No Resistance 18+


Note: If you are under 18 or mature scenes are not your cup of tea, please skip this chapter and the next!


Softly, I mindlessly breathed a low, desperate command into his ear then connected our lips in a hungry kiss.

The familiar touch of his lips pressed flush against mine, felt like bundles of heat that pulsed nothing but warmth and bliss throughout my body. It all was heaven. His finger deep inside me, drilling into my hole mercilessly as his tongue dived down my throat with equal vigour. I could feel myself leak on the spot, my incessant wetness rolling down his pumping finger. 

Parting our lips shortly, I slid my legs further apart and whimpered into his ear once again. "Nnnnggh...Harderrr..." 

I begged him with so much desperation printed unto my featur

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