Black Angel Or African Gods

Black Angel Or African Gods

By:  bill_daecda  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nine million years ago.Before the appearance of the fist men on earth. There was a great war that destroyed the order of the heavens. Superior beings fought for hegemony and power. Several powerful God's and Immortal beings were slain and annihilated.Amidst this crises, a young black prince rose to power, burdened with his innate desires to to gain ultimate knowledge, he strives to uncover the secrets of the forces of heaven.Caught up in intense family fights and drama, he hopes to be triumphant. However, in his quest to be better he has to contend with several forces of good and evil.Will he be able to uncover the secrets of heaven? Will he succeed to settle his family dispute?Will he come out victorious against the forces of good and evil?

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49 Chapters
Black Mountain
Nine million years ago.There was a great war, that besieged an entire continent.  Dyeing the land red.  With blood spilled from the bodies of ancient immortals.Black mountain empire.BANG!A figure was shot through the air.  Flying like a displaced rocket and crashing into a huge mountain.BOOM!The ground quaked, and the earth shook from the impact of the crash. Which blasted the mountains, leveling it into piles of rubbles.A deep pit, thousands of meters wide at the surface, was formed in the ground. Taking the shape of a man with the top wider than the bottom.The impact sent fragments of rock debris flying everywhere. As the figure sank heavily into the earth, to create thousands of meters deep pit.   Another figure was hovering over the heap of detritus.  Suspended in the air, he observed as the fo
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A Beautiful Black Woman
The one who spoke was a beautiful, slender woman. Charcoal–like, she was black all over. Her skin had a radiance and luster which made her look like a figurine, made of a black diamond.  Crystal-like, she radiated black light, with every move that she made as she soared, flying closer to the bald man."Nice one dear, you sealed him!."when she got next to him, she spoke as she blinked, seductively."yes oya!I have sealed him. He is far too weak. I didn't fancy killing him, just because it will be too much mercy. He is already gravely injured, so he will surely die soon, only that this time, he is going to die slowly and painfully. Haha!"The black bald man was grinning,  obviously impressed with himself."you know, these people are too weak. It is almost unbelievable, that such beings could exist here. See, all their people have been killed, and
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The Newborn Prince ta pa ta!"The sound of raindrops filled the air on a cool evening. As the sun prepared to set in the west.The clear sky was cherry–red, with patches of dark–brown clouds, struggling to completely obliterate the sun. It was one of those days when it drizzled while there was still sunshine.From a small hut, made of red mud and thatch roof, a female's sorrowful cry rang out. Succeeding, to outperform the whooshing sound of the evening breeze, and the clapping sound made by the drizzling rain.The female human continued to scream from the suffering and pain she felt. However, from inside the hut, some other voices of encouragement and consolation could be heard."Just a little more your highness! it will be over soon.""yes your highness, I suggest you have a bit more endurance, and just put in more effort a
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Is The Prince Dead
"It didn't cry.Oh God,Osanobua!  please help me!oh no!the prince is not breathing either!"The queen said under her breath. Naturally, she was not a very strong woman, but when it came to her newborn baby boy — even as she was feeling the urge to pass out, she gave it her all to remain conscious. "C–C–Cynthia it is not crying. Cynthia, my baby is not crying!what did you do? Cynthia what did you do!? Why is my baby not crying, Cynthia?"The queen had become luny, at that moment. She questioned the chief nurse as she pointed her forefinger, at the poor-old-woman."your highness.I'm sorry I didn't hit the prince to make him cry, it's just that I got carried away by the joy, and I started dancing, my queen.I didn't do anything to the prince, my queen please forgive me!" Now that the queen had become crazy, and was accusing Cynthia, the poor-old-woman was tre
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The Chief Priest
Shuku!.. Shuku!..A man dressed in a red gown, holding an iron staff decorated with the skull of different dead creatures, including humans and many mysterious medals and trinkets. Clanging as they beat against each other and the rod each time it pierced the red soil to settle on the ground; since the holder was using it as a walking stick.The lanky man who looked emaciated resembled some forbidden evil spirit that had escaped into the mortal world. His nose, sharply pointed, was an oddity among the people of this environment.His eyes were deep and dark and had a circular tattoo drawn with white native chalk. his lips were thin and scalped and the remnant strands of hair left on his head were all grey.Although his entire figure looked empty and lacking, there was a strong spiritual aura about him. He was a chief priest, the very one invited by the queen.However, his position among th
