The Death of Me

The Death of Me

By:  pumpkinyara  Completed
Language: English
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HER : I had to leave, i had my reasons. Leaving changed me. I had to forget my past, to adapt with my present, to face the future. I suddenly came back, but the problem is...I am different now. HIM : She left, without any reason, she didn't even say goodbye. Losing her changed me. I couldn't forget my past, my present stopped, i can't face the future. She suddenly came back, but the problem is...I am different now. We saw them fight, laugh, shout, cry. We saw them fall in love, we saw them get married and start on with their lives. But one man from her past -suddenly comes back- knocks on her door, enters her life and everything after goes downhill. Secret reveals, dreams get shattered, hearts get crashed, old wounds open again, and new scars start to show. They split apart, they hate , they change. And right now; they're not dead, yet still not alive. And the question stays; Will they ever get their love back, or will it just be the death of them both?

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The Death of Me, a romance novel, loved by readers who claim it is an intoxicating novel, was written by Pumpkinyara. Starring Cara, her unrelenting anguish led her to run away from her home where she lived with her husband, Alex. She had a wonderful marriage, a little baby on the way, yet there was something troubling her, so she decided to run away destroying Alex's heart. Years later she returns, but both have changed and they don't know if their love will be the same as before. If you are looking for a novel of betrayals, reunions and secrets, you must read The Death of Me.

