The Fourth Wife In Action

The Fourth Wife In Action

By:  Asia July  Ongoing
Language: English
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Airin is known as a good girl in a village, she is a very devoted child to her parents. Airin never once denied anything her parents ordered. Including when they asked her to marry a wealthy immigrant in their village, Sir Sakha Januar Pradipta. Airin doesn't mind if he’s single, but the 33-year-old man already has 3 wives. Which means, Airin ... will be the fourth. But will it be that simple? Of course not. Because Airin refuses to be an oppressed woman. The character that she had been desperately hiding from people slowly began to emerge. Airin is not a good girl like they thought. She is cunning and manipulative, unfortunately no one notices it because of her innocent face. Except of course the honorable Mr. Sakha. In front of her husband, Airin could never hide anything. *** Written by Asia July. The cover was edited in Photoshop. Photo by Valery Sysoev from Unsplash.

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21 Chapters
01. Shabby Woman
The sun was shining brightly above the sky, the sound of cicadas sticking to the tree sounded very loud. A middle-aged man sprinted towards the stilt house, where on the terrace sat a man in fashionable clothes, with an open laptop at the table in front of him. Hearing someone’s hasty steps, the man’s attention turned to him.“What is it?” The man asked, his voice heavy and firm.“S-sir …!” The middle-aged man stopped at the bottom of the terrace steps, gasping for breath. “Mr. Sakha, someone fainted in the field!” he cried hard.In contrast to the man’s panic, the expression on Sakha’s face did not change. Sakha folded his laptop screen carefully, then stood up and approached the man.“Where is he?” asked Sakha.The man hastily showed the way to the field he mentioned.Sakha followed behind. When they arrived at the field, the sun was getting hotter and hotter. I
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02. Three Flowers
Sakha returned to his home, his main house in Telaga Waru Village. Several workers greeted shortly after seeing Sakha enter through the gate in a shiny black car. Sakha returned their greetings with a nod and a brief smile. The sun was still shining brightly in the sky; Sakha was sweating and really needed a splash of water to get rid of the stickiness all over his body.When Sakha went inside, his wives who were sitting in the living room immediately greeted him.“Mas*, you’re home!” Aisyah Safitria Putri, or as Sakha often calls Ria, was the first to greet him and immediately approached Sakha to kiss his hand.“Yes,” replied Sakha briefly.Ria is Sakha’s first wife, the beautiful woman immediately pulled Sakha into the living room. And Sakha did not refuse.“You don’t usually come home early, Mas,” said Henia, kissing Sakha’s hand.“Hm, I’m only going home for a while.
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03. Criteria
Sakha returned to the field feeling still annoyed. He regretted having gone home earlier, even if only for a moment. Because his third wife, Nia, never stopped teasing him even though she knew that day was not her schedule. Sakha does not really like aggressive women and is always willing to interfere in his affairs. Nia knows that, not to interfere in Sakha’s business, even though they are husband and wife. The three wives of Sakha know this, but sometimes they often forget because they are controlled by their own feelings.Earlier, Nia had mentioned Sakha’s plan, which Sakha had never told anyone other than the person concerned. Sakha was so irritated that his wives began to feel entitled to take control of his life.“Sir!” Galih, who was watching the workers transporting sacks of corn that had been harvested into the box car to be taken to the warehouse, greeted Sakha who had just arrived.“Tonight,” said Sakha after standi
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04. Self Submission
“One hundred and fifty million rupiah,” replied Sakha.Tia who was lying beside him immediately got up and looked at her husband in surprise. “One hundred and fifty million?” she repeated.“Hmm.”“If it’s a poor person who borrows that much money, of course now he’s rich.”“He borrowed it gradually.”“Then why did you let him when you knew he couldn’t pay?” asked Tia not understanding.“I am indebted to him.”Sakha’s second wife was heard chuckling softly, but then she smiled sweetly at her husband. “You are a good person. I salute you. Just let go of those debts, Mas, if he can’t pay. With God’s permission, you will get a much better reward from God.”Sakha wasn’t stupid not to realize what Tia was trying to do from the very beginning she asked about Mr. Jamal, even though now it was time fo
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05. Future Husband
That night, Galih comes to the house and talks to Jamal.Airin wanted to go outside and hear what the man had to say for herself, but Yuniarti forbade Airin instead that she would convey her greetings to Galih and Mr. Sakha.Airin didn’t want her mother to do that.Yuniarti also understands the feelings of her eldest daughter. Even though Airin agrees to marry Sakha, Yuniarti can see very clearly that Airin doesn’t like Sakha. Yuniarti’s guilt is getting bigger.So Airin calmed her mother by saying, “After a while, Ririn will definitely fall in love, Mother, with Mr. Sakha.” Airin actually wanted to throw up when she heard those words come out of her own mouth.For a long time, Airin had closed the door to her heart and often thought that her feelings for a man other than her father had died. Airin is biased towards that kind of feeling. Because the only thing on her mind from the start was her family, until now that i
