The Golden Dragon's Princess

The Golden Dragon's Princess

By:  Everleigh Miles  Completed
Language: English
7 ratings
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Uyan Taesil has always lived side by side with the brethren, but when King Mathhian returns from a quest with a new wife and an illness that steals his strength, the brethren of the castle begin to disappear. Discovering them imprisoned in the castle dungeons by Mathhian’s new wife, Queen Clareath, Princess Diandreliera decides to seek the Fae Court for aid and intervention. Getting the attention of the Fae Court is harder than it sounds in stories, and Diandreliera’s efforts are unsuccessful. When a good-witch recommends she seek the aid of a dragon, Liera ventures into Aurien’s cave. Aurien is seeking a brethren bride, and a princess in his cave and bed will not help him to attract one. Can a princess of mankind save the brethren of Uyan Taesil and win her dragon’s heart?

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I loved this story that I did not want it to end. I would love to see Liera and Aurien's story continue from here although we do see snippets in your other books. I read this book often to remind myself that we all can fight through life's challenges with strength and determination. Thank you
2023-03-18 05:30:23
default avatar
Amazing story! I’m going right onto the next book!
2023-03-04 04:23:17
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Barbara Loheide Melendez
A wonderful story. It had true love, mystery, adventure, war, and I fell in love with the characters, so much depth and thought went into creating these characters. There was alot to discover, I wish the story continued longer.
2022-11-24 01:31:34
default avatar
isthere a book 2 that continues this story?
2022-08-28 23:25:37
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Kendra WR
Loved it! I'm jumping right into the next! I can wait to hear Ashara's story!!!
2022-06-23 00:32:53
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Misty Roberson
I am in love with these stories! They are so beautiful! When I read them, I fall into the world that is created!
2022-05-09 04:05:13
user avatar
This is the first book I’ve read that’s not wolf related and I’m actually enjoying it, hoping he takes her as his wife
2022-01-22 14:02:42
27 Chapters
Chapter One
In the evenings, around the hearths of home, we teach the rules by which we share this world with the brethren through story. Tales of lovers separated by misfortune, the vain punished with disfigurement, of knights enchanted into forever sleep, and of princesses locked into towers. We seek out Seers to foretell the future, and mages to bespell swords, but are wary of the Fae with their costly altruism and deceptive beauty, the mischief of household imps, and sirens who sing ship to wreckage. Most of all, we fear the dragons, beasts of mighty wings and magical power, who demand virgin sacrifice, and turn the bravest knight to ash. - My foot slipped on a piece of armour, unseen beneath the ash and dirt. The movement spilled delicate white finger bones out onto the path, reminding me of the children’s game. But this was not a night or place for games. The evening air was shar
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Chapter Two
I screamed as I was hauled to my feet before my mind had fully awoken or my eyes adjusted from sleep to wake. A very big man with violet eyes, a wild tangle of golden hair, and a lot of naked flesh, dragged me through the tunnel and onto the ledge. He was growling as he did so, and his grip communicated his strength and his anger. The muscles in his arms stood out against his skin as he held me out over the edge by my throat. I felt the wind grab my skirts, and saw it lift the golden strands of his hair. My feet frantically sought purchase and I managed to plant my tiptoes on the very lip of stone. “Please,” I gasped, clinging to the wrist of the hand that held my throat, his grip both my lifeline and my torment as I struggled to breathe. It was a very long way down, and the wind seemed determined to take me. All it would take was his fingers to release… “Please, I seek the dragon.” He snar
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Chapter Three
I awoke in a nest of golden hair, with my arm around his waist and my face pressed up against his back. He was still asleep. Apparently, with a naked man in bed with me, I became a cuddler. It was an inconvenient time to discover this inclination in myself, and potentially compromising if he took it as an invitation. I hoped the dragon returned soon before I had to spend another night in bed with this dangerously beautiful man. His hair carried the masculine, incense scent. This was his bed, he slept in here, and it was his scent that permeated the cave, I realised. I eased myself back from him carefully, alarmed, and embarrassed. I slid from between the covers, placing my bare feet upon a floor covered by a fur rug as luxurious as any in the castle of Vienthrey. He did not move. I picked up my shoes and crept around to the tunnel and down to the main cavern. Daylight lit the entrance to the cave, but the interior remain
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Chapter Four
I used the pot to heat water over the fire and emptied the treasure filled bowl into the cave before using it to wash the dishes. Then I returned to the labour of sorting the treasure.   There were crowns, tiaras, strands of pearls, necklaces, and rings amongst the treasure. I wondered if they were worth as much dented and tarnished as they were from the dragon’s treatment, or whether the dragon only valued them for the material they were made from, rather than the beauty of the object wrought.   “It is a pity you have such a dismal education,” the golden-haired man observed from his throne. “I would not mind the company of someone educated.”   I pushed back my instinctual bristle at the insult. I was considerably more educated, I knew, than many in my kingdom, and certainly more so than most princesses. He was lonely, however, I thought, and wanting conversation, but disdainful of starting one with someone he considered
