Bonus Chapter I

Katherine's POV

"Here is number one," Alex said as he handed me Lilly.

I gave her to Ashton before I turned around and received the second package, "And here is number two," He added as he handed me Max and his bag. The little boy settled between my arms without making any noise. He rested his cheek over my chest as he played with the piece of bread in his tiny hands, chewing on it and making a mess over my clothes and his.

"Is that all?" I asked, my eyebrow raising and Alex nodded, "As far as I know, I have only two kids," He said, his eyebrows pulling closer in utter terror, "I hope there isn't more of them out there."

"We all have our doubts about that," I said and he shot me a glare.

His eyes flickered to Max in my arms and they softened right away before he inched closer and kissed his cheek. He ran his hand over the boy's soft hair and Max looked back at him, smiling as he let out that happy baby noise that makes my ovaries explode.

I pouted at his cuteness and tightened my arms
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