Chapter 59 - The One and Only



Cara's POV

Loving someone is one of the biggest chances we ever take.

I consider it unfair, because it's rarely a conscious decision we make. It's something beyond our control.

That love, it either blossoms slowly and gradually grows, or it hits us hard, shocking us with its sudden intensity.

Sometimes it's a cure.

And other times it's a curse.

In my case, it was both.

It was the one thing missing from my life, the thing I needed the most but when I finally had it, like a drug, I couldn't live without it.

Falling in love, it was inevitable.

This...all of this was inevitable.

It was bound to happen. I couldn't avoid it, no matter what, I couldn't run from it.

It's weird, but I always had a feeling that something this bad would happen one day. I always sensed a storm brewing at a distance, waiting for the best moment to strike and ruin us in its wake...and the sad thing, it actually did.

The storm wrecked us. Took parts of us. Changed us.

That storm, it broke
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