Chapter 5


Prince Baragun Irklaus's POV

"What?" I am surprised

"You told mother and father that I should be the one who will take care of the kingdom next and get married to someone I don't even know and love I HATE YOU!" She said crying I got more worried.

"I...I am sorry Please forgive me loth I was not on my right mind at that time because I got pissed off of father, I didn't mean it please stop crying" I beg and she looks straight at me.

"(Hic) I also don't want the throne, it is scary and lonely to only have a throne and not having what you want(sobs)" she said and I was surprised and I wonder why she's being like this.

"I am sorry, brother is sorry, what can I do to make you stop hating brother and stop crying?" I asked her to comfort her.

"(Sobs) then come with me to the town today. I want to buy some books I want," she said suddenly, stopping crying and smiling excitedly. I let go of her and I smile. She loves books so much.

"(Deep sigh) okay I will accompany you for today," I said smiling at her and she smiles back brightly. She is so precious and fragile just like her. I talk to myself looking at my little sister and we leave the castle to go to the town.

Us Wearing a block cloak we arrive outside the bookstore of the town.

"Brother come on" she exclaimed.

"(Sigh...) what wonderful weather, I wonder what she's doing today and what she looks like's been so long since I saw her..." I mumble looking up to the sky admiring the weather while thinking of her.

"Brother! Come on! What are you still doing outside hurry! Come" loth call irritated and I giggle a little finding it cute when she gets irritated and blush.

"Okay sorry coming" I replied, ran to where she was and got inside the bookstore with her.

to be continue.....

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