquid oozing down his shirt took a darker color. Liam shook him, "I said, who did this?" His voice bellowed in the hallway, slamming against the walls and returning back as an echo.

"Who else do you think?" My voice didn't sound familiar to my own ears; Liam turned to me, his gaze drifting from the dead guy, "It's my dear father, who else would do something like this?"

His brow raised before he got to his feet, "Well, I can think of one other person who would do something exactly like this." The words harshly tumbled out, his hand curling into a fist, anger taking over his eyes. It's weird, seconds ago he was the one tryin
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