As soon as he walked back through the door from whence he came and left me standing in his room, I was thrown into a heap of fascination as I began to look around. The place was neat and tidy aside from the floor that was littered with my clothes. The bed was humongous, so much so that it could probably hold me, mom and dad on one half.

From the looks of it, this guy was rich, very rich. He even has one of those expensive massage chairs that I had back when father possessed a little cash. I loved that chair. I was quite heartbroken when I had to sell it as well as a few other things of mine to buy the crappy place we live in now.

I sighed, unlocking the door to the bathroom and stepping inside. I took a long bath, thoroughly scrubbing away the cum that stuck to my skin and washing my hair that hadn't been touched by water in a few months. I might be too presumptuous to do this at his place and use his expensive shampoo but who cares? It's feels nice to be using the good stuff once again.

When I left the bathroom around an hour later, I took out the first clothes my eyes caught sight of in the closet: Sweatpants and T-Shirt. Normally, I'd feel a bit uncomfortable in these types of clothing, but since his inebriating scent was still so thick in them, I had absolutely no problem with it. In fact, I'll be keeping these.

I tied my messy hair into a ponytail then grabbed the paper on which he had sloppily jotted down his number before heading out. I guided my gaze to the spot where I remembered leaving my heels and immediately spotted it sprawled out in the hall.

Heels and baggy sweatpants? Awesome fashion sense.

After slipping them on, I walked down the hall then descended the stairs, my hands sliding along the banister whilst my eyes scanned the interior of his house.

Judging by how refined and untarnished it was, he had recently furnished the house. The floor was also void of dirt, glistening as if it had just been cleaned. Adding to its elegance, were the paintings and photographs on the wall. The paintings were mostly portraits and landscapes while the photographs mainly displayed images of around thirty men, him being the one in the center.

He's a guy who looks to be a little over twenty, so it's pretty surprising that he has a house like this. But then again, it was possible that his parents were the ones who owned it and not him. Either way, it was impressive.

I didn't get the chance to admire it as much as I wanted because suddenly, a tall, tan skinned man came rounding the corner. His thin lips stretched into a small smile when he spotted me.

"Hey, I'm Kenley. Kasan wanted me to give you a lift home. Is that alright with you?" he asked.

Kasan? so that's his

I eyed the guy for a few seconds then nodded, my hesitance not lasting very long. He and Kasan's appearance seemed very similar. That gave me the idea that he was his brother or some other relative.

I followed him out of the house and into the sleek black Bugatti parked outside. He started the car and drove off when I buckled up. The road sign my eyes soon caught sight of a few minutes into the drive, notified me of where exactly I was: 'Grevin', the place where I first lived before my family went into hiding.

So Kasan lives in Grevin? How come I never saw him before? And how could I let him take me so far away from home last night? I would've been dead meat if any of those dimwit Mafia guys recognized me here.

I sat up, my eyes sweeping over the buildings that flew by. It was all there...the flower shop I previously worked at, the cafe I loved to visit whenever I was stressed and the boutique where I bought clothes every weekend.

It's nice to be back but I didn't really feel like I missed it. Probably that's because I had lived among many people here but still found myself feeling lonely...I didn't have friends nor relatives, the only enticing thing here was the men, nothing else. So its pretty much as boring as in the woodlands where I lived now. The only difference was that I had freedom.

I leaned back with my cheek resting against the car seat as I continued to stare, spotting a few familiar but trivial faces.

"Where to?" Kenley suddenly broke the silence.

I turned my head towards him briefly then returned my gaze back to the busy street.

"Hauville." I answered lazily.

Once we arrived in Hauville, I took on the task of directing him towards where I lived and before long, buildings were replaced by trees as we neared the woodland.

"You live around here?"

I nodded, my eyes spotting the pathway that'd take me through the woods and to my house, "You can just drop me over there, I'll walk the rest of the way since I don't live very far in." I pointed up ahead.

"In the woods?" His tone held the same disbelief his face showcased.

"What? Never seen a house in the woods before?" I rolled my eyes, feeling slightly offended by his obvious discrimination. "Just stop the car."

But despite my words he didn't stop, instead he took a sharp turn into the woods. His incredulous look had retracted, now the only thing eerily swirling in his eyes was amazement with a mix of mischief.

What the hell?

I filled with confusion when I saw two cars similar to this one parked in front my house along with a mini van. That wasn't what surprised me the most was the four guys that paced back and forth on the porch as if on the look out. When the sound of the car approaching reached their ears, they turned to look, their eyes staying glued to it for a while before averting.

Who are they? Dad's visitors? Or God forbid...the police?

The car skidded to a stop in front of the house and I quickly got out, readying myself to rush over and investigate the situation. But I had to cease my movements when Kenley slid out of the car as well.

I eyed him weirdly. "Where do think you're going?"

He didn't answer, instead, he walked around the car and grabbed my arm harshly, dragging me behind him as he stalked over to the front door.

"Let me go!" I shrieked, trying in vain to yank my arm out of his strong grip. Ignoring my screams of protest, he nodded towards the four men as he walked by them, sending another wave of confusion through my mind.

Someone please tell me what is going on here?

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" I screamed, glaring at the back of his head when he stopped in front of the door.

Finally, he turned to look at me, but the smirk on his face was quite unsettling. He yanked my arm harshly and I stumbled forward, nearly tripping over my feet. "You're a sly little one, aren't you?" He chuckled darkly and whilst staring at me with a sinister glint in his eyes, he called out to someone unknown to me, "Alpha...I brought you someone special."

Alpha? Who's he calling Alpha?

I stood in torturous confusion until the door was roughly pulled open and a familiar face graced my eyes.


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