The Dragon's Mighty Heart.

The Dragon's Mighty Heart.

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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It was said that centuries ago, a dragon was casted down on earth. To protect the creatures of night and to protect the world that only woke up at night. They were bestowed with unlimited power and wisdom. But until the source of that power was stolen from the kingdom.It became the Destiny of the future king of the kingdom, Mountainia to find the dragon's Mighty Heart. The one who came from heaven and whose powers were protected by the angels. But it was near to impossible because he did not know who his enemy was and who his friends were. Will Landon be able to free his people? Or will he fail to find the mighty heart?

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Tanya Innes
not a bad story, ending was disappointing but I spose open for a sequel.. bit confusing with the 3rd person pov???
2021-05-30 07:53:01
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Troy Kelly
Not what I was expecting. Erotica. contains mfm and corruption.
2021-05-25 19:34:46
60 Chapters
  LANDON'S POV:-  FIVE HUNDRED YEARS AGO:-  I was lying on my bed. A warm light of the candle that was set on a table beside my bed. It was keeping the dark away from me. I was just a kid at that time. I was not even seven. After my mom left the room when she was done with three bedtime stories. I was alone, staring at the ceiling as if I could see the shining stars in the silk black sky. The night looked darker than usual. It was the moonless night. And I always found it difficult to fall asleep in the moonless nights.   Let me introduce myself first like a gentleman. My name is Prince Landon Vulcan. Son of the King Joseph Vulcan. And I lived in the huge castle of our kingdom. You might think of an ordinary kingdom. But actually, no. I belong to a magical kingdom. Our lands were bigger than Europe. But no human had ever seen our kingdom. It was forbidden for
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LANDON'S POV:-THREE HUNDRED YEARS LATER:-I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed abruptly. I was all sweaty again. My heart was beating wildly inside my rib cage and my breaths were short as pants. I grabbed the towel that was on my bedside table and wiped the sweat off of my body and my face. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked at the clock that was set in my bedroom. I filled a glass with cold water then downed it's content in one go. "Always at the same time." I thought to myself and laid back down on the bed. I was having those nightmares ever since we left Mountainia. Raymond brought me to Vienna. Turned out that my father had been saving a lot of money. He had some friends in Austria. He had bought a huge company that built ships in Austria. All I did was to learn to fight and studied hard. After we came to Vienna, R
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LANDON'S POV:-I was sitting in the living room with Raymond. I was on a chair and Raymond was sitting across the table. We were playing chess. I never really liked playing chess, it was not my game. But I started playing it for Raymond as it was one of the things my father and Raymond used to do when he was alive. He said it calmed him down whenever he played chess. He was one of the most loyal people my father had.Suddenly, the kettle started whistling. We both looked at each other's faces as none of us set the kettle on the stove. We stood up and made our way towards the kitchen. The kettle was settled in its place. It was not on the stove. I sighed as I understood what was going on. It was a message from some friends who were still living in the kingdom along with my brother.Raymond went towards the kettle and opened it. Red flames appeared in front of our eyes. It was the messenger
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BERRY'S POV:-I was standing in front of the counter, waiting for the landlord to give me money so I could go back home. Well, technically, I could send money for my siblings and go back to that shitty hostel where I lived. I really never thought that our lives would be this much difficult. I understood why parents are so important in our lives. After my parents death, my mom's brothers kicked me and my siblings out of the house. They took over everything and changed my father's will. I tried to fight but the actual will was destroyed by my dad's lawyer. I did not have any evidence that I was telling the truth. Seeing my younger siblings starving and sick, I had to stand up to support them. I was grateful to my aunt, who took us in. But they were not very rich. They were barely getting enough to fill their stomachs. That was the reason why I had to stand up. I came to Vienna so I could earn enough to raise my s
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LANDON'S POV:-I stepped out of the cart quickly as we suddenly stopped in the middle. I looked around for the reason why we stopped. I saw one of the drivers kneeling on the road. I went towards him and he stood up. "I swear my Lord, she came out of nowhere. We did not even see her." He said as I knelt down on the ground. She had a wound on her head. But she also had some bruises on her neck and her face. Three men came running towards us. "Oh God! What did you do? Oh my Berry, please talk to me." One of them started yelling at us. I grabbed his collar aggressively and pulled him up. The other two tried to attack me but my drivers were fast enough to pin them with the ground."What did you do to her? Did you try to force her?" I asked him through gritted teeth. He gulped hard as he saw his men pinned with the ground. He laughed nervously and shook his head."Oh, of