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Chapter Five
I woke, the warmth of Aurien’s skin under the palm of my hand. He slept naked again, and I had wrapped around and pressed myself against him like a limpet. It was nice, I thought, his big body against mine was warm and we fit exactly so, as if we were made to lie this way. It would be even nicer, skin to skin.    I wondered if he would taste as good as he smelled. I could feel beneath my fingertips the golden hair that curled across his chest, and the rise and fall as he breathed. I very much wanted to slide my hand down the tight plane of his stomach, along the valleys that delineated his stomach muscles, and through the golden hair that curled darker just above…   I managed to peel myself off from him very carefully, so as not to wake him, my heart beating frantically and my body aching with unfamiliar need. Whatever he was, this man, whatever type of brethren, he was an irresistible temptation to me. It explained why he would live al
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Chapter Six
I fell to my knees in the treasure, my heart racing in instinctual fear. I heard the dragon roar. For a moment, my vision greyed, and then I remembered to breathe. I rose to my feet and staggered down the tunnel to the mouth of the cavern, feeling the wind raised by the dragon’s wings blow back my skirts and braid, whipping the stray hairs that had worked their way free against my face, and setting the pearls around my neck swaying.   The dragon wheeled on a wing tip, and roared again, blowing out a shock of fire. He was breathtakingly beautiful, his scales grading from white across his stomach, green gold, to the rich gold of the treasure pile behind me. The spikes that ranged along his back held threads of orange through them. Like the sculptures of lions in the castle, his head was square jawed and regal, and his legs muscled, and claw tipped. His wings were long and strong, and his tail lithesome.   He circled again in the sky. He was fo
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Chapter Seven
I woke beneath him and decided that I would stay in bed forever if it meant sleeping in such a way. His hair was loose, the golden silk tangled around us both. It had been a gradual shift, I thought, from me pressed against his back, to him sleeping curled around me, and now to him half on top of me, his limbs and hair binding us together.   It was the day of the full moon, and he had promised to take me to the Fae Court to plead my case. I was not sure I wanted to go, but I knew that I had to. It was my duty to stand for those of my people who could not stand for themselves. If Mathhian had died in my absence, however, things from this point would become very complicated, and I was not sure where that would leave me and my dragon. I was not sure where any outcome from today would leave me and Aurien, precisely.   My dragon had offered no promises beyond taking me to the Fae Court. I had to believe that he would not simply fly me there and a
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Chapter Eight
We moved through the archways into a large chamber where the stone had been polished to glassy finish and the floor reflected us back up in shadowy form – a disadvantage, I thought, for those of us wearing skirts with little undergarments. The dress I wore clung close enough that the reflection showed nothing it should not however, so I continued confidently. Fae courtiers, imposing for their otherworldly beauty and elegance, mingled amongst themselves, disdaining the more ordinary looking brethren who had assembled waiting for an audience with the princes or just to watch it occur. I heard laughter, and looked up, to see others leaning over the balustrade of balconies. Somewhere on those balconies, a minstrel played a harp, and someone sang, her voice hauntingly beautiful. Men and women of mankind huddled together, fearfully. Brought here, I thought, against their wishes, having earnt the brethren’s ill-will through some trespas
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Chapter Nine
The audience dragged on, but I was glad for the time it took, for it occurred to me that the sooner my audience with the Prince Rivyn and his wife, the sooner this part of my life would be concluded, and I was not ready to say goodbye to my dragon.   I rested my head against his chest and held him against me, breathing in the now familiar and dear incense scent, trying to memorise the details of him. He stood with preternatural stillness, a statue but for the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, his attention on the audience, although he no longer translated for me, and his arms rested around me.   I felt the change pass through him before the gathering began to move and realised the audience had come to its conclusion. “Come,” he murmured. “Rivyn and Siorin await us.”   I released him and he placed his hand on the small of my back, maintaining contact and cutting passage for us both through courtiers, brethren, an
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Chapter Ten
The chamber we were taken to was generous in size and appointment, and had access to a private terrace in deference, I thought, to Aurien’s nature. There was a bathing chamber attached through a doorway hidden in the gauzy curtains.   Aurien spoke to the servant in Fae, without looking at her. His gaze was fixed to the sky beyond the doorway, and his face held the aloof expression I had become familiar with as dragon-deep-in-thought.   The servant withdrew with a small smile at me. “She will bring clean clothing and food,” Aurien told me, walking to the door and out onto the terrace. I followed. He leaned against the balustrade, looking out over the city that ranged out below and the green enchanted forest beyond it. I could see the bright blue waters of an ocean to the left, lapping against the white crest of a sandy shore.   “I forget how beautiful it is here,” he said. I leaned against him and he shifted to put his ar
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