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06. Different
When Airin returned home, she was surprised by a familiar looking car parked in front of her house.Is that perhaps …? Airin thought with her body frozen for a moment. Imagining the man, who has three wives, is sitting on his simple living room sofa. Airin’s body was now covered in sweat and dust after working almost all day in the fields, so she hurriedly walked to the back of the house to wash her feet and hands in the water pouring from the jug.From the back door, Yuniarti walked briskly toward her eldest daughter. “Rin! Rin!” call her.Airin turned around. If her mother had acted like that, surely Airin’s assumption was correct.“What’s the matter, Mother?” said Airin.The girl’s calmness was in stark contrast to the anxiety that was clearly printed on her mother’s face.“Come on, quickly! Mr. Sakha has been waiting for you for a long time. I told you not to go to the fields today!
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07. The Girl's Last Night
Airin totally disagreed with the idea that she would move into her future husband’s house earlier than she had predicted. Airin already knew that the day would surely come when she had to leave this house and live with her husband and his three wives whom Airin did not know.What will my fate be? Airin thought. Even just thinking about it already made her giddy.“It’s okay, Rin. After all, we are still in the same village. Later if something goes wrong, you can go back to this house,” said Yuniarti calmly while helping Airin tidy up the clothes which she put in the suitcase.This afternoon, Galih had explained to her family that the day after tomorrow was Airin’s wedding day with Sakha. However, today Airin was ordered to come to her husband’s house because the traditional ceremony will be held there, the performance will be quite large because it is also an event to appreciate the villagers who have received Sakha here.Airin
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08. New Wife vs Old Wife
She is like a rosebud. Sakha had decided to pick it and nursed the rosebud in the vase with other flowers. And in that vase, Sakha treats every flower in the same and fair way.But, this rosebud still hasn’t bloomed yet, who knows what kind of beauty she has inside? And who can guarantee, that Sakha will not be attracted to the beauty of the flower?This is what Sakha’s three wives feared as they sat face to face in the living room with a young girl who would become their sister to share husbands with. The girl was obviously still innocent and looked very weak, but she bravely and filled with composure stared back at the three women who were much older than her. Which makes them feel uncomfortable and at the same time feel disrespected.Meanwhile, Airin with her cold gaze assessed Sakha’s wives one by one. Galih had told them their names and how they behaved at home, at least all that information Galih got from what he had seen, not necessarily that
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09. Already?!
Galih informed Airin yesterday that her wedding with Mr. Sakha would be held in the morning. Airin took a bath as usual, scrubbed, and didn’t forget to also use a series of skincare that she brought from home. Last night, Airin doesn't know why food is brought to her room. Shouldn't she be joining the dining table with the others?But isn’t that great?Yes, therefore Airin did not have to deal with the other wives.At seven o’clock, after having breakfast and drinking the herbal medicine that her mother left with the maid in this house and brought it along with her breakfast, Airin was confused as to why no one had come to see her. The morning that Galih was referring to was now, right?Airin was just sitting on the bed, staring at the door to her room which was tightly closed, waiting for someone to come knock and tell her that it was time to get ready.For over an hour, no one came. The house is also quiet. There wasn’t a
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10. Wedding Night
The man’s steps were steady, no hesitation in sight. Even though he was entering a woman’s room he just met for the first time, he was acting normal.Of course, he’s used to it, Airin thought sarcastically.Sakha stopped in the middle of the room, looking straight at the bed where Airin was. They both couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly because of the transparent valence around the four-poster bed.Airin also chose to remain silent. She didn’t even move. Sakha was probably thinking that she had married a statue instead of a human. Airin then chuckled unconsciously.The woman’s laughter caught Sakha’s attention. “Why?” he asked.Airin who heard the deep low-pitched voice stopped her laughter, she immediately pursed her lips tightly again, her expression then turned cold.Not getting an answer, Sakha stepped closer. From the first time he knocked on the door, Sakha had been wondering why no a
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