The Dork and the Diva

The Dork and the Diva

By:  Celine Cecil  Ongoing
Language: English
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__"Promise me here and now Ari, that you won't hurt me. Promise me you won't betray my love for you. Promise me, Ari, because if you do... " He cut off her wobbly words by placing a kiss on her forehead," I won't hurt you, Areum. I promise. "__ _________ But then, she did get hurt. Areum Kyung is the best of the best singers in Crystal Academy. A troublemaker and rule breaker who found herself falling for the shy guy she'd bumped into at a café. Not caring about anyone's opinion, even her best friend's, Areum confessed her love for Arizona. After all, he's j a sweet and shy nerd... Or is he? Their love grew so deep and so sweet that anyone would get jealous of them. Areum loved him and he loved her more, but then, their love was not meant to be a happy ending one. Before they got into a relationship, Arizona had taken up a disreputable task against Areum's family. One that would change their lives forever. But then, what exactly has he been tasked to do and how would it affect the both of them, Areum especially. But most importantly, will Areum be able to forgive Arizona for what he's done? Will she consider their love and pardon him? After all, he betrayed her love and he broke every single promise he'd whispered to her. Of course, anyone in her shoes will choose to hate him till the end of time, yet she had to consider the fact that he had no other choice.

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default avatar
Such a nice story! Can’t wait to see what happens next
2024-02-07 02:40:33
user avatar
The plot is really good ♡ Best of luck author!
2024-02-01 16:56:01
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The Quotester
Actually, it's the synopsis that led me to opening the chapters. I like your book, keep updating dear.
2023-12-14 04:52:44
user avatar
Not bad but can be better
2023-09-12 13:15:49
default avatar
A. Diamond
I love how the characters are being portrayed. I really love this...
2023-09-06 03:08:48
user avatar
Kara Natalie
I really think this is a lovely story. Although it's very different from what I've read previously, it's not less captivating
2023-09-12 05:28:09
51 Chapters
 SYPNOSIS What exactly is a high school romance story? A typical 'bad boy x good girl' love saga right? Well, this book is gonna drive you into a whole new dimension with a very unique story that contradicts the high school romance tradition. The Dork And The Diva comprises of two different people from two different worlds. Arizona Hart... He's the opposite of what is supposed to be a main male character. He's the shy, clumsy, awkward and unnoticed, Introverted nerd. His nose is always in his book and he's always staying on his lane. He's literally a bookworm. If he's not reading, then he's working out some sort of technology . He's the plain type of guy infact. Areum Kyung... Ever heard of a troublesome, loud, school hater? Well, she's the perfect example. She's an outgoing person and every single student in Crystal Academy knows her. The guys literally worships her. So damn sexy, total rule-breaker, mischievous and very carefree. Not to forget... She's a high-sc
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Crystal Academy 17th July, 2023 In Senior High School, CLASS C The class was noisy. The students awaited the arrival of the Geography teacher, Mr David. Some were chatting with their friend group, some were on their phones, some were even making out like they were in a club or something while few were reading. A particular person, was bent beside the teacher's chair, holding a screwdriver and literally loosing the screws that held the chair together. Few minutes later, a whisper was heard, "He's coming! He's coming!" Immediately, everyone settled properly like nothing was going on,even the one loosing the screws. Mr David entered the class, his face stoic as usual. He walked to the chair and placed the books he held on the table before looking up at the silent students. "I hope you all did your assignments because if you didn't, I'll deduct out of your CA marks" Some students grumbled while some chorused, "Yes sir!" Mr David sent all of them a lo
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Heart Skip
Chapter 2Heart skip Areum left the music class late and tired. She got home and didn't meet her father in the living room as expected. She shrugged, thinking he's in his room or something. She climbed up the stairs, ignoring the maid's calls, "What would you like for dinner, Miss Areum ?miss! Miss!" Areum walked to her father's room, with the intention of kissing him Goodnight and apologizing for what had happened but reaching his door, she heard his frustrated huff, "I just don't know what to do about her. She's so stubborn,never on time,carefree, troublesome,and brings me nothing but worries. Apart from her musical excellence, she's totally a thorn on the neck." Areum rolled her eyes, wondering why her father is so dramatic. The teacher didn't even die! Gosh! "She should be home by now, but then she's probably causing one chaos or the other." Areum wondered who her father was reporting her to. Wait a minute! The only person her father talks about her to is.
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He's Arizona?!
The party was just like any other party. Loud, colorful, stinking of alcohol and drunk teenagers everywhere. She's never been to Kayne Black's house. She never attends his parties, she never looks at his side even. Riel pulled her along, through the dancing students. They got to the drinks bar and the bartender smirked, "What do we have here?The most beautiful Areum attending Kanye's party. " Areum rolled her eyes," Shut up, Dante. Riel made me come. " Dante chuckled, giving Riel a fist bump." I'll take 2 shots of tequila."Riel smiled and Areum also took her 🍻 drink. Areum glanced around. It's not her first time of attending high school parties. She even threw her own on her last birthday. She got so drunk... Areum felt her phone vibrate in her hand. She checked and it was a text from Diego, {Come on out. I'm outside}. She turned to Riel with the intention of telling her, but the girl was already flirting away with some dude. Areum rolled her eye