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 BERRY'S POV:-  I opened my eyes and sat up abruptly on the bed. I was in an unknown place. It looked like a mansion. It was bigger than the mansion my parents owned. I could imagine the size of the mansion with the size of the bedroom I was in. The bed itself was bigger than the living room of my aunt's house. I looked at my body. I had a white clean gown on my body. But as I remembered, I was running naked on the streets to protect myself. "Oh my God, did he get me? Oh God, no please no…" I thought to myself as I tried to remember what really happened.  I was offered by the landlord to become his mistress. I had rejected his offer and tried to run away when he tried to abuse me. Then I was running aimlessly to save myself from that monster when I was hit by a horse. Then everything went dark. I could not remember what happened to me after that. Seeing the big mansion, I was convinced that he ha
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BALTHAZAR'S POV:-I was walking back and forth in my room, waiting for the news I had been waiting to hear for so long. I could not wait for them to give me the good news. But it was taking longer than I had expected it to be. I stepped out of my room and made my way towards the chamber of the witches who were busy with the process of getting everything done by its time. Of course there had to be a ceremony before we got to place the mighty heart back on its place. It had been centuries when we had lost the only hope of dragon's survival in this mortal world. Of course, we did not belong to this filthy world. Where they live and die just in a century. It was rare to see people living off a century. But those people were nothing but an old burden for the rest of the worMy most trusted man, Kelly stepped out of the chamber of the witches and froze as he looked at my face. His face went pale as if he had seen a ghost.
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 BERRY'S POV:-  I stepped out of the office building and mentally cursed myself for being a stubborn soul. It was really not my fault though. Mr Turner had told me that it would rain by the time we would be going back home. And I looked at him and laughed at him. It was near to impossible. The sun was shining brightly in the morning and there was not a single piece of cloud around the big blue sky. I stomped my foot on the ground as I did not bring my umbrella. And I knew I had to go back home with wet clothes and hair.  "It will not help with the rain, neither you are going to get an umbrella by stomping your feet on the ground." I jumped as I heard Mr Vulcan whisper in my ear. I looked up and found an umbrella over my head. He came closer to me and rested his hand on the small of my back. He nodded his head and pulled me towards the cart that was waiting for us. He helped me into the cart first then h
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LANDON'S POV:-Landon son, meet your older brother, Balthazar. He will be training you from now on." My father introduced me to a man who was all grown. I gulped hard and looked at his face. At first, I hid behind my mother who giggled seeing my nervousness. They knew well that I was not really a stranger friendly child. Balthazar chuckled and knelt down on the ground. He opened both of his arms for me to hug him. I looked up at my mother who nodded her head with a small smile on her face. Her smile boosted up my confidence and I walked towards my brother. I went to him and wrapped my tiny arms around his neck nervously. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and picked me up from the ground.He inhaled sharply and then he set me back down on the ground. He was not bad. He looked at my father and I did the same. "He smells just like you, father. He even looks like you. He is an exact repl
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BERRY'S POV:-It was about fifteen minutes when he pulled his head out of the crock of my neck. I wiped his tears and he forced a small smile on his face. I was worried about him. But I definitely did not want him to feel the same pain again. So I bit my tongue. "I am sorry if I worried you. I needed that hug, so yeah! Thank you so much." He said in his gruffy voice due to all crying. I just awkwardly nodded my head and smiled."Are you sure, you are okay, Mr Vulcan?" I asked him in a worried tone. He rubbed his knuckles over my cheek and nodded his head. I nervously pushed a lock of my hair behind my ear and stood up. I was about to move away when he held my hand. I have him a confused look. But that was until a mischievous grin made its way to his lips. I gasped loudly as he pulled me suddenly. I collided with his hard chest. My cheeks burned as he was not wearing anything on his upper body.
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