Chapter 58 - The Final Battle (PART TWO)

Alex's POV

"Can I ask something?"

Oh, it speaks.

I didn't answer right away, I can feel her eyes on me as I drove us to our destination. Without turning, I nodded my head, ushering her to carry on, although, I would've preferred this drive to be silent.

"Would you...Would you really do what you said on the phone?" The amount of fear in her voice almost made my chest tighten, "Would you hand me over to your father like that?"

I turned to look at her, my brow arched as I asked, "Do you want the truth?" She immediately nodded her head, eager to hear the answer.

I looked back at the road ahead of us, "Yeah, I would." I honestly said, "If it wasn't for Nikolas, who I am pretty sure will literally kill me if I did it, but if it wasn't for him, I would've just handed you to him in exchange for my daughter."

I felt her shift in her seat uncomfortably, her voice shook a little, "Are you going to do that now?"

I turned to her, to see the lone tear streaming down her cheek and I shook my head, "
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