Chapter 60 - Our Story Ends Here

At the day of the incident...


05:30 am

Emma's POV


Fear is shackles, it is a knife in the gut slowly twisted, it is a constant hammer on the head.

Yet fear is also just an illusion, but not an amusing one brought about by a conjuring trick. It's like the ghosts of a child's nightmare - a fragment of our own imagination. A lie.

Whenever fear and I crossed paths, I walked with confidence right past it.

For years and years, I didn't feel it because I believed that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

But all of that changed now.

All my defenses evaporated as my eyes locked down with his. They were a deep, earthy brown - the color of the earth after torrential rains.

He smiles at me. It is soft, so soft, a contradiction with the cruelty in his eyes.

"Emma," He whispers, my name parts his lips ever so gently. He was never gentle.

The fear sits quietly, eroding the person I was born to be. What starts as a contortion of my stomach becomes a feeling of being smothered by a
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