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Could This Be Real
"Could this be real?" The chief priest murmured to himself.Although the queen pleaded with the chief priest to talk to her, he seemed oblivious to her request. rather, he kept staring at the baby prince, keeping a full, stride-length distance from the child. The queen finally decided to wait it out and instead, just watch out, for the next event."What did you say is wrong with the prince again?"after a moment of intense stare, the chief priest finally asked."He hasn't cried at all, since I gave birth to him today. and he doesn't breathe either." replied, the queen."Humph.Is that all?" The chief priest asked rather casually, still not spending a look at the queen. He didn't seem surprised, his tone indicated that he was expecting much worse."You're not surprised that my son doesn't breathe and has not cried yet?"The queen was flabbergasted, she was fi
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A Lamp Too Late
There was a gargantuan palace built mostly with mud, bamboo, carved logs, and other materials. Although the building was made primarily of mud its facade was made especially smooth. With several white horizontal recesses in the form of lines numbering seven made unto the wall surface.inside a large hall serving as a court in the huge palace, were a group of people who were singing and dancing excitedly about something.As they danced and sang happy songs, several people dressed in white gown would occasionally step forward one after the other to pay worship to a being seated at the far end of the long hall.At the left and right side of the hall, several short ornamental stools made of bronze and wood were arranged side by side. Some people, dressed in white sat on, or were standing around the stools; they also appeared jubilant. However, some more than others.The women and men who were dancing seemed the most excited. They swayed left to right
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Why Do His Bone Seem Older
A servant, standing close to the lamp, immediately put on the fire again."My Lord." when queen Idia got close to the man sitting at the other end of the hall, opposite the entrance door, she bowed and squatted on her knee to show respect to the man."Get up my beautiful queen." the man said to her."My Lord, I brought your son to you," she said to man, who apparently was her lord. presenting a crying baby to the lord."Really! Haha!The windows of heaven have truly opened, and the gods are showering us with gifts!" barely smiling, the lord said with joy."A second son!? what great news!Come, my dear, bring him closer to me"the king gestured to queen Idia. whose heart had skipped a beat when she heard her lord mention 'second son'."My lord?" she said questioningly. It seemed she had not heard what the king had said."Come closer to me." The king said to her again.when she got close to him, the king, although he fe
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Bloody Red Humanoid Figure
Somewhere in Black Mountain Continent.From within a pool of red hot lava, mixed with fresh, thick flowing warm blood, spilled from the dead bodies of different people, a steaming bloody red humanoid figure emerged.As the mixture of blood and magma bubbled. The figure—with two bloodshot eyes puffing out red gas and a body fuming with steam, was a completely naked male.The Bloody Red Humanoid Figure stepped out of the pond of steaming blood; levitating. His empty eyes were mechanical and devoid of any emotion. Yet, they aroused a feeling of a dark, untenable evil, death, and an infinitely boundless abyss of savagery.Once he was out of the pool of blood, the Bloody Red Humanoid Figure levorotated it's neck twice, before it spoke,"I've been in this hell of a place for so long, thanks to this blood offering I'm finally revived.Hump! you Lords Of The Skies, ju
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The Disabled Gods
The two Bloody Red Humanoid figures were perfectly identical. One of the two Identicals came forward and started talking"I've already restored your health, and your strength should now be back to normal.You see. Normally, I should've killed you already, but you've said something that caught my attention.   You called yourself the 'God Of War', haha." The Identical laughed gently, then continued"The truth is, I absolutely find that statement, falsely alarming, but still, quite intriguing.  You see, I'm yet to know just how powerful you are, to bear such a title." The Identical spoke, in a yet superior manner that was too at ease and unbothered. Meanwhile,  The  Identical was still completely naked, and his proper–size, bloody phallus was still cheerily hanging about itself, between his leg, dangling without a care in the world, with each motion, ev
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