Chapter 4



Prince Baragun Irklaus' POV


(GASP!) (DEEP BREATH) wake up sweating.

"Brother?..." loth? Little sister Why she's here Setting beside my bed.

"Bad dream?" She asks

"No...(deep sigh)" I replied, setting up holding my head with my right hand.

"Why are you here, where's Ujen?" I ask tiredly.

"(Pouting) hemp!, why you mention him?, he's doing a knight training(sulking), anyway I come here to get you myself, it's time for breakast mother and father is waiting to the dining room," she said

"Ahh....okay, you go ahead first I get to change and go there," I said as she nodded and smiled brightly.

"Okay!...see ya brother," she said leaving my room.

I stand up and go to the washroom to clean myself and get changed.

"(Deep sigh)...It's been too long since I had that dream again, no it's not a dream, it happened" me talking in my mind while walking towards the dining room.

"Good morning, mother, father, and little sister" I mentioned bowing and sitting on my own chair and eating with them.

"Ahem!...ummm...son, me and your mother have been talking about your marriage" Father said and I stop eating "and we think this the right time for you to settled down it's been ages and I am thinking to also give the throne to you like a king, and we think the right queen for you is princess wendia from the kingdom of taura" he said it easily and he seems excited
but I don't.

"No" I simply reply

"What?" Father ask annoyed

"I said I won't get married and I don't want to be a king, loth can have our kingdom as a queen and married a prince to be her king but I won't, excuse me I lost my appetite," I said excusing myself not interested and don't have an appetite anymore.

Leaving the dining room father shouted loudly and furiously "COME BACK HERE! YOU!"

"Honey please...stop let's not force him, If he doesn't want it then loth can have it, right child?" The queen calms her husband and mentions her only daughter who wears a bothered and sad expression.

"Excuse me mother, father I need some fresh air to thank you for the food," loth said to excuse herself leaving the dining room. Leaving her parents shocked and bothered about what is going on.

"I won't do it as your plan goes, My life is already not mine, it's hers only and hers only to take" I mumble walking to the hallway and someone grabbed hold onto my left wrist. I stop and turn around to see my little sister wearing a bothered and concerned look.

"Brother wait please..." she begs "why you here go back and eat breakfast properly," I said.

"No! I won't, I also lost my appetite" she replied sad looking down and let go of my wrist.

"What is it," I ask worried

"because of you, brother" she said pouting

"What?" I am surprised

"You told mother and father that I should be the one who will take care of the kingdom next and get married to someone I don't love and i don't even know him, I HATE YOU!" She said crying made me more worried.

To be continue....

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