The Elemental Wolves

The Elemental Wolves

By:  Luna  Ongoing
Language: English
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Four wolves, four different characters, four different powers, four different elements. The Elemental Wolves are a blessing from The Moon Goddess to the werewolf kingdom. But what happens when one of the Elementals was kidnapped before they could even shift. Will the Moon Goddess's words come to pass or the enemies will win? Reading THE ELEMENTAL WOLVES will make you find that out.

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28 Chapters
Prologue: The Prophecy
The four great Alphas of the werewolf world walked gracefully into the Light Coven, where the greatest witch alive, Chloe lived. They were told there is a new Prophesy about the werewolf Kingdom and they had come to hear it. Chloe is a very great witch and she is a hundred years old. Her ancestors were known to be the greatest in the witch history and her Prophesies were always true and powerful.The Alphas entered now and she was sitting on the floor with her eyes closed. “She’s meditating”, a witch said. “You’ll have to wait till she’s done.”“Why did she summon us when she knows she will keep us waiting?” Alpha Reid, the Alpha of the War pack spoke up with anger.“Alpha Reid, you have to calm down. I’m sure she’ll be done before you know it. Just give her some time”, Alpha Maxwell, the Alpha of the Intelligence pack spoke up.The four Alphas present are Alpha King, Dwight, The King of the werewolf Kingdom and the Alpha of the Royal
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Chapter 1: The Guardian Within
Two years after the Prophesy…Angela yawned again as she and her sister-in-law sat at the dinning waiting for her brother, Alpha king Dwight. “You should just go to bed, Tory”, she told her sister-in-law. “I don’t think Dwight will be coming home soon. It’s already late in the night. I bet he is hanging out with the other Alphas”, she said and yawned again.“But he should be home by now”, Tory said. ‘I’m worried.”Angela rolled her eyes. “I know he is your mate and this is expected but you need to rest. It’s late already and you’ve been doing your queen duties since you woke up this morning. Just mind link him.”“His mind link is blocked.”“He is busy then. I wonder why you are worried. He’s the Alpha King. Nothing will happen to him. Just go to bed.”Tory nodded. “If you say so”, she said and stood up. “Goodnight.”“Goodnight”, Angela said and stood up too. She’s very tired after all she did today. It’s true she is the King’s si
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Chapter 2: The Training
Angela smiled as she watched her child, Anne sleep. As she watched Anne, she remembered the four elementals. She still can’t believe she is a guardian. It’s so surreal.“What are you doing?” Tory asked as she came in.Angela shrugged. “Just watching Anne sleep”, she replied. “Do you want anything?”Tory’s stomach was already big as the pregnancy is already five months and the pack doctor said she was having twins. A boy and a girl. Werewolves’ pregnancy takes only seven months but pups of an alpha takes only five months which mean Tory will give birth anytime soon. “Nothing. Just felt like walking around. I’ve been curled up in the room all day and I’m bored”, she said.Angela smiled. “Come, let’s go to the field outside and we’ll chat.”“Finally! Something to do. I was beginning to think I’ll die of boredom”, she said as Angela put an arm around her.They laughed all the way to the field as they chatted among themselves. 
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Chapter 3: The Betrayal
Luna Teresa stepped into her mates study with her already big belly and a big smile on her face. “What are you doing?” she asked the Intelligence Alpha, Alpha Maxwell and he looked up from the documents he was signing.“Just signing some documents, do you need anything?”She pouted and nodded. “Yes. The thing is, I actually feel a little pain in my leg.”He smiled at her knowing exactly what she wants. “So, you need a massage?”She smiled back and nodded. “Yes. But if you’re busy, I can come back.”He stood up and moved closer to her. “You know I can never be that busy not to attend to your needs. Come, let’s go to our room”, he said and held her hand, leading her out of the study.She smiled as they got to their room and sat on the bed. She stretched her leg to him and he placed it on his laps. “Just near my ankle. There”, she said and pointed to the exact place she was feeling the pain.He smiled and massaged it like she asked. 
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Chapter 4: The Change Of Plans
Tory sat down and waited for her mate as she sat on the bed. She was anxious to hear what the Alphas decided regarding Reid. Most importantly, she wants to know if it is true that Reid actually launched the attack on the pack. She smelled her mate even before he got to their room and she rushed towards the door. He was about to open the door when she did and she bombarded him with questions immediately. “How was it?” She asked.He sighed and entered. “He did it”, he said with hurt lacing his voice.Tory sighed and pulled him closer. She could feel he is hurt through their mate bond. “Come here”, she said and hugged him tight.He closed his eyes and hugged her back. If anyone had told him a long time ago that his friend, Reid would betray him, he would have given the person the most painful death. But his friend did betray him and its hurt.“I just can’t believe it”, he told his mate. “He didn’t even feel remorseful about it.”
