The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel

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The world is full of corruption, tragedy, and disaster. Rape, murder, embezzlement, human trafficking. You name it. There is nothing humans won’t do for money, power or self-gratification. More than that it always seems that the downtrodden and the good-natured always suffer the most. The cherry on top? All this suffering is supposed to be rewarded in heaven when you die…if you make it there that is. Sounds ridiculous, right? Don’t worry you aren’t alone. My name is Jasmine Peters and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired as the world around me crumbles while Sky Daddy watches from his ivory tower. I was cursed with the ability to read minds and now I’m owning this curse on my own terms and saving whoever I can with it. If God won’t help us… I will.Gabriel: I’ll never understand The Almighty’s infatuation with these creatures. Humans demand so much, but yet they give so little and whatever they are given they destroy. The audacity of this human especially leaves me particularly annoyed. She dares to defy divinity and scoffs in the face of The Almighty when it was divinity that has gifted her with the ability to do so in the first place. Only a creature as lost as a human would be given a gift and label it a curse. Nonetheless, as the hand of The Almighty, I will do as I am asked by tending the flock and heard this lost sheep back to pasture. As troublesome as she may be, I fear there is something much more sinister at play and she appears to be at the epicenter of this chaos.

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J. Renee' King or Renee' King
Just wondering when you’re going to pick up the storyline again. This book was awesome!!’
2021-07-01 01:39:15
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really good story so far, please continue!!!
2022-03-11 21:11:10
19 Chapters
Warning: This book contains violence, sex, and some sensitive situations. Please read at your own discretion Enjoy!    This is my opinion mixed with my beliefs with some syfy/spiritual elements to it. Having an open mind here would make the experience of the book enjoyable. This book is not meant to offend or attack or even to give education. It is solely what I believe from My God to tell a story inspired by worldly events and societal issues. I say believe what you feel to be true to you. At the end of it all we will see wha
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1The creepy foggy atmosphere of the gravesite should’ve scared off any person walking there. Why would anyone in their right mind do so? It wasn’t optimal. It wasn’t smart. Nevertheless here she was, Jasmine, hugging herself from the cold of the spirits there haunting her, walking past unseen eyes as she searched for Amelia France, an eighteen-year-old who was taken by a mobster that her partner was on the verge of catching. His MO was burying his victims alive until eventually, they died.
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Jasmine sat at her desk at home after a very long shower in shorts and a tee shirt. Her fingernails in her mouth ready to bite as she looked at her emails. Her eyes kept darting to the application beside her, conflicted whether she should fill it out or not. The pros and cons of filling out the application weighed heavily on her mind then. A flash of the dark silhouette shot through her mind as she started to google the image trying to describe it.
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Jasmine woke in her bed unsure of how she got there but fairly thankful. Her head was killing her, pounding away at her temple as she struggled to get up out the bed. A knock on the door caused her to moan as she placed the pillows over her. Jasmine didn’t even know what time it was, but the person persisted. She just read the mind of who it was, Xavier, and she groaned again not in the mood for him today.
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4Gabriel waited his turn as he sat in the waiting room of gold to talk to The Almighty again. He had to know what was going on and figure out how the demons were allowed to break their own rules when it came to humans. The main rules from both realms were to leave the humans to decide for themselves, possessing humans was punished by banishment, where the demon would cease to exist. Lucifer himself agreed to that rule and now his own demons were possessing and killing other humans. Why they were after Jasmine was pretty simple. She had powe
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5Jasmine walked out of the elevator, hearing all kinds of voices in her mind. She was having an incredibly hard time focusing to block everyone out. Even she heard Amelia’s thoughts as she chanted over and over in her mind that she wouldn’t be a coward that she wasn’t afraid. It made Jasmine nervous, but she walked in confidently as she gave small smile to hide her anxiousness.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6The next day after meditating and thinking long about Lucifer and everything that has happened throughout history, Gabriel was starting to feel frustrated and anxious. Nothing made sense anymore. The world was a huge place. A place he only worked in. The ins and outs he was still learning. His body made demands of him he tried desperately to control. Being human was harder than he thought.
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7Gabriel watched Jasmine search determinedly on the internet for a link to finding women with these special gifts. Chelsea still hadn’t been found and until Xavier gave her the say so she wouldn’t stop searching. That much Gabriel learned about her. She was focused and driven to a task no matter what it was, or how dangerous.“The wome
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8The duo went home tired and exhausted. Jasmine just grabbed something small from her kitchen and went to bed. Gabriel hadn’t said much to her on the ride back. His face was distant as he thought about all the things he learned in a night about his human kin. A bigger plot seemed to be unfolding and somehow Gabriel knew the journey wouldn’t be easy on him, but especially not on Jasmine.
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9The ride to the huge home on the hill was a bit quiet. Gabriel only looked around while Xavier just had the radio playing, every now and then glancing at Jasmine. The alert never stopped triggering in Gabriel’s mind which made him more focused as the uneasiness never wavered. In fact the closer he got to the house the more it increased. “T
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