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He wore a plain long sleeved shirt and pants. His black hair was neatly trimmed and he wore a pair of glasses. In one word, he's a nerd. The only un-nerd-ish thing about him was his stature. Yes. He's tall and he looks fit. Noticing the strange eyes on him, Arizona looked away. He hates attention. Areum stared at him in shock. Her green eyes widened, "He's that guy from Uncle Yul's cafe." She muttered to herself. Yh. The one that unintentionally bathed her with coffee... The one that keeps interrupting her thoughts,his electric blue eyes staring down at her in her dreams. "Is he a new student?" Blair, one of the students asked. "No. He's always been in the class. He's just not an attention seeker, so look away, you'll make him shy."Mr Oliver said Some of the girls giggled," He's cute."One spoke up and they chuckled. Areum clasped her hands together on her laps. How is she supposed to work with him!? Ok... It's not a big deal. She'll just dump all the work o
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Yh...The Feeling
Arizona sat alone at lunch, reading a book and eating his sandwich. He's completely lost in his book, not even noticing the other students around him. And then, so suddenly and unexpectedly, someone drops a tray of food on the table, next to him, startling him out of his reading. He flinched a bit, almost dropping the book he held in fact. And when he looked up, he saw a blonde beauty with bright green eyes, standing there, looking flustered. She blinked "I'm really sorry about that! I didn't mean to startle you." Arizona shook his head, a small smile making way to his face," it's okay, Areum." "Uh.. May I?" She gestured at the space beside him and he nodded awkwardly, wondering why he was too dumb to ask her to sit in the first place. Areum smiled, gently settling beside him, her heart picking up its silly beating. The silence between them was pretty awkward though. "I hope I'm not disturbing. I just wanted to... um... talk about our project. "She began
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Crystal Academy. Friday Music class. Areum's eyes were glued to her phone as she scrolled through her twitter. Suddenly, she felt someone sit beside her. She blinked, looking up only for her eyes to meet with a pair of grey ones. The person smiled, "Hi, beautiful." Areum smiled, "Hello, Kanye." He pouted a bit, "It should be, 'hello, handsome.'" Areum rolled her eyes, "Your parents named you Kanye." He pursed his reddish lips, "You're hurting my poor heart." Areum giggled."I'm feeling fulfilled. " He made a sad face, patting his chest comfortingly," It's okay heart. Don't be sad, she likes us anyways. " Areum chuckled at him. He smiled at her. Just then, they heard," Hey you! "Areum wanted to ignore it, but the voice came again, even saucier" Are you deaf or what? " Areum glared up at the speaker," I don't know about you, Serafina, but i can hear very perfectly. Thanks for asking." Their classmates placed their full attention on the du
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I'll never shun my feelings
Riel rolled her eyes, "Why are you so excited? It's just a visit to the library." Areum sneered at her, brushing her long blonde hair, "Shut up, Riel." Riel groaned, sitting up on Areum's bed, "Why are you hanging out with him anyways? He's a nerd." Areum frowned at Riel's words, "And so?" Riel pouted, "What do you think our friends are going to say when they see AREUM KYUNG hanging out with a mere nerd" Areum's face turned defensive and annoyed, "He's not a MERE nerd, Riel. Watch what you say. He's human too. And I don't care what our friends think or say. It's their cup of coffee, not mine! So ✋stop bothering me, Riel." She couldn't stand Riel downgrading Arizona like that. Riel scoffed, "You're going yell at me because of him. I guessed he used some sort of shamanic charm on you." "Just keep it to yourself, Riel. I've never disapproved of who you choose to befriend. Why pester me?" Areum asked annoyingly. Riel ignored her,and Areum
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Bad news
Entering the living room, a deep frown befell Arizona's face. The scent.. He knows only one person with such scent. He frowned harder, 'She's home'. Instead of being happy like any other child would be, he grew annoyed instead. He decided to go into his room to avoid bumping into her or something. As he walked past a particular door, he heard loud screams... More like moans, "ah! Harder! Yh.. Right ther..oh fvck!" Arizona clenched his jaws,both in disgust and anger. She's at it again. Bringing numerous men to sleep with,neglecting him like he's not in existence at all. After ruining his life. After almost making him lose all he has. After almost separating him from his family. The recollection made him even angrier as he barged into his room and slammed the door. "ahhh!" He heard her distant scream and he vexed out his anger by throwing a hard punch unto the wall behind him. "Dang it!" He cussed, his mind engulfed by rage as he threw ano
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Cutest Couple
"Areum!" She heard a familiar voice call her name. She turned and she smiled in relief. He's here. He rushed up to her, "I'm so sorry. You must have been here for so long. Gosh! I'm..." Areum held his hand,stopping him by saying, "It's okay, Ari. Are you good?" Arizona nodded, "Yh. I'm fine." Areum nodded. She noticed his bright blue eyes aren't so bright. He looks different... Downcast... "Ok. That's nice. I was actually worried when you didn't come..." Areum said to him as they walked over to the small ice-cream kiosk. Arizona blinked, feeling a tiny flutter in his heart, "Y.. You were worried about me?" Areum sent him a strange look, "Why not? We are friends after all. And even if we aren't, it's good to care for others." A smile spread on Arizona's initially black face, "You are different you know." Areum made a funny face, "Different? How do you mean?" Ari smiled, "Well,girls in your shoes are usually proud and pompous an
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