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This book was an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed it a lot. I really appreciate the longer chapters as well. Great job!
2023-06-08 04:02:59
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Loved itttt
2023-03-29 02:21:26
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Update plzzz
2023-02-15 17:38:16
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Khumisho Serapelwane
l loved it😀❤❤❤❤❤
2021-03-28 23:29:18
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Amber Livingston
oh my goodness good book so far. it is heartfelt yet heartbreaking cant wait to read the rest
2020-10-21 15:00:17
63 Chapters
Cara's POV His eyes suddenly flicked toward me and I stopped dead in my tracks.My inside started shaking, my hands started trembling at the side. I curled them into a fist to stop myself from breaking. It is not the time.My eyes pricked with tears--tears I’ve kept inside for the past two years.His brown eyes bored into mine, he looked shocked- no, no, not just shocked, he looked bewildered, horrified, afraid, pained, he looked so weak, so broken.You broke him.I couldn't silence the voice in my head this time; I couldn't lie to myself anymore. It is the truth.I broke him.He stood still in his place, few meters separating us, yet the distance in his eyes can't be measured, the distance these two past years left. He didn't move, he didn't even blink.I bowed my head and looked down unable to meet his eyes anymore. It has been long, really long since I last felt this rush of f
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Chapter one - A knock on the door
 Two years ago…Cara's POVYou know this feeling; this constant nagging at the back of your mind, this sickening at the pit of your stomach, this heavyweight over your chest that makes you sometimes stop and just try to gasp for a breath.You know; this anxiety, uneasiness, or maybe it is just referred to as --fear.I don't know, it is just, this feeling--What is it?What do they call it?This trepidation. As if you're waiting for something bad to happen. As if your gut is telling you, it’s giving you pre heads-up.To prepare yourself maybe, or just to be ready, to have it in you to face what's to come.I may sound crazy, but even sometimes, I feel as if someone is watching me. It is creepy, I know. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine.I let out a tired sigh and press my palms over the kitchen's counter.What t
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Chapter two - I am not like you
 Cara's POV "Dad !"The word came out of my mouth as a mere whisper. Saying it after all this time somehow managed to slightly break my heart."You know cupcakes I prefer it more when you call me daddy but-" Alex started to say something through the phone but i tuned out his words as the phone slipped from my hand and hit the floor.I couldn't help how all of a sudden the memory flashed back right in front of my eyes.I saw it clearly, i saw how the tears left my eyes , how I couldn't shut my cries as i saw him walking away, leaving us behind.Twenty years ago, yet still, the image is still so clear. The memory is still so fresh. The wound is still opened.I didn't want to remember, to recall it. I didn't want to feel that pain again. But I couldn't help it, my mind acted against my own will and took me back there.**Flashback**He knelt down
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Chapter three - The hardest decision
 Cara's POV I took the day off and went back home, I couldn't go to work after.I wasn't in the mood to talk with anyone or even think about anything.I laid on the bed trying to clear my mind and relax , trying to forget what happened yesterday and today. Trying to forget how he suddenly came back to my life and disturbed my thoughts.But even with that, I kept on recalling his words from earlier today.He said he will hurt Alex.Would he ?He wouldn't, right?He can't.Of course he can't. He won't go that far.He is not that bad.Or is he ?I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands unable to handle all the thoughts running in my head. I wish i can just go back into ignoring the thought of him.It was much easier that way.I let out a frustrated sigh and shot up from my laying position. I should occupy my mind with something else or I am
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Chapter four - I hate you
 Cara's POVI felt my throat burning as I muttered those words, knowing for sure there is no way back now.I have to give up.I have to oblige to his orders.He won.My dad won.He is going to take from me the only good thing in my life. I have to go and leave the few people I care about behind."You took the right choice." The man whispered beside my ear before releasing me. I directly sank into my knees unable to hold myself."Leave him." He ordered the other men. They let go of Alex and walked away with him.I struggled to my feet and directly ran toward Alex, my heart no longer under my control. I dropped beside him on the ground as he struggled to sit down.He winced, his hand went to his stomach, a low groan emitted from the back of his throat.I gasped as I took a look at his shirt, where blood is covering it all. A pile rose in my throat and more tears left my eyes.
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Chapter five - Will the past repeat itself again
 Cara's POV"Katherine." I said, my voice came low.I was so afraid she heard what we said.Her eyes flicked from me to my Dad's retreating figure, "What was he doing here ?" She asked.Did she hear anything ?Oh god, I hope she didn't.I licked my dry lips; I didn't know what I should say.Should I lie ? Again ? At my silence, her eyebrows pulled together, she inched closer, "I heard you tell him that you hate him." She said, her hand traveled to my arm, "Is he bothering you again?" She added sympathetically.Oh, so she didn't hear everything.I hope so.I shook my head and forced a smile, "It's nothing." I simply said.She probably got that I don't want to talk about it, so instead of asking further she just inched closer and wrapped her arms around me.I hugged her back, my hold tighter than ever as another heartbreaking realization dawned on
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Chapter six - Girl or boy ? Still hot like daddy
Cara's POV We spent the rest of the day at my Mom's house, she even insisted that we should stay the night as well and leave tomorrow.So we did.We didn't talk much about my so called father after that.I wanted to ask more. I didn't get the answers i need yet.But my mom doesn't look like she have them anyway.She was about to prepare the guest room for us when i asked her if my room still the same, she said yes, so i asked her if we could stay there and for sure she accepted.I entered the room, a small smile curved my lips as i notice
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Chapter seven - Unexpected news
Cara's POV "I couldn't sleep without you."It hurts.It shouldn't but it hurts so damn much.You have to get used to it. Alex, you have to get used to continue your whole life without me, not just sleeping.I turned myself in his arms so i can see his face, "Ale-"He raised an eyebrow and directly interrupted me, "We'll discuss it in the morning." He said, "Go back to sleep now."I didn't have the energy in me to argue, so i just nodded and turned around. His hand around me touching my baby bump, I placed mine over his and held it as i closed my eyes and
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Chapter eight - First reveal
Cara's POV   I laid my head over the bed's headboard, my eyes fixated on the white ceiling above me, my mind still trying to take into everything happening.One week has passed.One week with me away from home.One week but nothing major happened.One week, and no single tear was shed. I think i am doing good, i am holding myself. Good. Great.Once arrived to London, My so-called father took me to this hotel, he left me here and went away, and i hadn't seen him since then.Which is good.
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Chapter nine - Your worst nightmare
  Cara's POVMy wide eyes directly flicked from my father to Roman, I didn't understand anything.This guy is my brother.My real brother.What the-At the moment i finally understood the weird familiarity in his eyes. They're the same as my mothers eyes. His mother as well.Oh my god."But how ? ", My voice was low as i talked, i looked back at my father and shook my head, "This doesn't make sense.""It d
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