Sweet Addiction

My eyes fluttered open, welcoming the face of the man who had literally rocked my world last night. Though I was sort of familiar with his face, I couldn't help but stare intently at him, mesmerized by the overwhelming beauty he alone possessed.

What was a guy like him doing sitting alone at a club anyway? There were countless people there and I'm sure the women who noticed him wouldn't have just ignored his presence. So why didn't they swarm him like flies? 

No matter, it's good that no one approached him. Because of that, I got the chance to have a blast. Sighing, I blinked to adjust to the morning light escaping through the window and stretched my arms to rid myself of the drowsiness. His stare was unrelenting as I did so.

I guess he is as fascinated with me as I am with him. Figures. I am irresistible after all.

"What's all the staring for?" I asked after a while, shifting onto my side so I could see him better, but the movement only caused a slight sting in my lower area. Feeling the end result of his manhood that had torn me apart last night, I couldn't help but grin.

"Am I not free to admire you?"

"You're free to fuck me is all," I corrected, sliding my knee upwards to brush against his rod, "'re such a beast in bed."

I soon replaced my knee with my hand and bit my lip seductively, watching in satisfaction as his eyes slowly darkened with lust. 

Who knows, I might not be seeing him again after today. I should make the most of him while I have the chance, right?

My thumb ran over his tip meanwhile his hot, destabilized breaths fanned my face, leaving a tingling sensation on my skin. I released the sensitive tip from the torture I bestowed and let my fingers teasingly slither up and down his length before wrapping around his huge manhood, drawing a long intake of breath from him. I stroked him up and down and occasionally ran my fingers along his length lightly. 

I didn't make it too obvious, but I didn't even know what the hell I was doing. I'm not quite used to this kind of thing since I'm the one who's usually on the receiving end. But I just happen to love the erotic sounds he makes when I touch him. I'd probably even drop to my knees if it comes to it...if you know what I mean...

I momentarily moved my hand to discard the duvet hiding our lower halves then returned to the task at hand. I moved slowly at first but a new stream of confidence surged through me when he groaned and started thrusting his rod into my hands.

I picked up my speed and precum soon started to leak from the tip. My petite hands spread his juices over his erection, leaving it glistening deliciously and throbbing in my grasp. 

His forehead pulled itself into lines as his hips moved back and forth in a rhythm with my strokes. He was getting close...I could tell. 

I didn't cease my actions until cum spurted from the tip, splattering both on my hand and the sheets. I continued to stroke him, drawing every last drop of cum from him. I then released his rod and brought my hand up to my face, deciding to give him a taste of his own medicine by sucking on each finger individually whilst looking him dead in the eye.

"Mhmm...nice taste." I commented.

He watched me intently as I sucked his juice... And just as I moved my fingers from my lips, the lust in his eyes multiplied ten fold and he grabbed me by the waist, pulling me into him. 

My smirk widened into a grin. I like the way this guy thinks. I can tell that he's my type. You know, the type that's obsessed with sex?

His shaft pressed flushed against me instigated another ache in my core, but it wasn't as a result of our wild was an almost painful ache for him to be inside me. After all that happened last night, it's no wonder why I feel this way.

He removed one hand from my waist and reached over into the drawer on the nightstand, grabbing a condom and handing it over to me. I impatiently tore the foil with my teeth and slipped it onto his throbbing rod before dipping my head down and kissing the side of his lips whilst my hand reached down to guide him to my entrance.

But just as the tip penetrated me with a sharp yet delicious sting, someone chose that exact moment to knock.

I ignored it and continued to slide him further into me but another round of knocks sounded, louder than the first. Reluctantly, I leaned my upper body back a bit, rolling my eyes when I saw the apologetic look he was giving me.

Damn...He sure knows how to kill a vibe.

I climbed off his body and laid unto my side with a frown, my face turned towards him. "Whoever the hell that is, seriously deserves to be six feet under," I grumbled.

He chuckled, amused. In his head, he might be thinking that I wasn't being completely serious, however I certainly was. Whenever my irritation reaches an uncontrollable height, I might just end up 'accidentally' turning someone into a ghost.

While I was busy throwing an internal tantrum, he reached out and brushed strands of my hair aside then massaged the wrinkles on my forehead with his thumb. "Stop frowning, princess. I promise to fuck you nice and hard when I get back."

When he gets back? What does he take me for?

He got off the bed and walked into the bathroom, returning with a towel. Once he took off the condom and wiped the cum off his manhood as best as he could, he slipped on the pants he retrieved from the floor then began heading out, slapping my ass as he passed.

"You won't be seeing me when you get back from wherever," I told him, nakedly slipping off the bed and moving over to the door which I assumed led to the bathroom.

"You're leaving?"

I delayed opening the bathroom door and looked over at him with a raised brow. "Isn't that what normally follows after a one night stand?"

He went silent and I shot him a well deserved glare. Don't tell me that he thought I'd actually stay here like a good little dog, waiting for him to come back so he could fuck my brains out? Do I look like a sex depraved wife? I admit, I am desperate for sex, but not THAT desperate.

A frown plastered itself on his face then, he stepped off and walked over to me. I looked up at him, waiting for him to make a move or atleast say something.

"What if I want more than a simple one night stand?" His eyes made contact with mine and didn't avert thereafter. With those serious eyes, intimidation was a must, but I did my best not to let it show.


He grabbed my waist and pulled me flush against him, forcing me to press my palms to his chest, chin raised as I looked at him. "I want you to be my girl. I can't leave a sexy beauty like you as a simple one night stand."

My stomach dropped. He wants me to be his girl? Is he serious?

I've heard things along those lines countless times after sex, but never had I been so tempted to concede. Surely, a good dude like him can't be tossed aside like everyone else. He's sexy, he has that badboy look that I like, his shaft is HUGE, he's obviously an expert at sex and he has great stamina... He's the whole package, but if a relationship is what he really wants, then I'm not interested...or rather I shouldn't be interested. Don't get me wrong, I am truly flattered but we literally just met and I tend to always get tired of things easily...and that includes men. It doesn't make sense to get into anything with him when I know it won't last long.

"I don't do relationships," I said honestly.

His hands loosened around my waist and his frown deepened, eyebrows drooping down. He would definitely look more appealing if he was making that face while we were having sex.

Poor thing. 

But then out of the blue, a cocky-looking smirk climbed unto his face. I was immediately confused. What could he possibly be thinking of?

"Then how about we have a few nights of fun first? I can guarantee that you'll be begging to be mine within three days. I'm that good."

"Is that a challenge?"

"You could say that."

I thought about it for a few seconds. What he expects won't happen anyway so taking him up on that offer is no biggy, right? Plus, it's good that I get to see him a few more times before we stop seeing each other completely.

As far as I'm concerned, last night had been the best night of my life. His thrusts were so rough and his touches were so bruising but it brought greater pleasure than I've ever felt before.

And I want more...more of him.

"Alright then, let's see what happens...Leave your number over there," I grinned, gliding one hand up and resting it on his shoulder, while my chin jerked towards the notebook on the bedside table. "I'll be calling very often, so you better be ready to fuck till your dick falls off."

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