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Chapter 5: The Arrival
Angela sat and prepared for her usual meditation and as usual she tried not to concentrate on the sounds the environment created and focused on imagining the beautiful garden she always meet the goddess.In just few seconds, she felt everywhere silent and she felt the familiar feel of the goddess’ power surrounding her. She opened her eyes and indeed she is already in the garden and the goddess was right in front of her with her hair covering her face as usual.“Welcome”, the goddess said and Angela could sense a bit of excitement in her voice. She nodded and walked closer to the goddess. “You sound a little bit excited today.”“That’s because I am”, the goddess replied. “The time has finally come.”“What do you mean?” Angela asked as she furrowed her eyebrow in confusion. “What’s that day we’ve been waiting for?” she asked Angela instead of giving an answer to Angela’s question.Angela’s eyes went wide when she finall
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Chapter 6: The Killer
3 years later…Angela sat down and watched Austin and Amanda as they played with their toys in the playhouse. Since they are werewolves, they grow up faster than normal humans. At 3 years, they look like they are 6 years old. They talk like they are 6 and they are both cute little kids.Anytime Angela is close to them, she feels their powers humming out to her and she can listen to the humming all day.“Mummy’, Anna called as she entered the room with a small dagger in her arms.“Oh my goddess!” Angela exclaimed. “Anna, what are you doing with that”, she said pointing to the dagger in her hands.The girl only shone her teeth. “Daddy gave it to me as my birthday gift yesterday.”“What? And I knew nothing about it. And what is the dagger meant to be for?”“For protection”, she said and swing the dagger like she was fighting off someone. “Daddy said I will start my practice soon. Since I am already six. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
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Chapter 7: The visit
Tory yawned as she walked out of the room. She was tired but she is still waiting for her mate and her kid. “Oh, I’m thirsty”, she said and walked to the kitchen.She stopped in her track when she saw blood on the floor. “What is this?” she asked and noticed the whole kitchen was stained with blood. “How come there is blood here?” she asked. And immediately mind linked Dwight. “Are the kids with you?”“Austin is.”Her heart skipped a beat. “What of Amanda?”“She left some minutes ago.”“And you let her?” she mind linked loudly. “What happened?” he asked.“I just got to the kitchen and there is blood everywhere and I can still smell her which means she was here just some minutes ago”, she said and her gaze landed on the bloody knife. “There is also a knife.” Then she saw a bloody flesh. A finger. “Oh my goddess. Dwight, Amanda cut her finger!” she shouted and ran out of the kitchen cutting off the mind link.
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Chapter 8: The Kidnap
Dwight left what he was doing and ran out of the study. “Tory, are you there?” he asked via mind link but there was no response. “Shit”, he said and ran out following her scent.“Amanda, Tory”, he called when he got to the kid’s room.“Daddy”, Austin called and he turned towards him.“Where’s your mum?”He pointed to the window. “Some bad guys took Amanda so she followed them.”He looked at the window too and back to Austin. “Go to your auntie’s room”, he said and mind linked Angela. “What are you doing?”“About to sleep”, came the reply.“Amanda has been kidnapped by some rogues and Tory already followed them”, he said and jumped out of the window to following Tory’s scent. “What?!” she exclaimed. “Wait, I’m coming with you.”“No. Just take care of Austin. I’ll be back with Tory and Amanda.”She sighed. “Be careful”, she said.“I will”, he said and shifted as he ran further into the woods. 
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Chapter 9: The Mourning
 Tory woke up with a grave headache as well as hunger. She hasn’t eaten for days and she was weak. The room was a little bit dark and she felt her head spinning. She tried calling out to her wolf but she felt her wolf’s presence very faintly. Her wolf was leaving her. Since her wolf took almost all the pain of the bonds breaking, it was weak. She also hasn’t hunted any animal. Even the wolfs bane was affecting her a lot. She looked around again and noticed she was no longer in the cell. Rather, she was in a room with two beds. On the second bed was a small figure which back was to her. The figure is a girl and she has the same hair color as Amanda. “Amanda”, Tory called and tried moving from her bed. But her bones are extremely weak and she couldn’t move easily. She struggled and got out of bed to move to the other bed in which the girl slept. She got to the bed and turned the girl and it was indeed her daugh
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